Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pink Saturday and Fort Steelers

It's time for Pink Saturday if you want to check out all the other Pinks on blogs you can go to How Sweet The Sound. This is Beverly's blog who is the host for Pink Saturday. Sof for today's Pink share I have the following items:
This plate I got at GW for $1.00 I love the fluted edge and sweet little roses.
A crown Gabby made me. She had bought a bead set that you place on the plastic design pad and iron. She made if from the top of a flower one. I love it!
All You magazine found at Wal-Mart stores for $2.49. It has $33 worth of coupons in it this month. That was it for my Pink Saturday Share. But wait there is one more in the photo of Fort Steelers. Faith and Gabby wanted to sleep in the living room last night so this is the Fort they made with their Steelers banner. I don't know what is so thrilling of sleeping in the living room when you have two comfy beds upstairs but whatever.
Have a great Pink Saturday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Friday, January 30, 2009

My Little Football Fan

Meredith, my hubby jumped on the fan band wagon for the Cardinals. Yea he is one of those lame fans who do that when the team is on a hot streek . he he I told him he is a trater.
Maybe I can ship him to Colorado so he and Jake can cheer them on together.

Check this out Steeler Ladies . Thank you Kristine!

I have properly brain washed my children into being major Pittsburgh Steelers fans. Our neighbors daughter is rooting for the Cardinals and had made what the girls called a lame sign. So they decided to make their own and ride scooters around the block to show their pride and support. Faith was out front of our house with her football hat on.
I don't watch football unless they are playing or if Dallas is playing ball so I am a loyal fan. If I wasn't my brother would think I had gone to the dark side and tackle me next time he saw me.
Tomorrow is Pink Saturday so come check back in, in the morning. It is date night tonight and we are also watching a movie called Swing Vote. Have a great evening. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Hidden Name Meaning

I visited a fun blog called It Could Be Worse with Envoy-ette. She had a link to find out what the hidden meaning of your name is. So here is the meaning of my name and the link

I would love to know if you agree with what it says and your thoughts on this.

What's Your Name's Hidden Meaning? Bobbi Jo

You Are Lively and Courageous
You are full of energy. You are spirited and boisterous.
You are bold and daring. You are willing to do some pretty outrageous things.
Your high energy sometimes gets you in trouble. You can have a pretty bad temper at times.

You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life.
You are solid and dependable. You are loyal, and people can count on you.
At times, you can be a bit too serious. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself.

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.
You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.
You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

You are fair, honest, and logical. You are a natural leader, and people respect you.
You never give up, and you will succeed... even if it takes you a hundred tries.
You are rational enough to see every part of a problem. You are great at giving other people advice.

Some of the things I agree with but not all of them I do finish things but I do get a little to excited too fast and sometimes way too annoying to my hubby.
This was fun. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Shabby Nest Giveaway

Wendy at the Shabby Nest is having a giveaway for the grand opening of her Etsy. This is the prize.I think it is befitting for me, don't you think? Anyway you can go over and enter too. Follow the link above.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Thrift

Coco and I went to Goodwill this morning. I had a good time with Coco and Talmage. We found some good deals there. I got this sweet little candle holder. And then I got this picture:
A little blah so then I did this to it.
I also found this. I have been wanting one for grilling my chicken and veggies at lunch with out having to fire up the big grill out back. Some might think this is gross using someones old grill but I just cleaned it, disinfected it and it works. Not bad for $9.99 half the price of a new one at Wal-Mart. .
Tonight we are having stir fry so I cut up these and cooked some of this chicken breast and will make a yummy stir fry. I am including spaghetti squash to it instead of regular noodles.
It has been a good day and I am looking for ward to getting some reading in tonight of a book Alan got for me.
I found this great blog today called Little House in the Suburbs. It is a wealth of information. Go on over and check it out!
And last but not least a sweet little boy sitting in the laundry basket. Sweet Talmage.
His Aunts were pushing him around in the basket earlier this week.
Hope you all have a great evening. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Finish Project- Giant Scissors!

This is what I needed to finish yesterday that I gave the picture teaser of. My giant scissors for my craft room. I got them at Hobby Lobby, they were a natural wood. I painted them and put a little ink on the cutting edge (Coco suggested it!). They are a little shy of 20 inches long and they are going to look great on my craft-room wall.
I still need to finish up inventory on my food storage today after Coco and I make a run to Goodwill to see if we can find any treasures. This of course after my workout and cleaning up. When I get home I will finish inventory and then start on dinner. I have a bunch of organizing to do today that will continue until I am pleased with the way the house is running.
Hope you all have a great day. Hugs. Bobbi Jo

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

Time for Whatcha Working on Wednesday. My morning started with both feet hitting the ground and going. I got lunches out of the fridge ( I made them last night) and made these for the girls for breakfast. Chocolate chip muffins. Sorry the lighting in the mornings is off for some reason.
Today on my list of things to do I have the following items, there are in no paticular order:
Work out then wash up and start the work.
Finish this project and post picture. Do you know what it is? No cheating Coco! It reminds me of a duck bill.
Take inventory of food storage, take inventory of pantries . Hang up pictures that I have painted the frames. 3 loads of wash. Make dinner. Ironing. Vacuum up stairs. Sweep off front porch and clean front door. Go through cooking books to see what stays and what goes. Go help Coco with placement of items in her house. Read blogs that have updated that I stalk. I know there is more on my never ending list, but this is all I have on my list for today. I will check in later with a follow up. Have a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Check In

This morning after getting hubby off to work and kiddos off to school I got my workout done. Coco called and asked if I wanted to go to the fruit market with her and Hobby Lobby. So after twisting my arm I said yes.
We went to the market and I got some wonderful veggies and fruit for the rest of this week and the beginning of next week.
We then went to Hobby Lobby where they are having quiet a few sales of 50% off item and I had a coupon.
I got these 2 great signs for our house:

I told Coco I didn't know if the first was true but I thought it was funny.
I also got another little item that I will show tomorrow it needed some extra touches.
All these for under $15.
Hobby Lobby can be a very dangerous store for Bobbi to visit but I did okay today.
Time for dinner. Hope you all have a great evening. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Monday, January 26, 2009

Roni's Weight Loss Blog!

Check out the scale giveaway on Roni’s Weight Loss Blog! I can win an Affordable Food Scale from Eat Smart and so can you! Click here for contest details!

Laundry Soap Recipe- I LOVE This!

Last week I had posted that I was going to make homemade laundry detergent. I had several comments asking for the recipe . I emailed Sweet Crystal at The Family Homestead to ask if I could post her recipe for you. Please do not post this recipe with out her permission. Crystals site is awesome, she has great recipes for food, ideas for taking care of our homes and our hubbies. I just love her outlook on life and she is a wealth of information. Thank you Crystal!
Crystal has posted at this link Making Homemade Laundry Soap all the wonderful reason to make your own instead of buying it and I totally agree. She has a Q& A section there too. I used a peppermint essential oil in mine and it smells so good but the clothes don't smell like peppermint.
Crystal's Homemade Laundry Detergent:

What Ingredients Do You Need?

You will need 3 basic ingredients; a soap of some sort, washing soda and borax.

The Soap: The most typical type of soap to use is Fels Naptha. It is an old-fashioned type of soap usually found in the laundry aisle. The other options for soap are Ivory or another brand called, Zote. Any of these will work. I use my own homemade soap and find it works quite well and I do have this for sale in my Country Store. If you use Ivory or your own homemade soap you will need to use the whole bar.

Washing Soda: This is not to be confused with baking soda. They are not the same thing. Washing soda is sodium carbonate or soda ash (baking soda is sodium bicarbonate). It is a white powder. Its purpose is to help remove dirt and orders. The brand to look for is Arm & Hammer Washing Soda. I find it in the laundry section of my grocery store. Many people have a hard time finding this locally. I know you can purchase it on-line, even through I would also suggest asking your grocery store manager if it would be possible for the store to get it for you.

Borax: Borax is a naturally occurring mineral: Sodium Borate. It is a white powder. It’s purpose is as a laundry whitener and deodorizer. The brand to look for is 20 Mule Team. It comes in a 76 oz. box. You should be able to locate this in the laundry detergent aisle. Again as with the washing soda, if you cannot find it ask you store manager or look online.

The Recipe
Now that you have assembled all the needed ingredients here is the recipe:

Homemade Laundry Soap

1/3 bar Fels Naptha or other type of soap, as listed above

½ cup washing soda

½ cup borax powder

~You will also need a small bucket, about 2 gallon size~

Grate the soap and put it in a sauce pan. Add 6 cups water and heat it until the soap melts. Add the washing soda and the borax and stir until it is dissolved. Remove from heat. Pour 4 cups hot water into the bucket. Now add your soap mixture and stir. Now add 1 gallon plus 6 cups of water and stir. Let the soap sit for about 24 hours and it will gel. You use ½ cup per load.

I have known Crystal for several year through the internet. She has homemade soap, soap-shampoo bars, lotions and rice heating pads. She has so much information to offer to us all. Please go check out her Family Homestead .

Once again please do not reprint without Crystals approval. She does have a copy right on her items. But it is there for all of us to use and learn from.

Have a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Homemaker Mondays and Menu Plan Mondays

My Homemaker Monday tip to share today is about Early Wake Up.
I find that if I get up a half hour earlier than the rest of the family I have time to get my day started off right. I have a little bit of quiet time to pray and focus on the day's events. This way I am prepared for the breakfast rush starts. I can look at my list for the day, make sure meat is out of the freezer for dinner, finishing touches on lunches and start breakfast for the family. This is what works best for me to have a great day.

Menu Plan Monday:
These will all be made over to lower the fat content.
(In no particular order)

Chicken and Dumplings
Peas & Carrots
Canned Pears

Stir Fry
Egg Drop Soup

Crock pot White Chicken Chili
Corn bread

Date Night

Garlic Bread
Green Beans

Homemade Soup

Tasty Pork Tenderloin

Hope you all have a great day. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank You Janel

Just wanted to give a big shout out to Janel my mentor for good health. Janel I need to thank you for all you said to me at church today. It made me feel so good. Thank you for your support and advice. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pink Saturday

It's time for Pink Saturday hosted by Beverly at How Sweet The Sound. You can go over to her blog to find all the other lovely people who celebrate Pink Saturday.
My Pinks to share today are these beautiful Calalily's . I just love the sexy swoop in them. Oh how I love flowers and hubby knows my taste so well.

The next are my fuzzy frames for my craft room. I just adore the HOT PINK one.
I have had these for a while just waiting to get my craft room organized so I have a better place to display them.
The last items are material that I got there is about 4.5 yards that I bought the other week at a yard sale for $1.50. I was so excited about my treadmill that I forgot.Not sure what I will make with them but love the color! Maybe a sassy apron or skirts for the little girls. Hmmm just not sure.
So these are my Pinks! Hope you all have a great Pink Saturday. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Friday, January 23, 2009

Awards For Girls and My Cute Shirt

Today has been so beautiful with the clouds billowing over and a little sprinkle here and there. This makes me want to be getting things done. I love rainy days, nights, and weekends. he he
The elementary school had their awards assembly for the second quarter. To be honest with you I completely forgot about it!!!! Opps!
Faith and Gabby received two awards each. Faith got one for Perfect Attendance and the other for the Honor Roll.Gabby got hers for Respect and the other for the Honor Roll.
I didn't make it to the assembly but I am so proud of them. Faith want's to be the first in our family to have a full year of Perfect Attendance. Way to go girls!!
Last night Alan stopped over at his mom's house,(my Mother in love) she said she had something for me. When she gave it to Alan she said that I was an 8 Cow Wife! If you are LDS you will understand this if you ever saw the movie Jhonny Lingo . It is a movie made in 1969 and this is the plot summery. Bear with me otherwise you won't understand why this shirt is special to me . Johnny Lingo, one of the sharpest traders in the south pacific islands decides to bargain for a wife, and offers a record price of eight cows for Mahana, a plain girl who shuns contact. This causes quite a sensation on the island. A year later Johnny and his wife return for the first time since the marriage, and all find that something miraculous has occurred to Mahana. Johnny explains that by paying eight cows he proved that she was worth more to him than any other woman on the island. He gave her a great gift, that of self-worth
So now you can see why this shirt is not just a shirt and means a lot to me that my mother in love feels this way about me. After all I married her last baby of 9.
I love the shirt MOM! Thank you so much for the loving compliment.
I just love cows!
So tonight is date night with hubby. I am so glad that it is the weekend. Time for everyone to have a fun and productive time. Have a great evening. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Demestic Fashionista Give Away

