Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Thrift

Coco and I went to Goodwill this morning. I had a good time with Coco and Talmage. We found some good deals there. I got this sweet little candle holder. And then I got this picture:
A little blah so then I did this to it.
I also found this. I have been wanting one for grilling my chicken and veggies at lunch with out having to fire up the big grill out back. Some might think this is gross using someones old grill but I just cleaned it, disinfected it and it works. Not bad for $9.99 half the price of a new one at Wal-Mart. .
Tonight we are having stir fry so I cut up these and cooked some of this chicken breast and will make a yummy stir fry. I am including spaghetti squash to it instead of regular noodles.
It has been a good day and I am looking for ward to getting some reading in tonight of a book Alan got for me.
I found this great blog today called Little House in the Suburbs. It is a wealth of information. Go on over and check it out!
And last but not least a sweet little boy sitting in the laundry basket. Sweet Talmage.
His Aunts were pushing him around in the basket earlier this week.
Hope you all have a great evening. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Anonymous said...

Ilove my lean mean little grill! hubby got me one last year for valentines day last year. Ya I know strange thing to get but I didnt want candy ot flowers. Anyway I used it so much It died. I got a new one for christmas. Grilled cheese for the kids on did are great!

Bob & Kristine Hipps said...

The picture change is great. How did you do that? A tea stain? Once again, you get so much done in a day! I Love the giant pink scissors. I'd love to see your craft room!