Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Giveaway On Another Blog

Go one over to The Frenzied Fox Artwork and take a look at this picture The Frenzied Fox painted and will be giving away once she hits 51 followers. 

Now I think this sweet picture would look so good in my kitchen area. I am crossing my fingers that I win but, of course wishing well to other who want to enter to win it too.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Face Is Stuck Like This Itis

Being that Faith and Gabby love to be dorky and make me laugh, Faith wrote up a little infomercial making fun of people on FaceBook who make this face in their pictures.
This is a face that is made and it get's stuck this way.
The picture below Gabby filled her pants and shirt with clothes. She was shaking her fist telling me to not make this face or it could get stuck.
 I love that my girls are so creative and make me laugh.
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Monday, July 25, 2011

Goats & Pioneer Day In The White Mountains

Last Thursday the 3 girls, Alan and I went up to Pinetop to stay and visit with Coco and her family. Dallas was unable to go with us so he stayed home to hold down the fort.
Coco, Kyle and the kiddos live next to his parents in an attached apartment. 
With them living there they get to enjoy the pleasures of a small farm life with chickens, goats, dogs and cats. 
I am hoping in the very near future to have my own little farm up in the white mountains so this was the perfect opportunity for me to learn how to milk goats. I have milked cows before but it has been many years. 
This is Coco's little prince Talmage ( my sweet little grandson)

Faith took a turn to try milking
Faith was happy she was able to do it. 
She wasn't so thrilled about continuing after the picture was taken though 
Gabby loves spending time with the animals
E'lyse took her turn. 
She didn't last long either but I was glad she gave it a try
This is Gabby then next day
Aunt Faith and Talmage 

Talmage in the perfect milking goats attire. 
Gotta love the muck boots
I normally wouldn't post this UNFLATTERING picture of my back side but,
 I had to show that I DID milk the goats myself. (Remember the camera adds what 10,20 to 30 pound on. he he) 
I wasn't the fastest but I think with more practice I could get good and fast at this 
This goat said to me "Why are you taking foreeeeeeveeerrrr milking meeeee? Rooooookiee"
The chickens 

Eggs from the chicken. Aren't they just beautiful?
Sweet little Princess Naima

On Saturday morning we went to the Pioneer Day celebration that was put on by the church up on the white mountains. We missed the parade due to being a little late. 
Pioneer Day is the 24TH of July but being that it fell on the Sabbath they celebrated on Saturday instead.
 There were all kinds of games and food galore. 
They said there was between 800 to 1,000 people there. 
 It was fun and great to see some old friends from the ward up there.  
Stick pull between Gabby and Faith 
Faith won this one
Faith and E'lyse in the stick pull
E'lyse won this one as Faith got pulled over
Coco and Talmage in the stick pull
Talmage is tough little kid!
Talmage played a ball tossing game he had fun playing it
Gabby bobbing for apples

Faith bobbing for apples 
YEAH Faith got it on her second try
Talmage being helped by Aunt E'lyse to make a pioneer toy

Faith in the grey shirt , E'lyse and Talmage 
Naima enjoying a candy that Coco won 
We came back on Monday morning. So now back to the real world.
 I come home to my plants looking really sad in the garden from not being watered twice a day. But in all Dallas took good care of the animals and the house. 
 It was so nice to spend time with  Coco and her sweet family. I just love them so much! Coco and Kyle are great parents. It is wonderful to see the gospel being taught to such little ones who love it and enjoy it so.
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blog Surfing And Rambling

