Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Change & Wedding

Over the weekend I go on to my blog to catch up on all the wonderful blogs that I follow. WAY too many but I do anyways because there are so many awesome ones out there. I go to dashboard and blogger has changed it all on me. WHAT!!!! I am freaking out I can't find my blogs that I follow. I keep searching and finally after much frustration I find them. I must say I DON'T like the new layout. I don't mind change but if something is working WHY oh why change it...... So frustrated that it still takes me a few times to find them when I come on.
Blogger I am not happy with you at this time in my life.
Other than frustration of this things are going. Yes just going. My Nephew got married on Saturday. The family went to the wedding.
This is Ramcy & Talon
(sorry about the fuzzy picture)

This is the families of the Bride and Groom
Ross, Steve, Jamaila,Ramcy (Bride), Tralon (Groom) Gabby, Me, Alan, E'lyse, Sara, Dallas & Faith.
I had a big surprise at the wedding. Alan wouldn't dance (not a surprise) but Dallas came over and asked me to dance. I almost cried. He said we better get practice for when he get's married in a couple of years for our dance. sniff sniff
I have 4 1/2 inch heals and I still had to look up at him. he he 
It was great to be able to celebrate this special day. It was also wonderful to see my sister and her family.
Our prayers, best wishes and blessings go out to Mr. & Mrs. Talon Leon.
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo


The Lucas Gang said...

awww now isn't Dallas so sweet. Wait when did he decide he was getting married in a few year... I WASN'T INVITED... baha

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding and so happy you had a dancing partner. I completely agree with your frustrations with blogger. When will they stop making these darn changes????

kamikazern said...

That is such a lovely picture of you!