Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Pictures

 So it is Sunday I have my camera ready down stairs to take pictures of the girls
This is what happens before I come down
E'lyse and Gabby 
 Gabby calling me to come down
 E'lyse and her new hair color. What do you think? 
 Gabby, E'lyse and Faith
 E'lyse being surprised 
 Crazy girls 
 Apparently the lens isn't big enough for all of them 
I tired to get a picture of all the girls smiling pretty all at the same time
Did it happen NOPE 
 This one? NOPE 
Now for more silliness 
 Not sure what is going on here 
Faith and her lovely faces 
 another one 
 And one more 
 Faith and Gabby fighting over who is going to get in the picture. 
These girls are such goof balls constantly coming up with the strangest things. 
Good thing I love them.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

Evening Of Excellence

Every year the wards in our church hold an Evening Of Excellence 
This years theme was "The Temple The Happiest Place On Earth" 
This is to spotlight each girl on her personal progress. 
Each girl is to pick out a value and do a 10 hour project on that value. 
They have to have it approved by one of the leaders, then do the project and pass it off.
This night they make displays explaining with examples of what they did.
I am a LAME O mom I didn't take pictures of the girls projects. Sorry!!
This is the refreshment table 
 Center pieces on the tables with a picture of a princess and a poem 
 This was the table for the 5 girls who received their Young Women recognition medallions; 
E'lyse was one of the girls. No picture of this too. 
I didn't feel it an appropriate time to take a picture.   
 The top of the piano
 Gabby, Faith, E'lyse and Sis. Oaks (the YW President)
Most of the girls with our Bishop & counselors. 

 Trying to get all these girls lined up was a chore. 

The Young Women and the leaders 
 Sis.Osborn and Gabby
 Alise, Mallory and E'lyse 
 Fabulous ....
 Alise decided to kick up her leg as I took this shot 
 Pretty girls 
 Ainsley and Gabby 
 Bishop Masitis and Gabby
 Sis. Oaks and E'lyse 

Faith took my camera to take some candid shots:
Skylar getting a hug
 Skylar and me photo bombing her. (Now we know where my girls get it!)
 Sis. Oaks, E'lyse and Me with out medallions 
Friend & Faith being silly 
E'lyse up close and personal.  
This is why you don't let a 14 yr.old take off with your camera.
You never know what your going to get. 
It was a beautiful evening. So proud of all the girls.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

Transformer & Sunday Pictures

Trying to catch up on my blogs has been a chore. 
It has been one of those times that I don't have much to say but the same old thing. 
On Saturday October 12, the girls and I went to Target. 
Stopped of course at one of the funnest places in the store 
the bargain area.
Gabby found these toys. She proceeded to try to pinch me with them, 
then decided this would be much better. 
She looks like she is in pain. I think she was making some weird noises or something. 
 Sunday October 13th, 2013
The girls after we got home from church.
E'lyse, Faith and Gabby 
 Silly picture and more
 This one looks like E'lyse is yelling at Gabby's stomach & Faith is ready to attack me. 
 Faith and Gabby in the pose they call "Green Goats" .
It is from a dream Gabby had. I don't get it other than it is funny when the do it. 
Faith's new invention called "The Boob Belt" for those unruly boobs. 
I guess. She is such a goof ball. 
I love these girls. They are so much fun and never a dull moment in the house. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

Hair Coloring

Gabby has been talking about changing her hair coloring for a while now. 
 She asked her dad if she could and he said no. 
Well he thought it over and then changed his mind. 
He said she could color it as long as it was a normal hair color
but he wasn't thrilled about her doing it. 
This is how it turned out. 
Then after she had it fixed. 
I think it looks really good on her. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It is Fall

Goodbye September Hello October
I love this time of year.
Our weather here in Arizona has finally been in the 90's.
The mornings are cool and so beautiful. 
I do miss the change of the leaves from up north. We don't get that much down here.
E'lyse & Faith are excited 
The high school is on Fall break for two weeks.
E'lyse still has her EVIT class that she has all this week in the afternoon.
Next week she has that off too.
Next week Gabby get's one week off, due to the middle school being in a different school district.
This year is going by way too quickly and from what I hear I am not alone on this feeling. 
One of the things I am working on is getting some organizing done. 
Also some de-cluttering. 
I have found a vlog that I enjoy on You Tube called Clutter Bug.
This got me started on some new ideas. She did have a blog called Maltrose79
The Clutter Bug is her new blog. She is fun and creative. So go over and check her out. 
Hope life is going great for all of you.
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo