Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Blur

 I must admit these last few weeks have become a blur to me. Time seems to be spending out of control. Yes my control. I am not one who likes to let go of control.
 Started working at Serenity Massage & Tan and the job was going really well then the owners called me and said they were going to be closing down.WHAT? I was just getting the hang of working again. So I finished up working there. Now what? I was going to do stricktly out call, that is I would go to peoples houses and give massages. But about 2 Sat. ago I thought well if I could make a little room in our den if someone didn't want me to come to their house I could give massages here. So I told Alan my little thought. He said why couldn't I just turn the room into a massage room and concentrate on making my business at home with a little out call? Why not!!!
 Then I received a  very generous offer to go to work with a chiropractor & two others. No cost for space or linens. This is something I wanted to do since I did Structural and Functional Assessment. Since mid way through the personal program at school I thought I wanted to get into Nueromuscular Therapy so this would be a great experience and opportunity to work with a wonderful Dr. So I had to pray on it, talk with Alan, talk with others for their input and pray some more. Coming up with the decision after not being able to sleep and thinking of all the possibilities that now is just not the time for it in my life. With Gabby being home schooled , doctors visits and other things in our lives it just wouldn't  be possible without a major strain on the family. So I had to decline. One of those things that you hope you did the right thing.
 We talked then things started to fall together with ideas and ways to make it work. After all I did already get my business name "Majestic Massage Therapy" why not???? So I got my permit to run a business from my home. Now we are in the process of getting the room ready. I will be able to be home with Gabby, take her to appointments and take care of the other things that need done.
 My plan is by the beginning of the year to have my Facebook page & my web page up and running with pictures and all that I offer to my clients.
 I am excited and sometimes a little unsure but life is good and 2011 is going to be one of the best years of our lives!! Hugs, Bobbi Jo