The Domestic Fashionista is having a giveaway for the grand opening of her etsy. shop. She has some sweet Valentine items and a darling apron. Oh you need to go over and check it out.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday and Birthday

Today is once again Whatcha Working on Wednesday with Leslie hosting this fun & motivating day. She hasn't posted today so I think she is doing it!
I am going to start a load of wash & get my workout done first thing after the kiddos are all off to school. I have some of Alan's shirts that need pressed and about 4 loads of laundry to do today, using my new laundry detergent that I made on Monday. I added essential oil of peppermint it smells really good.
I have in the works for my rest periods throughout the day to work on my Family Preparedness folder. This is different than my control journal and needs to be updated a bit.
I am still working on the closets trying to get them rearranged to make them more functional.
Remember that little lamp I got from my neighbor? It is on this post . It is going to be taken care of today. Maybe the chair too.
I am going over to help Coco hang pictures at her house. She is feeling like her house is not a home yet. I think curtains and pictures can do that to a house.
My list grows on and on each day. I had planned on working on some of these things yesterday but hubby needed my help putting up 6 lights in our garage. Yes it was a 2 person job and after doing kickboxing yesterday and standing with my arms up in the air a good portion of yesterday holding up lights and using the drill my arms are mush! I had fun hanging out with hubby though.
Last night I had invited Coco, Kyle and Talmage over for dinner. I made the Taco Bake and it was pretty good. I will be using that recipe again. After that was over we were watching The Biggest Loser. Alan was laying on the floor playing with Talmage. Alan would cover his eyes and the open his hands and let out a not so loud AHHH and Talmage was giggling so hard it was so cute! Alan would stop when the show started and Talmage would go and try to move Alan's hand back on his eyes to play again. I think Coco is putting a short video on her blog with it. Alan was having as much fun as Talmage was.
Okay so off to get some things done. Have a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Talmage

Hard to believe that last year at this time Coco was in the hospital waiting for her little blessing to come into the world. He was much anticipated and prayed for to be healthy and strong and that he is. Great job Coco!! You done good girl! I know Kyle had something to do with it but you had the hardest part and still do.
Today is Talmages 1st Birthday. I never thought I could love someone the way I do my own kiddos but this little guy has proved me wrong. He is such a sweet and happy little guy. He is such a blessing to have in our family. He has his own little awesome personality and great smile.
Happy Birthday Talmage!!
Last night Coco & Kyle had a Birthday party at their house for Talmage, due to tonight Dallas and E'lyse have mutual. We went over and while waiting for Alan to get home from work we played Bad Mitten. This is Faith holding Talmage, E'lyse and Sarah (Dallas' girlfriend) and Dallas and Gabby on the other team.
Talmage got one of his gifts a little early. We sang happy Birthday to him and he was loving it. We would start clapping and he would squeal it was really cute! This is him sitting with Dadgum (Alan) opening his gifts, kind of with help.
Coco even had a mini cake for Talmage to eat
"WOW! Is all that's for me?"
He didn't have a problem with it.
"I think I am done!"
Coco said she is going to start charging me for posting pictures of him so that is it for now. Have a great Birthday Talmage!
Got to get to my workout and housework. Have a great day. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Monday, January 19, 2009

Homemaker Mondays and Menu Plan Mondays

It is Monday and time for Homemaker Monday that Mom2My9 Hosts weekly.
My tips for this weeks Homemaker Monday are as follows:
1. Occasionally I burn something in a pan or food get's stuck in the crock pot. I don't have time to sit there and scrub and scrub the pans. So I grab a dryer sheet and put the hottest tap water I can get into the pot or crock. Let it sit for an hour or even over night. When you go to wash it out the food will come off so easily.
2. Next tip is for the overcooked or burnt on food and you need to get it off as soon as possible but Oh no there is no scrubber. Ball up some aluminum foil and use it with some warm soapy water. Just don't use on Non-stick pans it will ruin them.

Today I am making homemade laundry detergent. It is suppose to cost only .1 per load. I have made the dry detergent before but this is a liquid. I got the recipe from sweet Crystal at The Family Homestead. You can click on this link to find it.

Now for my Menu Plan Monday. These are in no particular order and will be healthy and clean eating.

Taco Bake
Soy Bacon Ranch Green Beans

Grilled Chicken
Grilled Veggies

Cheddar Chicken Broccoli
Glazed Carrots
Fruit Cocktail

Spaghetti w/meatballs
Sauteed Squash and Zucchini

White Bean Soup
Homemade Apple sauce

Date/Free Night

Mashed Potatoes w/gravy
Green Beens

One more thing. Renee' Dallas couldn't be outdone by Kyle so guess what? He just woke up and didn't know why I wanted the picture. he he

Now off to get my house work done. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Are Going To The Super Bowl

It is that time of the year. Time for the Super Bowl and my hometown team has just won. From the time I can remember my older brother Mark has embedded the love for the Steelers in me. I am from Pennsylvania and I am loyal to the team. In fact it is the only time other than when my son plays that I will watch football. The Steelers could use a 6th ring. This will be a good game against the Arizona Cardinals . True I live in Arizona but won't be rooting for them. Sorry JT!
GO STEELERS!!!!!! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sunday Sickies

Today was a not so productive day. Not making it to church even and not even getting my clothes changed. I started to feel a little off yesterday with freezing even with the house at 77* me in a sweatshirt and pants. Then some tummy problems. This morning waking up and feeling like a truck ran me over. Hubby waking up with major tummy problems now.
So we have spent most of the day laying around. I am feeling a little better tonight just feeling drained.
This evening Coco, Kyle and Talmage came over to visit. Talmage was playing around in the great room and then decided he wanted to look out the back door. I had to grab my camera and catch these sweet little feet under the curtain. I kept trying to get a picture of him when he would swing the curtain open but not successful.
Going to bed at a decent time tonight. The kiddos have tomorrow off school so I guess we should find something fun to do. Have a great evening. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Deal Of The Day

My next door neighbor and friend and family are moving in June to Arkansas. They decided to start getting things ready so they had a yard sale. Last night as we were visiting before I left for dinner I spotted this cute little floor lamp. I asked how much for the lamp? She said $5. I said hold on to it for me and I will be over in the morning to buy it. So I go over this morning to buy it and she wouldn't take my money so I got is for free. I am debating on painting it well the wood part.
And yes that chair is still waiting to be painted and reupholstered. he he
Then I had Faith go back over with change and buy this for me I know Mel wouldn't take my money. It has 3 different roosters on it. I love it!
Speaking of loving Coco and Talmage came over to visit. Talmage was having fun playing with my container of fresh lemons on the table. He is so precious!
I had another picture of him smiling at me with the lemon but Coco requested to not be in the picture.
Great day going on here. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Geez People Give Me A Break

Once again commenting on my blog of "Need To Vent Again". I am now being told by a commenter that she had never heard so much HATE on a blog post. Okay I don't like Obama plan and simple. Not because of his color but for his past comments, his lies and yes there has been many, his socialistic plans, taking away our right to have guns, and worse the plan he has for abortions . You may check this website for the promises made about this .
That is it plain and simple. Nothing hiding in my feelings here. The rant was flat out I was upset with a English Teacher!!
Just to set the record straight and I realize some people will stop reading my blog and that is their choice. I am a right wing Regan conservative. I support our troops, our country and believe in God. Maybe in 2012 Sarah can make the difference but I just think it is getting closer and closer to the second coming for that.
If you don't like my posts or rants don't read my blog. If I find something offensive on someones blog I just don't comment or go back. But thank you so much for reading anyway. Now on with the Pink Saturday ! Bobbi Jo

Pink Saturday & Clarify Yesterdays Rant

It is time for Pink Saturday! My Pinks for today are this blouse I found at Wal-Mart. It is a Fascia color and fits so nicely. I love the bling on it!
This serving bowl, not sure of the exact name of it I showed earlier this week on a post. It just reminds me of something Lucy would have had at a party.
Little Gabby just came in a gave me this sweet little box with handles. It will be part of Valentines decorations. She bought it for me because it was PINK.
Last night we went out to dinner with my brother Mark, his wife Renee' , Coco and Kyle. We went to the Texas Road House. Great food, Great company and LOUD! Wow! It was like one of my families parties. We had a great time especially afterwards. We went to the parking lot to talk. Mark and Renee' are starting up a sign shop in their town of Taylor, Arizona. The made this great sign for me: . I love it! It will hang in my kitchen.
To clarify yesterdays rant: I have nothing against the color of Pres. Elect Obama. They have made such a stink about him and it doesn't matter what color he is. He is a man who won the election . I wish him the best and hope he can make a change in the country I just don't hear any of the changes other than taking guns away. But my point of the rant was a stinking highschool English teacher trying to push her political beliefs on my kid and other children in the class instead of teaching about English. They are not even studying about politics at all. They are studying English Literature, the great story put into plays. For the comment from applauz4443. I think you thought I was attacking him by color but I wasn't and we have read Martin Luther King. Have you read about Joseph Smith? Now there is another great man. But we don't have a day for him. And as far as maybe never waking up with nothing but hope. I have been there the last 2 years of hubby being unemployed having to feed and cloth 4 children, pay mortgage and food along with the other necessities of life. I have hope but more I have a great faith that things will be okay. I don't live with a gloom and dome attitude that the media wants us to live. Done with that now.
Off to get some work done. Have a great Pink Saturday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Friday, January 16, 2009

I Need To Vent AGAIN

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had it. I go to the school to pick up Dallas . I take 3 of his friends home and then he spills the beans to me .He tells me that he is in 1st hour, English. The teacher starts going off on the students telling them that they need to be diversified and have an open mind to the new incoming President. Pish posh!!!! My son said he almost raised his hand and said "Can you please stop preaching and just teach us English?" I told him I would have totally backed him. I am sorry for those who love the incoming President but it is the same old same old coming into office. To me it is the Clinton years all over again. Crap half or more of the cabinet is Clinton hand me downs. Okay now my blood pressure is rising and I am feeling loud. I just don't see the big CHANGE that is suppose to come. What are the changes. So much is staying the same as with Pres. Bushes years, not that all that is bad either mind you.
Just to let you know I am a Rush baby and I don't back down. he he Ask Coco. Please don't hate me for ranting again.
So now off my soap box and on with the weekend. Tonight we are meeting up with my brother Mark and his sweet yet blunt wife Renee' for dinner. I am excited to get away for a while. Hubby is working tomorrow so I am planning on working around the house and reading a new book I got.
Have a great weekend. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Follow Up on Whatcha Workin on Wednesday

First things first yesterday I got the medicine box cleaned up and organized. The closets and the craft room are still in the workings.
I have had a fun day so far. Although my shopping buddy couldn't come with me to the thrift store so I had to go alone. Maybe next week Coco!
This morning I went by myself to Goodwill. After all the ladies that I have read their blogs and they find great deals there. Especially this lady Blanca at For The Love of My Home . Check out her blog and all the amazing things she dose. Very creative lady!
So I decided I would go. I took a picture of all that I got. The material over the chair and on the end there are aprons. I love the shear baby blue with white lace. The next picture is the other finds dishes, serving platters .The pink one reminds me of Lucy. The the greatest find. Are you ready for this. I have been eyeballing the file cabinets at Wal-Mart. They are $49 for a cream color I just want to paint it anyway but I sure don't want to pay that much for it. So for $7.99 I got this one for my den and then did this to it. TA DA

This is it drying after I painted it outside. Of course when I decided to take it out there it started to get windy. he he Oh well can't stop me from painting. For all the items I got I spent $53. It was fun and I have a lot of ideas for them. I am going to repaint the sweet little shelves and put them in the house. So that is my finds for today. Hugs, Bobbi Jo