Friday, December 12, 2008

Weekend is Almost Here

Yesterday was spent not major productive but had a good time.I got 4 more of the smaller trees set up but not completely decorated. In the morning Hubby dug up large grassy plants our of front planters that are great when all green but get nasty when they die off. This is it after he cleared out all the plants.
Eww not pretty.
But he bought these for some of the space: Love Pansies. More pictures will be taken once all plants, bushes and bark are in place.
In the morning after house work hubby and I went driving around the neighbor hood to see what kind of small bushes or plants would be pretty in our front flower beds. Living in a community with a Home Owners Association you are only allowed certain plants. We drove and talked about things going on in our lives. We decided on some plants that I think will be pretty there. I worked around the house and then started to get an earache and then sore throat and feeling really crummy. I got dinner made Spaghetti Carbonora and mixed veggies. After kitchen clean up and a hot bath I watched a little TV with Alan and went to bed. Then at 11:30 I wake to hear our neighbor in his back yard in the sitting area talking with 2 men. This guy sounds like he is in my bedroom.
Feeling a little better but not rested enough.
This morning after taking Dallas to school at 6:30, E'lyse for cheer practice at 7:00 and Faith & Gabby at 7:40 I decided to make my way to Fry's. I didn't go yesterday because Coco said that she wanted to go with me but then this morning couldn't make it. She and Kyle went to do the Final Walk through their house. They are suppose to get their keys next Friday. They are very excited to have their own place.
I don't know about you but I love seeing the deals that people get it makes me want to do as good or even better than they did so I hope you don't mind me sharing with you. If you don't like this kind of stuff just move on through it. he he
I didn't make it to Fry's yesterday Coco said she wanted to go today but couldn't. Anyway for those of you who have a Fry's Food near you they are having some great sales. Hubby went to Fry's early this morning for a couple items while I was taking Dallas to school .I took pictures of what I got this morning. I spent $113.68 and saved $106.23 YEAH!!!
This is what I got:
Enough spaghetti for 20 meals next year. Flour $.99 each. Macaroni & Cheese 20 for $10. Brown/Powder Sugar $.99 each.

Flour and sugar Hubby got this morning. Pasta sauce 10 for $10.

Frozen veggies 10 for $10 .
Cookies for snacking $1 each. These are really good too!

Waffles, 4 different flavors 10 for $10.
Mini meals for when Hubby and I have date nights 10 for $10. Sour cream smaller containers 6 and Cream Cheese 4. These were also 10 for $10.
Last but not least Wheat thins and cereal. I had fun! You can stock up & get your 3 month supply in no time at these prices. They also still have the can veggies 20 for $10. There is corn, peas, cut green beans and the whole green beans. I prefer fresh or frozen but we should have these on our shelves to avoid those pesky last minute trips to the store or in case of hard times hitting. The veggies are really good too.
Today I am watching Talmage and working on house work. I have 4 loads of wash to do and couple of errands to run unless I hear of someone else in the house going to the places I am going. We are having date night tonight. Hubby bought some lovely steaks that are on sale at Fry's for this. Making plans for the weekend, write more later about that. Well, Talmage just woke up so I need to go take care of the little guy. Have a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Kristina P. said...

Holy cow! I would need to buy a new freezer for all that food!

Humper's Family said...

I miss fry's!!!We only have Giant Eagle...blah!!!

Janel said...

I went tonight and got most of those deals, I am going to go back monday and get some more. I was just too tired tonight to do it all and in a big hurry. I spent 116 and saved almost 60, so I did pretty good. I just wanted to get thru the weekend! LOL I think I can do a lot better if I try.

I LOVE all the planted flowers in the winter here, I can't wait to do something here too!