 Think the song of the Beach Boys " Surfin USA." This is what came to my mind this morning as I was SURFIN blogs, I though Bobbi Jo's a sufin the internet for some fun blogs. Okay so as I am surfin on my swivel desk chair swinging back and forth at a slow constant beat I found this blog by Debbie of Ribbonwood Cottage and Count Your FarmHouse Blessings  had started a cross stitch project of the daily blessing that she had followed from Amy's blog Counting My Blessings . I am way late finding this but these two lovely ladies and their blogs have inspired me to do this in my spare time.This is a cross stitch project that you make a sampler of the daily or I guess it could be the weekly blessings that are in your life. I love this idea. I do have some material to do it but I am not sure of how big I want to make it so I will be figuring this out then getting the material on to work on this project. I have done many cross stitch projects in the past and love to do it, other than my eyes are the over 40 and the eyesight isn't the greatest in the world. he he
 I have also started working on a few Christmas sewing projects. I will be sharing more later when I get a little more accomplished.
 Enjoyed this morning talking with my beautiful oldest daughter, Coco for an hour and 20 minutes on the phone. Good thing it is free minutes, OOPS! Time fly's by when you are having fun. I love to hear the sweet little grand babies in the back ground makes me feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family that I love so much.
 Later today Faith, Gabby and I are going to work on vision boards. They have already started on drawing some pictures for theirs. I had on that I made when I was in massage school and it truly did help me to focus on my goals. If the girls are alright with me taking pictures of theirs I will share them with you.
 Some more of my rambling would be that my squash plants have been killed due to squash bugs! Warning If you are a little like me and don't like bugs don't look at the link!!!!!!!!  The four yellow squash (croak neck or summer squash) and my zucchini plants were all infected with these creepy little creatures and sucked the life out of them. The last 2 mornings I have been spraying the remainder of  the plants with soapy water to kill off all of the little pests. I was so mad! Anyway, I am dealing with this and working on the winter garden planting plan. We have to wait till nights are a little cooler here in Queen Creek, Arizona to put in plants. The heat is so nasty hot during the day and the evenings aren't much cooler so just waiting with big hopes of growing  all the yummy things that I can this year. 
 So this is how my day is going having a good one and keeping busy. 
 I wanted to share a picture of some flowers that Hubs had on my desk when I got home. He knows how much I love flowers so I am frequented with flowers of all colors and varieties.  

 I just love the brightness of the colors! 
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sign Give A Way

 I highly suggest you go over and check out this lovely blog of Doris' it is The Craft Cabin Home. This is the sign that she painted. I think it is so pretty and I love the saying.
  You could have a chance to win it too. Good luck if you follow the rules to do so. 
Crossing my fingers BIG time for this one. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shout Out

I wanted to send a shout out to my oldest daughter who puts up with my content request to help me on my blog, web site and computer things.
 Coco thank you for the beautiful update on my blog. Love it!! As usual you did a great job picking out ME in the background you use.
 I love you and can't wait to see you this week. YEA!!! Love, Mom  (aka.. the pain in the butt Mom) he he

Saturday, July 16, 2011

What I Have Been Up To

This week I have been crossing things off my TO DO list. It has felt pretty darn good too.
I made myself some washable make up remover pads out of flannel material. They aren't the prettiest thing but they work very well. I had made some homemade make up remover as part of my become self- sufficient a couple of weeks ago. This save money on buying the cotton throw away pads also helps the environment a little. 
 I decided to get back into a craft that I haven't done in a while and that is tole painting. So I went to the garage dusted off my saw and sander, found some patterns I liked (Autumn things) and went to work. I now have them cut out and ready to paint when I fit it in my days. 
 Last night (Friday) Faith asked if she could make cup cakes or a cake. I said sure of course with the old clean up your mess. 
She made this cake all by herself. It is a Confetti Cake with Cream Cheese frosting. The frosting is so YUMMY I could get really ill eating it all. he he 
She loves to make food. I wounder where she get's that from. 
Tonight (Saturday) we are having homemade pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, beans and yummy cake for dessert.
Hope everyone is have a great Saturday. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Dallas Has Bike

On Tuesday July 6TH Dallas bought himself a Honda 750 Shadow. This is the bike on the trailer when he and Alan brought it home. It is a very nice bike and got it at a great deal. 
 Dallas the new proud owner
 Parking it in the garage
 It sounds good too!
 Being a big fan of motorcycles I had to take some more pictures of it
 Side view
He is doing a little bit of work on it to make sure all is working tip top and ready to roll. He said he is going to teach me to ride since it has been eons since I rode one. Get me ready for my Harley! 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Lunch At Grandma Nichols

The other week Grandma Nichols invited us over to visit and have lunch with her.
I decided instead of buying something we would make lunch and take it over.
So I made a crumb cake, strawberry, vanilla trifle. 
This is it before we left. Unfortunately my van doesn't have air conditioning and it was a little soupy when we got over there. Still good though.
 Faith, Gabby and I made Chicken Pockets. This is one of the families all time favorites.
 My little homemakers in training uniforms. You gotta love a pink apron!
 chicken pockets done. They are so yummy!!
We also took the left over macaroni salad from the fourth, fresh cut watermelon and tortilla chips with salsa. 
So we took lunch over and had a very nice visit and lunch with Grandma Nichols or my Mother in Love.
Even Dallas came over. It was good to have a family lunch. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Change & Wedding

Over the weekend I go on to my blog to catch up on all the wonderful blogs that I follow. WAY too many but I do anyways because there are so many awesome ones out there. I go to dashboard and blogger has changed it all on me. WHAT!!!! I am freaking out I can't find my blogs that I follow. I keep searching and finally after much frustration I find them. I must say I DON'T like the new layout. I don't mind change but if something is working WHY oh why change it...... So frustrated that it still takes me a few times to find them when I come on.
Blogger I am not happy with you at this time in my life.
Other than frustration of this things are going. Yes just going. My Nephew got married on Saturday. The family went to the wedding.
This is Ramcy & Talon
(sorry about the fuzzy picture)

This is the families of the Bride and Groom
Ross, Steve, Jamaila,Ramcy (Bride), Tralon (Groom) Gabby, Me, Alan, E'lyse, Sara, Dallas & Faith.
I had a big surprise at the wedding. Alan wouldn't dance (not a surprise) but Dallas came over and asked me to dance. I almost cried. He said we better get practice for when he get's married in a couple of years for our dance. sniff sniff
I have 4 1/2 inch heals and I still had to look up at him. he he 
It was great to be able to celebrate this special day. It was also wonderful to see my sister and her family.
Our prayers, best wishes and blessings go out to Mr. & Mrs. Talon Leon.
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I know you are thinking "What another post from her! Does she have nothing better to do?"
Well sorry this one couldn't wait till tomorrow. 
Faith has been wanting to get her hair cut. It was all one length and SUPER DOPER THICK. I tell you this girl would break the elastic hair ties so quickly the only thing that works is scrunchies.
So Faith asked if she could get a hair cut by one of our friends and ladies in the ward Janel. While Alan and I were gone today to see one of my Dr's. she went over and got it cut. Janel layered  it and it looks so pretty. Even prettier than before.
 And a side view. You can tell she feels pretty from this picture.
Thank you Janel for doing an amazing job with her hair. You Rock!! 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Just For Today

Outside my window... The sun is shining, it is very bright.

I am thinking...Of the book I read last night and how I can improve and need to in so many ways

I am thankful...The Freedom we have in this country & my family

In the kitchen...There is a cup a warm Peru waiting for me

I am wearing...Black pants & charcoal colored blouse (gardening clothes)  

I am creating...A better person for my husband and family

I am going...To the vein specialist today

I am wondering...What the future will hold in store for our family

I am reading...The Excellent Wife & Penny Pinchin' Mama & The Forbidden 

I am hoping...Heavenly Father will open doors for us

I am looking forward to...moving as soon as possible ( I am not a HOT summer person)

I am hearing...The fans running in the house

Around the house...It is quiet

I am pondering...What the doctor will say today

One of my favorite things...A phone call from my grand babies 

A few plans for the rest of the week: clearing clutter, more Dr. appointments and Nephews wedding Sat.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing... This is a house in Lancaster PA. I love it!
(Picture below was borrowed off of Images from Big)

Hugs, Bobbi Jo

The Excellent Wife

I had read about this book on a blog and I can't remember what one it was, there are so many awesome blogs out there. Anyway, after reading about it it struck a chord with me that it could help me. I want to have a happy husband and family. I want to do what Heavenly Father has sent me to do. So I need to balance it all out with his guidance and be the best person/wife I can be. 
I use to watch the Donna Reed show (repeats) and thought of what a wonderful wife she was (and mother). She was a great example of a woman who could do many things in her life yet seemed that her main priority was the love and care of her husband and children. I tried to be like her but have failed in many ways. 
At times I am sure too selfish and worried about what people would think about me. I know the show was that just a show but it could be a reality too. It is up to me!
I started reading it Monday and it is a good book. I will let you know a little more about it as I get more into it. 
I have also continued at a slower pace than planned ,due to illness this past weekend to get rid of toxic things in my life. Yesterday I got rid of music that wasn't helping me to have the spirit with me. It felt good. Today in between some housework, Dr. Appointment and a few errands I hope to do more clearing out of clutter. 
Hope everyone is having a good week so far. Hugs, Bobbi Jo