Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dean at 2 Weeks Old

 This sweet little man, Dean, is already 2 weeks old. 
Look at those sweet little eyes.
He is so curious of everything around him. 
Woo Hoo a short trip to the store with Mom & Dad. 
Dean is doing well. He has gained around 8 oz. and is such a handsome little guy.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Foiled Room

Earlier today Faith went to Sun Splash with her friend Mahalia and family.
While she was gone she had two friends come over and FOIL her room. 
Faith's friends Skylar and Lindy came over with 17 rolls of aluminum foil. 
Now waist like this bugs me but I thought it was so fun of her friends to do this to her room. 
This is Faith trying to figure out who did this. At first she was accusing E'lyse, Gabby and I for doing it.
This is Faith's bed. The pillows,stuffed animals and even her reading light were covered. 
side view of the bed 
silly sign 
Faith's pillow
Pictures on the floor
Each of her books, cd's and items on her book shelf and desk foiled. 
Her desk 
Another of the desk 
These are her lotion bottles all foiled. 
The top of the book shelf
Faith's books and cds covered 
Desk items 
Lotions, body sprays and items covered & having fun messages. 
Faith has great friends and so much fun.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

Deep Dish Pizza

Last week Coco had told me about the new deep dish pizza from Little Ceasers.
So the family gave it a try and now we are all addicted. 
On Thursday night I was feeling a bit tired so I decided to get pizza for dinner that night instead of Friday night. 

They were excited about it as was I .
Gabby and E'lyse showing off the pizza. 
If you haven't tried one yet I suggest giving it a try. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Time To Clear Out

For the last couple months I have been wanting to get rid of things. 
Yes the minimalist urge to have less clutter.
It hit me again when Dallas & Sara asked to move in. I started looking at things differently.
Seeing that the house has gotten some clutter built up, not terrible but making me uncomfortable. 
I am going to be working on getting rid of things that I no longer use.
I was reading this blog post on Minimalist Mom
"what if I get rid of something I may need again?"
I love that she says"From experience you will come across things that you may need to buy or borrow again but it isn't as bad or stressful as you think it will be" 
This has helped me to decide on getting rid of more things that I know longer use or need. 
So here I go. 
I will take pictures as I go and keep the blog posted.

Adoption Day But Not In Our House

A few weeks ago E'lyse and Gabby went to the PetClub near our house to check out the 
puppies that were up for adoption. 
E'lyses friend Drew sent me the pictures he said "Be glad that she 
 isn't 18 and doesn't have the money to get one of these cute little guys."
I was.
 He is awful cute......
It's not that I don't love dogs but we already have 3 large dogs 
 Gabby liked this little guy
 E'lyse looks like she is saying "Oh Mom I want him!!!" 
The girls were there for a while holding puppies.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pictures From The First 3 Weeks of April

 I have really been off on posting on my blog so I decided to catch up.
This is the girls from April 14, 2013
E'lyse, Faith and Gabby 
 The girls silly picture.
 Gabby with a wrapping paper mustache.
 Faith as a flower child. 
She made the flower headband using fresh flowers. 
I think she looks so pretty. 
 Gabby made this skeleton for her fish out of green straps from the wood stacks from Home Depot.
This is for an art project at school.   
Sunday April 21ST, 2013
E'lyse, Faith and Gabby 
Looking lovely 
 And of course a silly picture
Dean, he has gained 8 oz. since leaving the hospital. 
He is so sweet, I just love this little man. 
I got my t-shirt and posters for the Massage Without Boarders.
I still need to take posters to the massage schools.
This foundation helps massage therapist who have gone through disasters
such as Hurricane Sandy or even those who have major medical conditions they need help with. 
Dallas and I (with some of E'lyses help) we cleaned, 
cut up and put fruit & veggies in bags for juicing. 
 some more........
 and more. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Sadness

With the tragedy that happened yesterday in Boston at the Marathon
I am feeling anxiety, sadness and my mind is racing.
I had to stop watching coverage on the TV
I try to stay positive and uplifting 
with this happening yesterday I am feeling a sadness and fear I haven't felt in a while.
My heart & prayers go out to those who lost loved ones and those who have been effected so closely by the acts of such people that would hurt others.
Praying that Heavenly Father will give those wounded comfort, strength and peace.
And those who lost loved ones will find comfort and ability to move forward in time. 
My heart is so sad.

 Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mirror Play, Mustaches & Rest

When Coco and family was down here I took pictures and forgot to finish the post.
Sheesh what a dork I am some times.

Here is Kylia and Naima playing in my bathroom at the mirror
Love the look on Kylia's face. So cute! 
Coco fixed Naima's hair, she looks like Gabby when she was little. 
"Look at my pretty curly hair!"
Such a wonderful picture. I love this smile!! 
Mustaches are so fun to wear 
E'lyse and Faith 
Faith looks like Mario
Me in deep thought due to the mustache 
Kyle, Talmage and Alan watching a movie in our room.
Dallas & Kyle playing video games 
Kylia just being cute chewing on everything
Coco cleaning up the room all 5 of them slept in. 
Belle & Nellie getting pet by E'lyse as Kylia watches 
Even though the house might be a little more crowded and noisy 
I love having the family all together. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Friday, April 12, 2013

Welcome to the family Dean

Welcome to the family Dean Willard Nichols 
Born on April 11TH, 2013
7.4 pounds and 20 inches long.
He is so sweet! 
Here is Mommy Sara and Dean
She looks great and her Mom, Kim said she did pretty good
Sara looks good but tired
 Proud Daddy Dallas and Dean
I just love this picture
Grandpa Nichols with Dean 

Me with Dean 

Aunt E'lyse and Dean 

Aunt Faith and Dean 

Aunt Gabby and Dean 


Dean and Dallas bonding time 

Sara finally getting to eat and drink after a long day
Sara's best friend  Aunt Sierra 
Uncle Brandon and Dean
Can't get enough of the little man. He is so precious. 
I guess I should have checked my hair when I got in the room,
 after riding with the windows open it is a bit scary,
I don't think Dean cared.
This was when we were leaving the hospital 
Alan, Gabby, Faith and E'lyse 
The girls 
My silly girls 
Love them 
Such a wonderful and miraculous blessing babies are. 
I love my sweet family and the wonderful grand babies.
This is what life is about.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo