Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Blur

 I must admit these last few weeks have become a blur to me. Time seems to be spending out of control. Yes my control. I am not one who likes to let go of control.
 Started working at Serenity Massage & Tan and the job was going really well then the owners called me and said they were going to be closing down.WHAT? I was just getting the hang of working again. So I finished up working there. Now what? I was going to do stricktly out call, that is I would go to peoples houses and give massages. But about 2 Sat. ago I thought well if I could make a little room in our den if someone didn't want me to come to their house I could give massages here. So I told Alan my little thought. He said why couldn't I just turn the room into a massage room and concentrate on making my business at home with a little out call? Why not!!!
 Then I received a  very generous offer to go to work with a chiropractor & two others. No cost for space or linens. This is something I wanted to do since I did Structural and Functional Assessment. Since mid way through the personal program at school I thought I wanted to get into Nueromuscular Therapy so this would be a great experience and opportunity to work with a wonderful Dr. So I had to pray on it, talk with Alan, talk with others for their input and pray some more. Coming up with the decision after not being able to sleep and thinking of all the possibilities that now is just not the time for it in my life. With Gabby being home schooled , doctors visits and other things in our lives it just wouldn't  be possible without a major strain on the family. So I had to decline. One of those things that you hope you did the right thing.
 We talked then things started to fall together with ideas and ways to make it work. After all I did already get my business name "Majestic Massage Therapy" why not???? So I got my permit to run a business from my home. Now we are in the process of getting the room ready. I will be able to be home with Gabby, take her to appointments and take care of the other things that need done.
 My plan is by the beginning of the year to have my Facebook page & my web page up and running with pictures and all that I offer to my clients.
 I am excited and sometimes a little unsure but life is good and 2011 is going to be one of the best years of our lives!! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving & Playing Catch Up

 So it has been a while again since I posted last. Not that my life has been crazy busy but not so much time spent on the computer. First I must say  THANK YOU to Coco for changing my blog from it's fall look to Christmas. I love it! It looks like some of my scrapbook paper.
 Work has been going good. Not as busy as I would like but I think it is good for me to get my stamina built up again. Meaning that while I was in clinic I was use to giving 5 massages every Sat. then coming home and giving 2 or 3 more but since then I haven't been doing as many so you kind of lose your stamina. Anyway I am loving work and getting to work on the public again.
 I went and got my company name & PLLC last week. My company name is "Majestic Massage Therapy PLLC". I will be getting my business cards & web site set up in the next week or two. I will be doing out call so I can be more flexible with my time. I did have my first out call last Monday and it went really well.
 On Wednesday Coco, Kyle, Talmage & Naima came down from Pinetop to spend Thanksgiving with us. It is always so good to have them come home. We had a yummy Thanksgiving lunch with all the fixings except for the first time (and this was pointed out by Coco) I didn't not serve green beans. They end up not getting eaten because there is so much more to eat that I didn't make them. Sorry if I disappointed you Coco. I borrowed a few pictures from Coco's blog to post since I didn't take too many. Thank you again Coco!! It is always a good time to have family together and enjoy good food.
 Now it is time to get ready for Christmas. More to come soon. Have a great day and keep a smile on your face. Hugs, Bobbi Jo
Thanksgiving setting

Pumpkin & Pecan pie. I also made Banana cream and an Ultimate Chocolate pie

E'lyse & Dallas

Gabby (not sure why Faith didn't jump in a picture here)

Baby Nie Nie

Kyle and his Happy for turkey face

Talmage enjoying making a snack while I made pies

Talmage playing Connect 4

Naima wearing Gabby's snow boots

This picture was from our trip to Crown King but some how got into here.Alan, Faith,Gabby & E'lyse

Thanksgiving table                                                                         It was a fun spending time

Thursday, November 11, 2010

So Much Has Gone On

So it has almost been 2 months since I last updates and so much has happend. Lets see where to start. Gabby was released from the hospital. Made it to school one day without promtping she got up got ready packed her lunch and told her Dad she was going to school. I was at school but so happy she made it. Not since then though.
 My Father died on Thursday September 30TH but wasn't called till that Sunday October 3RD. Not that I am bitter towards my sister who claims to not have me as a sister but I truely am. I am working on getting over it but it is very hard to not harbor bad feelings. Long story short I made her mad over 2 years ago and even after appologies she didn't except there for won't notify me on something this important due to  her childishness. Sorry had to rant for a few to vent.
 The Saturday before finals I started a continued education class to become a Reiki Master. It is awesome! So excited to be able to help others even more. I have my second attunemnet in November then third is December. I plan on taking a further class to be able to teach Reiki.
 I graduated on October 15TH from the Masters Body Worker Program. The program went so quickly and so much information. Loved my instructors & classmates. Graduation was fun.
This is Coco, Talmage and myself at graduation.

Me hugging one of the instructors of the school as I went up for my diploma.

 It feels good to be done with it and have accomplished this. It has been a true test to find out what kind of student I am at such a middle age. he he I love learning and all that goes into it even if I do get stressed. I will continue to study the muscles and review to keep my mind fresh. I am thinking of going into Nuero Muscular Therapy so I will have to know the mucsles and how they move and work together.
 Since starting this post at the end of October and now it is November Gabby has gone back in the hospital for 4 days and been released. We are working on getting her well. I feel she can be healed contrary to what Dr's say about the disease.
 Halloween has come and gone. I am ready for Thanksgiving. This is my favorite holiday of all. I love the cooking and eating. LOL!  Working on ideas for Christmas and trying to enjoy everyday.
 Tomorrow I start my job at Serenty Massage & Tan . I am excited to work on the public again and this time get paid for it. I do love the work of helping someone be relieved of pain and be assistance to their health & well being. I will also be working on getting my outcall going. This will be where I go to peoples houses, with supply in hand and give massages. It will be  a little higher price than visitng a day spa but I think it will be worth it to some people. I will be offering in Dec. for those who live in the valley of the sun gift cards for massages. I need to work out all the details first.
 I also have been working on getting the house & life organinzed so I can be a more effective person all around. I have to give major credit to those ladies who work all day & take care of the family and home it is HARD work. KUDOS to you!!!
 So this is my life in a long nut shell of words. I will try to be more diligent in keeping up on my blog & life happenings.
 Today I am working on the regular house chores then fun time crafts that I will share a little later. Have a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today I Smiled Big

 Today I smiled big! Alan's doctor called last night and there was no cancer found in the margin that they removed last Friday. Today Gabby is being released from the hospital after 19 days in the hospital. They just took her picc out and we are waiting on the paper work to take her home. I did skip my second class by the way so I could be here for this happy occasion. Today I smiled because I was so stressed about our final for Functional Assessment. Before our test I was going over things with the classmates and just lost it and started crying. Took the final and past with an A. So today I am smiling that my baby will be back home. We will all be under one roof and be together. Today I smiled big and I am a very happy person. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Friday, September 24, 2010


We hit our 2 week mark for Gabby being in the hospital. She has been such a good patient. The doctors still don't know when she will be able to come home so we are continuing to pray and do all we can to get her better and keep her upbeat & and positive.
 Today I took Alan to have the marginal surgery done on his liposarcoma. The 2 doctors that operated on him are brothers and boy are they are fast. This is a picture of where the skin was going to be cut off, cleaned out to the fascia, cleaned and placed back on. It looks like a little football. The scar is from the surgery last month that was done for the same thing. We are hoping there is no cancer this time. If there is there will be another surgery or radiation or both.
We hit our 2 week mark for Gabby being in the hospital. She has been such a good patient. The doctors still don't know when she will be able to come home so we are continuing to pray and do all we can to get her better and keep her upbeat & and positive.
 Today I took Alan to have the marginal surgery done on his liposarcoma. The 2 doctors that operated on him are brothers and boy are they are fast. This is a picture of where the skin was going to be cut off, cleaned out to the fascia, cleaned and placed back on. It looks like a little football. The scar is from the surgery last month that was done for the same thing. We are hoping there is no cancer this time. If there is there will be another surgery or radiation or both.
 So I will be home for a little while longer then head back to the Childrens hospital to be with Gabby.
 My house is so super duper scary since I am not home to keep up on the house work. This is another thing I am looking forward to.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Almost 2 Week Here

 We will be hitting the 2 week mark of Gabby being in the hospital tomorrow. She has been such a good patient putting up with being poked, woken up every 2 hours durring the night and IV changed a pick put in and me being her roommate a majority of the time. She gets a dose of TPN daily that is about 12 hours of nutrition going into her. She is now allowed to eat a VERY low fat diet. A new medication was started 2 days ago that we are hoping will get the Ulcerative Colitis under control.
 We celebrated her 10th Birthday on Sunday. I think she had a good day. The Child Life Sevices had a Build A Bear, Hannah Montana Mall Madness game, the High School Musica Dance pad game, Yatzee, Uno, Bop It and a picture frame book. They made it extra special for her. She was alowed to have a little bite of cheese cake that she requested.
 Gabby has been busy doing a lot of crafts of all kinds to fill her time. Along with the teacher that comes in to work with her here. She goes to the activity room when she has the chance to learn a new craft and visit with other childre.
 This week while I was in school there were wonderful ladies from my ward that came down to sit and entertain Gabby. I appreciate the wonderful ladies for taking there time to be with her. And the families that have also brought over dinner to my family while I am here with Gabby. It has been a major relief to have someone be with Gabby while I am gone.
 So I am off to be with Gabby & and probably do some crafts. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 1 In The Hospital

 Disclaimer: I don't want people to think I am complaining I truly appreciate that we have the medical knowledge and assistance that is needed in this day and age. I also want to acknowledge that my Father in Heaven loves me and know what he is doing in all cases. It may not be what I want but I know he has a reason for all things that happen in our lives.
 So we are now a week into the hopsital stay for Gabby. She has had 3 different IV placements, No solid food in over 10 days, she is on a clear liquid diet and now has a pick in her body.
As Gabby and I were waiting for her to go in for her scope I saw some missionaries that were across the way. One was in the bed the other sitting  in a chair. I asked the nurse if he was alright? She said yes and that their doctor was a Mormon too. So as they were leaving I went out trying to talk to them, the nurse was acting like she didn't want me talking to them and trying to get me to leave then alone. I asked if the one that was not being treated and their doctor would be willing to give Gabby a blessing. The Elder in the wheelchair, who had just had a colonoscopy said we can give her a blessing. He was a little groggy but they proceeded and gave her a blessing. Something that struck me in the blessing was that Gabby would be able to learn from this and help others. That is so awesome that our Heavenly Father gives us these challenges then let's us help others. This is true compassion and love.
 The doctor did a lower scope probe on Gabby yesterday and took a sample to do a CMV test. Seeing  how inflamed her poor little colon is they decided to put the pick in and let her GUT have a rest. She was very upset when the pick wasn't in the right place. The guy that put it in came up to the room, of course after Gabby had woken up from the anestisia to reposition it. They run this thing in the tender part of the upper part of the arm then in next to the clavicle and down to the main artery. Her pick was going in sideways so it took 5 times to get it in the right place. With some pushing on her little chest with Gabby crying due to her poor little arm being so tender. He finally got it into place and they had to take an x-ray to make sure it was placed correctly. After the x-ray was taken all was well. Until the nurse came in and said Gabby could not have any liquids or food. She is allowed to chew gum. She was crying and it broke my heart. She cried off and on for a while then got a little better.
 She slept well and seems to be in better spirits this morning.
  We did sand art together and now she is doing a piant by number that her Dad bought her while we watch Max & Ruby.
 Now waiting for the Dr. to come in and tell us the results of the CMV test that was done.Enjoying time with Gabby just wish it was at home and she was totally healthy. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Can I Go Back

Just asking if I can go back to the same old same old everyday life? This past Friday Gabby's GI doctor called and it was confirmed that Gabby has a mild case of pancreatitis. WHAT? This sweet little happy go lucky girl in the past 6 months has dealt with Chron's & Ulcerative Colitis and now this. She is a really trooper with all the poking and prodding that has been done to her.
 We came to the hospital on Friday about 1 pm. The hospital is Cardon's Childrens Hospital and it is so awesome! If you had to spend time away from home and be sick I can't think of a better place. The hospital staff is so sweet and caring. So now Gabby is on a clear liquid diet. She is having some pain but the medication they have her on helps. She is in good spirits thanks to the wonderful people coming to visit, sending messages and calling. Today we went into the play room and she made some frogs & a Christmas decoration with the beads that you melt together.
 We met a beautiful 14 yr. old girl, Sienna here in the hospital.She is one of those girls who's smile just lights up the room. It is so sad to see so many young children in pain and dealing with so much. Praying for each of them to get well and be strong.
 So I am trying to be strong and not stress out. Yea right I am stressing but dealing with it all. I break down, cry a little, pray and then pull up my boot straps and move on again. I wish I could take all of this on myself and keep Gabby from hurting.
 Last month Alan had a lump removed from his chest wall. It had been growing bigger since Feb. of this year and final got it checked out. The Dr. said it was probably just fat. So after almost 2 weeks the Dr. calls and said that it has some cancerous cells mixed in. So then Alan had to go to 2 different oncologists. They came to the conclusion that he has lymph node mastitis of soft tissue sarcoma. They will be scheduling another surgery in the same area to cut out a larger portion of tissue surrounding the area they already removed and biopsy it then if it is cancerous they will have him doing radiation therapy. So a little more stress added to this past week.
 I will be going into school to see if I can take a day or two off without causing me too many problems. I am hoping it will all work out so I can be with Gabby as much as possible. I will be staying over night with her either way.
 I did finally receive my license in the mail so now I can start work but first I need to get Gabby taken care of and back to good health. First things first right? Sometimes I have a hard time putting things in correct perspective but I think I have this one right.
 So that is my last few days in a nut shell. Asking you all for extra prayers for Gabby & Alan. Thank you in advance.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Once Again A Blog Slacker

 There have been 2 major reasons that I have once again became a blog slacker. 1.) Time- heck I haven't had much time for too much other than school, study, sleep & eat. 2.) I felt like I was just going to be saying the same thing over and over. But when you practically live at your school what more can you say. But alas I was told encouraged  by my oldest that I should try updating my blog. So here I am thanks to Coco.
 Backing up to over a month ago I finally finished the Professional Program for the Massage Therapist. I graduated on August 13th. YEA!

  This is my class D-04-4

Sunday off from school and I started the Masters Program at the same school to become a Master Body Worker. This is only a 10 week program but very intense and may I say so AWESOME!! We only have 5 classes throughout this program of 217.5 hours of schooling.The classes are Hydrostone Therapy, Advanced Cranial Sacral Therapy, Advanced Eastern Paradigm, Functional Assessment, Kinesiology, and Myokinetic Techniques. The classes are so cool! I have always loved learning and this is a bonus it will make me a better therapist. Knowledge ROCKS!!
 Last week we had our first written final. It was for Hydrostone, I feel good about it and will find out soon how I did. Today we have our hands on final for the same class.
 I have to admit I tend to struggle with the memory of every word or term. This I am working on daily. Sometimes I feel like my brain is going to burst.
 One of my favorite classes so far is Advanced Cranial Sacral Therapy. We have been learning about unwinding. If anyone has questions about what it is I will explain about it in a future post, just let me know.
 We are in our 5th week of the 10 week program after today I am half way through. SWEET!
 There are only 2 campuses of ASMT that offer the Master Program so people come from all over to take the program. In my class we have 2 gals from Colorado and 2 from my home state Pennsylvania. To make a long story short the 2 girls from PA are living with our family. They were short on money, no car and I was worried about these sweet girls. So Alan and I talked about it that first week of the program and offered them to come live with us. We don't have a lot of money or space but we have fun and I think a good place to live. The girls names are Valerie (20) and Ashley (18). The kiddos all seem to get along and I have company to and from school.
 I am trying to get started on a exercise regimen that can fit in my schedule. Being that Alan started a new job he isn't up as early as I would like to exercise to have the time to get ready. I have a hard time hitting the treadmill in the morning before school plus with the house work, getting dinner prepared and trying to squeeze in some more study time I don't have much time in the am. By the time I get home at night I am about wiped out getting dinner on the table,clean up time, family time, study time and bath I run out of time if I want to sleep. he he So this is a slow work in progress.
 So this is my life in a blog shell. I will try to do better on keeping you up to date. If you have any questions leave me a comment I will be glad to answer. Take care! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Friday, July 23, 2010

Quick Post

Today is a busy day but I haven't posted in a while and I feel terrible about it. Life is going good & keeping me crazy busy.
 I am down to 3 days of actual school left, all but one class finals. ARG! So a lot of study time being put in. I have an Open House at the school today from 11:30 to 6:30 doing seated chair massages. These are fun! Then tomorrow and next Saturday I will have clinic then be done with the Professional program. I get August 1st off, (Sunday) and start the Masters Program on the 2nd. Am I crazy or what? I know I am!
 Kiddos are doing well. I think the girls are excited about getting back to school. E'lyse is starting high school this year the same day as my last day of school. The little girls start August 8th or 9th I can't remember right now.
 Alan is still looking for a steady job. He has been working out of town, up North for those of you who know Arizona, just outside of Greer working on a cabin. He is home for a day or two and then off again.
 Coco & her sweet family are flying in from PA tonight for a funeral. Not under the best circumstances but I will be glad to see them just the same.This will be her first airplane flight and with 2 kiddos on top of that. I pray they are wonderful for her so she isn't any more stressed than she already is.
 I just love the learning of school and I am working on getting my new schedule worked out so I have time to do my cardio in the am and my lifting in the pm. I need to firm up and lose some body fat and the fun 7 lbs. that I keep playing with.
 So I am off to get dressed for the Open House and some study time before hand. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Thursday, July 1, 2010

So Much

 There has been so much going on since I last posted on my blog. I have to keep myself off the computer most of the time or I can spend all day on her reading blogs and daydreaming about the time to do crafts and such.
 Being that June 4th was the last I posted there has been changes in our family. Coco & her sweet family just moved back to my old stomping grounds in Pennsylvania. Kyle got a job and was suppose to start in August then it got moved up to July 5th they would leave then the ended leaving on my Birthday. They did come down 5 days early and when I got home from school at 7 on Wed. night they were here and a family surprise Birthday party was on. Such a surprise and a fun time!
 They left that Thursday afternoon, WAY too soon for this kid.
Saturday I had my usual clinic and worked on some wonderful people. Got a fantastic evaluation from the director of our school. So glad when my clients are feeling great when they get off the table.
 On Monday at lunch time my sweet friends had a Birthday surprise party for me. I got a giant bag of Peanut M & M's from my sweet BFF Joy and sweetVeronica got me the Crown and the tiara and the septer where with my cake. The cake was so yummy! My sweet friend Emillio brought in home made chips and salsa (one of my favs!) and sweet Sylvia brought in some other munchies. It was really fun!

 I have passed all my classes. Took Russian, got an A and learned 80 different strokes.I also passed Structural II got a B in it. It was suppose to be the toughest written exam. I am now taking Trigger Point, Injury, Pro. D 4, Anatomy III and Pathology II. I love pathology it is amazing I love learning about all the different pathologies. Graduation is coming fast I have 4 weeks left of the Professional program then I have a Sunday off then start the Masters Program. Really excited about that!  I have made some wonderful friends at school. Some of who I plan on doing charity events with and some money earning opportunities.
 I have decided to give up soda. I have been playing around with about a 10 pound weight fluctuation since around Feb. and I am tired of it. I want to lose more weight so I can be in better shape to work on people. To set the example of good health and taking care of our bodies. I think it is important to walk the walk and talk the talk.
 The kiddos are doing good. Supporting me while I am crazy busy and not much time devoted to being Mom. I can't believe how much time is needed to study, do homework and the time to travel to and from school. I know it is worth it and I love the learning new things and the opportunity of working on people.
 So it is almost the 4th of July. Very excited about this weekend and camping. It has been such a long time for us to get away like this it is going to be fun and I have 4 days off!!
 So until I post again I hope all of you are doing well. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Friday, June 4, 2010

Over With Finals And Now.....

