Monday, July 25, 2011

Goats & Pioneer Day In The White Mountains

Last Thursday the 3 girls, Alan and I went up to Pinetop to stay and visit with Coco and her family. Dallas was unable to go with us so he stayed home to hold down the fort.
Coco, Kyle and the kiddos live next to his parents in an attached apartment. 
With them living there they get to enjoy the pleasures of a small farm life with chickens, goats, dogs and cats. 
I am hoping in the very near future to have my own little farm up in the white mountains so this was the perfect opportunity for me to learn how to milk goats. I have milked cows before but it has been many years. 
This is Coco's little prince Talmage ( my sweet little grandson)

Faith took a turn to try milking
Faith was happy she was able to do it. 
She wasn't so thrilled about continuing after the picture was taken though 
Gabby loves spending time with the animals
E'lyse took her turn. 
She didn't last long either but I was glad she gave it a try
This is Gabby then next day
Aunt Faith and Talmage 

Talmage in the perfect milking goats attire. 
Gotta love the muck boots
I normally wouldn't post this UNFLATTERING picture of my back side but,
 I had to show that I DID milk the goats myself. (Remember the camera adds what 10,20 to 30 pound on. he he) 
I wasn't the fastest but I think with more practice I could get good and fast at this 
This goat said to me "Why are you taking foreeeeeeveeerrrr milking meeeee? Rooooookiee"
The chickens 

Eggs from the chicken. Aren't they just beautiful?
Sweet little Princess Naima

On Saturday morning we went to the Pioneer Day celebration that was put on by the church up on the white mountains. We missed the parade due to being a little late. 
Pioneer Day is the 24TH of July but being that it fell on the Sabbath they celebrated on Saturday instead.
 There were all kinds of games and food galore. 
They said there was between 800 to 1,000 people there. 
 It was fun and great to see some old friends from the ward up there.  
Stick pull between Gabby and Faith 
Faith won this one
Faith and E'lyse in the stick pull
E'lyse won this one as Faith got pulled over
Coco and Talmage in the stick pull
Talmage is tough little kid!
Talmage played a ball tossing game he had fun playing it
Gabby bobbing for apples

Faith bobbing for apples 
YEAH Faith got it on her second try
Talmage being helped by Aunt E'lyse to make a pioneer toy

Faith in the grey shirt , E'lyse and Talmage 
Naima enjoying a candy that Coco won 
We came back on Monday morning. So now back to the real world.
 I come home to my plants looking really sad in the garden from not being watered twice a day. But in all Dallas took good care of the animals and the house. 
 It was so nice to spend time with  Coco and her sweet family. I just love them so much! Coco and Kyle are great parents. It is wonderful to see the gospel being taught to such little ones who love it and enjoy it so.
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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