Saturday, December 27, 2008

Feeling a The BLAHS

Yesterday morning I got in my van to go pick up Coco and Talmage for the after Christmas sales and turned on the radio and NO Christmas music. That was when it hit me. OH BLAH! I love Christmas music and singing with the songs, it was now gone on the one radio station that started playing it before the Thanksgiving holiday. I was sad and I didn't have my CD's in my van either.
We only hit 2 stores and then Talmage was ready for a nap. He does get up about 4:30 or so. I had a gift card to use and I bought some useful items: 1 6ft. tree for our bedroom, 2 sets of Christmas plates, ornaments for my Pink tree, a cake plate, new garland w/ lights for my banister, rapping paper (so cute I couldn't pass it up) and 2 magazines. I had fun! Coco got some great deals and is competing with me on the Christmas trees. I couldn't believe all of the wonderful Christmas things were left at the stores.
Then last night Coco called and said that she had a little gift for me that she got on clearance. This is what she got me:
It is a cookie jar and it is big! I love it! Thank you Coco for my cool ornament.
Today Coco and Talmage are coming over to hang out with me while Kyle is at work. So I am hoping to get started on some planning and making of decor for the kiddos bedrooms and Valentines Day. Hope you all have a great Saturday. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Connie said...

Welllll, pick me up here in Idaho and I'll sing to ya, chickee!!! Now THAT would help the BLAHS.........or not.......but I'm willin'!! Hah.