Sunday, July 7, 2013

4 Days On Vacation

For out 4TH of July weekend we went to Pinetop to spend four beautiful days with Coco and her family.
We left on Thursday mid day and headed up. 
I was a lame blogger I didn't take a bunch of pictures of our trip.
Thursday night Coco made some yummy meatball sandwiches for dinner and then about 8:30ish we headed to Show Low to see the fireworks.
I bought glow bracelets and glow flags for the kiddos.
This was going in to find Coco, Kyle and kiddos to watch the show of lights 

E'lyse, Faith and Gabby shower their cute patriotism with USA on the bottom of their shoes 
Love these girls they are so creative and fun
These three are such hams
Naima, E'lyse, Faith, Gabby and Talmage
Gabby as a sloth 
E'lyse and Kylia 
 E'lyse and Kylia 
Kyle, Coco and Kylia waiting for fireworks to start. 
Kyle, Coco, Naima, Talmage and Kylia
Love this family
Talmage, Kylia and Coco
I was lame and didn't take any pictures of fire works. Sorry!!
Look who is pulling herself up on everything. It won't be long till she is walking on her own. 

She is too cute for her own good. 
Kylia with her glowing flag
Faith looking cute 
Naima in her pumpkin costume for the day
Kylia and Faith 
Kylia being cute
Gabby making faces in her water bottle.
Silly face
 Duck lips
Faith with the bottle 
Tiny face BIG eyes 
Coco with the water bottle being silly 
 scared face 
 kissy face 
 fishy lips
Naima, Kylia and Faith 
Naima being cute and posing 
Faith up close 
 Kylia with squishy face 
Gabby squishy face 
Faith in the mirror 
 Faith and Gabby in the mirror
Coco nibbling on Kylia's thigh& Naima playing on the floor. 

I didn't realize that I had very few pictures of my little buddy Talmage. 
He was off playing ball or playing with his Dad. 
We had a great time being with Cooc, Kyle and their family.
It was a nice get away and always good to see our sweet grand babies. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

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