Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Babysitting Dean

On Monday I took off work to babysit Dean for Dallas and Sara. 
He is getting so big! 
He drank a bottle then played for a while and he was ready for a nap. 
There is no more comfortable place to nap than on my bed
He woke up and E'lyse and Gabby came in to play with him
 He likes the blanket tossed over him and then quickly remove it 
 He is so precious 
I love this picture and that smile! 
 and this one.........
 and this one,,,,,,,,
and this little grin.
Poor little guy was laying so peacefully when the dogs started barking and scared him
We had fun hanging out with Mr.Dean watching him be CUTE!!!
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

Young Woman Medallion

On Sunday E'lyse was recognized and given her Young Woman's Medallion for completing her 
Personal Progress Book. 
She has been working really hard to get this done. 
Proud of her for completing it. 

 Up close picture of it. It is so pretty. 

Coco got hers and E'lyse has hers, so two down and two to go. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Vacation 2013

We went up to Pinetop 2 weeks in a row for 4 days each this year.
It was really nice to spend time with Coco, Kyle, Talmage, Naima and Kylia. 
And enjoy the beautiful area that I miss so much. 
E'lyse, Faith and Gabby had gone up to Snowflake with the Young Women in our ward to do Baptisms for the dead early Friday morning. 
Before we left I took a picture of Nellie. She is not found of me leaving her. 
 We loaded up and headed out a bit before 6 am Saturday morning just Alan and I . 
It started to rain. LOVED IT!!
 Almost into Superior 
Snap the rain stopped but the sky was pretty.
Alan wanted to visit Seneca Lake. 
It use to be a popular camping spot but not so much anymore.
I thought it was really pretty though. 
 The dock
Another view 
 and another 
and another across the lake 
 This is some of the old buildings that use to be a flourishing business here but since closed down. 
I like old buildings. 
This is driving through Salt River Canyon
 Another view of a cool mountain. 
Long story short. Coco & Kyle had a bet on when we would actually leave. So we didn't let them know for sure when we headed out. We wanted to surprise them. It turns out Coco needed to go pick up the girls from the Snowflake Temple. So we met up with Coco and I went with her to get them. 
Coco being silly as we wait.
 Here we are at the Snowflake Temple
Coco, Me, 
Faith, E'lyse holding Kylia and Gabby 
Gabby being silly 
 Gabby and 2 of her friends (sorry I don't know their names.)
Moroni on the top of the Temple with a beautiful sky behind him.
 On our way back we went to look at some property and we spotted this back yard garden.
I love gardens and I love raised beds so of course I had to take a picture. 
The old Shumway Schoolhouse 
 This is Cali she is a cat that is suppose to live outside but tends to find her way indoors. 
Storm moving in and making me smile!!
We did this a lot. Sitting on the porch, watching the storms roll in and rocking. 
 Naima being cute 
Naima and Cali 
 Pretty Petunia 
Talmage, Naima and I went out on the porch to have lunch one day. 
 Kyle playing baseball
Talmage and little Smokey the cat
 Naima and a flower she picked
E'lyse playing ball with Coco
 Coco and E'lyse 
Smokey chasing bugs in the grass 
Naima racing her bike on the porch
Coco with Talmages pants on her head (don't ask!)
 Coco resting in the grass
 Coco showing her great jumping skills. I was impressed. 
Talmage with Waffle Ball ears
 Naima and Talmage 
The waffle balls had to be duct taped together and Talmage and Naima requested to have their hands bound 
 Crazy kids 
 And tape on their mouths. Coco was thinking this was great!
 They like playing prisoners. 
Kylia enjoying the porch time with her Mommy
 Naima and Talmage trying to get loose .
Kylia just being cute.
E'lyse with Talmage on her shoulders.
Kylia, Alan and Gabby  ( I love this picture)
A friend of Coco's brought over some clothes for her kiddos and this cute little lady bug costume was in it.
Kylia was not fond of it at all. 
 Gabby was 
Talmage was too
Kylia liked being a fairy better
We were outside and Naima started pulling up the rug on the porch. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was covering her motorcycle. Her Dad (Kyle) has a cover on his too, but a real one. he he Silly girl. 
This is Gabby holding Smokey. We were all quiet fond of this sweet little guy. 
E'lyse helping Kylia walk. 
 Kylia enjoying it outside
Talmage and Kylia sitting with Aunt E'lyse 
 Naima being a cowgirl 
I bought these glasses to get a picture of Kylia in them. 
She refused to leave them on .
Even Kyle had them on for a while. 
On Tuesday it was Kylia's 1st Birthday.
Coco got her a cake and she didn't know what to do with it. 
She just kept smiling 
and smiling 
She is so silly, finally Kyle helped her have a little bit. It was the first cake she had ever had. 
Then she enjoyed squishing it in her hands 
And cake makes a great moisturizer. 
After she ate some cake Coco got her cleaned up for present time.
 She loved her gifts
 Started to get the hang of ripping the paper off herself. 
And since I have missed the last few Sundays of getting my girls picture 
I took this one of
Faith, E'lyse and Gabby.
We had a great time. It was hard to leave but, home we went till next time. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo