Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4TH of July Meal

The 4TH of July was fun but very hot therefore our cookout came inside to be eaten.
This is the table. I was a little frustrated I couldn't find my special 4TH of July plates & serving bowls. Then I remember we had put them up in our space over our garage. I wasn't about to ask Alan to climb up there to get them after working outside all day. So I made due. 
 I made macaroni salad but didn't have green olives. Alan went to the store and I forgot to specify green and he brought me black. So I made it anyway and it was still good. 
 Of course what would the 4TH be without watermelon. It was super yummy! 
 Aren't these tortilla chips FUN? I think so. I bought them at Cost Plus World Market. I love things like these to add to the festivities of the day.
 My cook in training Faith Rose helped me make the deviled eggs. She got a little carried away with the paprika but they got eaten up any way. 
Later in the evening we went out front to see the fireworks and Schnepf Farms Alan surprised the girls by buying some of the firecrackers & sparklers for them they were so funny these 4 girls running up and down the street in their swimsuits.
In case you were wondering where the 4TH girl came from,  E'lyse had her friend Ashton Lewis spend the night. 
Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of this. Right before this happened I fell and and messed up my left leg and I was still pretty upset at myself for that. 
Hope everyone had a safe 4TH of July. Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

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The Lucas Gang said...

I hope we get to do 4th of July with you guys next year. No fireworks is lame.