Finals are over, classes were passed and now on to learning new modalities and gaining more knowledge. We started Russian Sports Massage, Structural II, Pathology II, Anatomy III and Professional Development III. Russian is a timed massage that we will learn 80 different strokes that can be used in any massage. AMAZING! This coming week will be learning how to do a seated chair massage, I am really excited to learn this. A friend and I are wanting to go together to do corporate chair massages when we get our license. This is where you have a contract with a company to come in one or two times a month and give chair massages to the employees.
I am still loving school and making new friends of the new class members that just started up. I did get into the Master Body Workers Program. This will start right after I graduate from the Professional program. I will be learning Advanced Cranial Sacral Therapy, Advaced Easter Paradigm, Functional Assessment, Hydrostone Therapy, Kinesiology and Myokinetic Techniques. So excited!
The family is doing good. Alan is going in for an assessment test at the college to see what he wants to be when he grows up (his words!). Dallas is working at Fry's and finishing up school to graduate. Elyse is finishing up school and getting ready to go to high school this coming August. Faith & Gabby are doing well. They are both growing up so fast. Faith has decided she wants to go to BYU when she graduates and has made some wonderful plans with her BFF Ashley. Gabby has taken control of her diet and has done very well. A couple flare ups of not feeling the greatest but has more good days than not. She is gaining weight and looking very healthy.
My time is still consumed with school, driving to and from, and study time. I am so happy to have supportive and loving family & friends that I can lean on when I am feeling down or that I just can't do it attitude they always help to pick me up and tell me to pull up my boot straps and follow my dreams. I would have never thought that I would have made such great friends in school. My family is amazing too. Faith is constantly making pages for me that tell me I rock and I can do anything. It helps so much. There are days that I come home and think to myself "What am I doing? Am I nuts for taking this on?" then it comes to me that this is my passion and when I give a massage I change as a person for the better. It is wonderful!
I was talking with Coco today and we were talking about getting back into crafting again. I do miss having the time to scrap book, paint or even redecorate a room but this time will come, I just have to be patient. This I am not but I am working on it!
Hope everyone is doing well. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Filling In The Blanks

So I once again have been a lame blogger. I have had a bunch on my plate to take care of so I hope you will forgive me once again.
Gabby is doing better. She is starting to gain weight like the doctor wanted her to. She is also filling out in her skin. She has a much better color to her now too. She has been a real trooper through all of this. She has made it to school I believe 3 full days since home from the hospital. She tires out very easily.
I have just finished my second quarter in school. I have 10 weeks left in the basic program then hope to get into the Masters program right after. Finals are always stressful but I felt good about them. I will find out grades either this Friday or Monday.
Hope everyone is doing well. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sunday, May 9, 2010

So Much To Say

I have so much to say but there is not enough time for me to write it all. Life was going along pretty normal with the everyday things, stressing about doing well in school, trying to take care of things on my days off and then April 26th at 3:20 am we get a call from the doctor telling us to wake up Gabby and see how she is feeling. I am thinking "well she is going to say tired", but we did and she did. He then told us he wanted a follow up on her blood work that day but if she got dizzy or any other symptoms to get her to the hospital right away. So I went to school and ALan took her to the lab to get blood work done. Long story shortened by about 13 hours I got a call on my way home from school from Alan saying we needed to take Gabby to the hospital. Her blood count was dangerously low. I got home changed my clothes and we left. For the next 5 days Gabby spent in the hospital. She had 2 blood transfusions, a barium x-ray, colonoscopy , a scope down her throat and blood taken 8 times and 4 IV picks placed in her poor little white arms.
She was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. This is a life long disease she will have to learn to live with. We are adjusting her diet and the doctor has her on different meds right now to help her regain her appetite, gain a little bit of weight and help her to regain her health.
My week off from school was a hard one to miss but loved being able to spend time with Gabby just watching TV,talking and enjoying each other. It is so hard to watch your child suffer and be in pain. I just tell myself it could always be worse. I am blessed to have the love and support of friends and family. Heavenly Father has been there to help us with blessings and things will be okay.
I am currently getting ready for finals and starting to stress but this too shall pass and all will be well.
So until the next time I get on here, and I hope it won't be too long I hope everyone is doing well. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Friday, April 2, 2010

