Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Monday night was family home evening. I wasn't sure what I was going plan being that it took me all day to get Christmas decor down. I normally don't do this till New Years Day but (too long of a story) I decided to do that on Monday. Coco called and invited us to go see the Arizona Temple lights. If you live in Arizona it is a site to see. We usually go every year. So I told Alan when he got home and we thought this would be fun to do. We left shortly after dark to head to see the lights. We had to go pick up Dallas at the mall first. Oh wait we forgot to eat dinner. Actually we decided that we could pick up something on the way. So we met up with Coco, Kyle and Talmage at Chick Fillet. We had a good dinner and it was great to hang out and talk. If you don't know this on the kids meal you can trade in the unopened toy for ice-cream. E'lyse and I were sitting across from each other at the table and I told her I wanted to go see if they would except one of their table promotion clocks to trade in for ice-cream. (it was really cute it had a cow in a bathrobe, slippers and rollers on a clock, this is a cardboard thing display.) I told her she could use the plant. We didn't sweet Alan went up and got us an ice-cream cone. OH MY YUMMINESS! It tasted like my mom's homemade ice-cream.
After finishing dinner we went to the Temple. The lights are amazing! I am always in awe over the time that is put into these lights and the wonderful manger set up with narration. While we were there we ran into Janel & Mark Lamb who are in our ward and she is the pretty lady I wrote about in THIS post . After talking with them for a while, probably too long I love to talk we started walking a little further and met up with Alan
s niece Lorette and her hubby Dave Haynes. We talked with them for a while too. It is so good to catch up with family and friends when you have time to visit. Then we walked around a little bit more and then it was getting close to them shutting off all the lights and we headed out to the van. We are leaving and run into a few more people we know and talked with them for a short period of time. We piled into the van and headed home. Then we stopped for some hot chocolate. Alan, Dallas and E'lyse went in to get it and the little girls and I stayed in the van. We had a nice soothing hot chocolate ride home. Okay it wasn't that cold out but the hot chocolate was good.
Got home way too late and to bed way way too late. But so glad we went it was fun being together at one of the most peaceful places on earth.
Today I have been getting ready for the New Year. Took the kiddos to get their personal items and a few groceries for the family. It was a good time too.
The rest of the day the girls have been riding scooters, playing games, watching TV and a little bit of reading, with Dallas playing his new guitar hero. I have enjoyed
I am curious of what people spend on their groceries? Do you divide your paper products and such from the food and what do you spend? I would love to hear from you all. Have a great Tuesday night. Oh Housewives of the OC is on. Not sure if I will stay up or watch the rerun tomorrow. Hmmm.... probably should watch it tomorrow and get some sleep tonight. Hope you are all ready for a fun New Year. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Kortnei said...

I did not know that about Chik-fil-a! We just went there last weekend and I left my toy on the table for some one else since I had no need for it. Next time I will trade it in for the free cone. Good to know!