Cranial Sacral Therapy

A sweet friend Thru Pink Curtains asked if I would tell a little more about the Cranial Sacral Therapy a little more. She asked if I had been able to feel the cranial fluid yet. First of all for typing sake I will abbreviate Cranial Sacral Therapy to CRT .
CRT is a gentle, hands-on approach to bodywork. It focuses on the bone of the head, spinal column, scrum and the underlying structures. The main objective to this work is to find restrictions and/or compressions in these areas and use specifically designed techniques to release these areas. Helping the body to return to homeostasis.
CR system produces a rhythm, much like the cardiac and circulatory systems. We lean how to feel the rhythm and if it is unbalanced we work to find the balance. It is the innermost rhythm if our body.
I have explained it some people and they kind of think it is weird or a strange idea but it is amazing. It is an energy work much like acupressure.
Example of earlier this week I was working on a class mate I was working on an area in between her eyebrows but she could feel a light massage on her lower jaw.
Energy work does work and can help with different challenges such as chronic pain, especially in the neck & back, headaches (tension, migraine, cluster), TMJ dysfunction, emotional trauma, auditory problems, stress related dysfunctions, Arthritis, colic, inner ear problems, or learning/behavioral disorders in infants and children.
In class we are just hitting the basics but it is wonderful to help someone feel better or relieve a pain or stress.
Any other questions just let me know. I am loving the learning different modalities (ways of working on people) to become a better therapist it is exciting and fun.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Life

I figured out I haven't been posting because so much of my life is the same thing everyday and I think everyone would be bored silly with it. I am still in school and loving it. We started Cranial Sacral Therapy, Hydro Therapy Treatment, Professional Development 2, and Anatomy 2. Cranial is nothing like I thought it was going to be. Don't get me wrong it is good just not what I had thought it would be at all. Hydro Therapy is fun. We work with heat/cold. I had a ice massage this past week , it was very cold but felt so good when it was done. Then on Wednesday in class we were short one student for teaming up so we had three on our team. I got a massage by two people and it was awesome. I felt so good when I was done but then I had to give a massage and I was still relaxed that I am afraid it wasn't one of my better ones. We then dipped our hands in paraffin wax. My hands where so soft, it was great.
In Anatomy we are learning muscles now and the boney landmarks to go with each of them. I must say that our bodies are totally AMAZING! There is so much that has to happen for us to just move one single part of our body. God was such a terrific designer when he made us. WOW!! I constantly learn new things about how things function and just love anatomy class.
In Professional Development we are learning how to make a massage resume' and working on interview skills.
Clinic is going well. I am enjoying working on the public and have met many wonderful people. Striving to get my five massages in every Saturday till I graduate. So far so good.
The family is doing well. Keeping busy with life, work and school. Dallas got a job at Fry's and seems to be enjoying it.
Tonight is the last time that Mars will be able to be seen till 2012 so I am doing a themed dinner and bought Mars candy bars to go out and look at it tonight. Corny but fun!
So this is my life right now. Busy, learning, studying and squeezing in some fun now and again.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday! Being that I am gone from 6 am till after 3 on Saturdays for clinic I decided to finally post, and post early.
The large round thing is a bolster for under the legs while doing massages. The front one is a childrens bolster that my friend Sylvia bought for me.

This is my sweet little granddaughter Naima Fay. The childrens bolster is bigger than her.
This is Naima at a week old.
This is Naima in training for taking over my spot in the future.
I know there is no pink in this but Talmage is so cute I couldn't resist.
I hope everyone is having a great week and will have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Filling In The Gaps

 On Wednesday after my last final for this semester E'lyse, Gabby and I drove to Globe to meet up with Coco, Kyle and their kiddos. We went to pick up Coco, Talmage and Naima to come stay with us for a while. Kyle had to work so he will be coming down on Friday night to join them. It has been fun having them here with us. The children are so sweet. Talmage has been a blast to have hanging out with me, taking a nap with me and fixing his hair when I am fixing mine. What a funny little man he is.
 I will be on my 3rd week of clinic this Saturday. I am enjoying clinic and the experience of working on the public. My goal is to hit the 21 weeks with 5 people each week. We have to give massages to at least 4 people each week, this is the requirement.
 School has been a roller coaster of fun, emotional stress and learning. All in all it has been a wonderful experience so far. I am loving anatomy and learning all the body parts and how the body works. Lab is amazing and such a learning experience to see all the muscles and how they fit together. This helps us as massage therapist be able to work on clients more effectively.
 We start new classes this coming week. They are Cranial Sacral Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Professional Development 2, and Anatomy 2. Love learning new things and being able to put them into practice.
 I have been fighting with a flu or cold this week. It started last Friday at a study session I just knew it was coming on. I have been taking all my Zicam, Airbourn and Cold Calm to help get rid of it and alleviate the symptoms of the illness. Giving massages with a runny nose is NOT cool! Sniff sniff So I am on the mend at about 60% or better.
 So now it is Friday evening. My head is finally feeling relief from the pressure I have had all day. Using the Neti Pot and sleep mixed with a little sinus massages (given by yours truly) it is definitely better.
 Too bad it waited till night time I have been a little grumpy all day due to it.
 So tonight I decided to post early for Pink Saturday so that will be coming in the next half hour or so. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life Is Just Flying By

I can't believe that it has been over a month since I last updated my blog. I have been a very bad blogging gal.
School & studying are so time consuming that it leaves very little time to do my blogging. I get up at 4:30 and do chores, start studying and get the rest of my things ready for the day oh and also pack Alan & my lunches.
Coco gave birth to her sweet little princess Naima Fay. She and Baby Ni are doing great.
Naima Fay was born February 20th 2010
at 11:32 p.m.
weighing 6 lbs 3 oz
19 inches in length.
Isn't she just beautiful! She is the most precious thing since Talmage.
Coco and Naima

I do love being a grandma. Just wish we lived closer together.
So the last 2 Sundays we have driven up to Pinetop to see the little family. Way to quick of a trip for me.

I am working on Saturday mornings doing my internship at clinic at the school. I have met some wonderful people. I truly love giving massages.
This past Friday we had a study session at the school for our anatomy final and everyone was sneezing. Then it hit me I started to feel like I was getting sick. So I started all the precautions to avoid it. On Saturday morning woke up not feeling great but went to clinic did my 5 massages and afterwords felt like I had hit a brick wall. I came home and was freezing. So here is how it all is being played out. I am fighting getting sick. My body hurts all over, even my eyelids ache. I have 3 finals this week and need to study. So I will do what I can and hope that what I have learned from the beginning of school till now has sunk in to where I am able to recall it all. I won't stress and I will do fine. I have to keep positive.
Hope everyone is doing fine. Missing reading all the wonderful blogs of you my bloggy friends. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trying To Play Catch Up

Once again I am trying to play catchup on life. This week at school it has been a very emotional roller coaster ride. This week we have had an anatomy quiz, a massage basic final (this had a written and hands on), a professional development final, a acupressure final (this had a written and hands on) we also went to the ca cadaver lab. The experience at the lab was humbling and so interesting. They have us go to the lab to better understand what we are working on under the skin and for us to see what we can do as professional massage therapist to help people live healthier lives. This visit was a bit emotional for most of us. I know I have passed the hands on in the massage basics and the hands on in the acupressure. For the written I will not know until next week what my scores are.
On Tuesday when I came home from school this was on the table for me from my girls !

I love that it is pink too! Talk about a instant smile maker this was one. The kiddos are holding up without me being home all the time. I do stress out about that from time to time while I am not here.
Today in Professional Dev elopement we were given homework and required to read it to the class. It was great hearing all the wonderful words of the heart from my wonderful classroom family. Everyone at the school are wonderful supportive people.
So today being Thursday, it is my Friday and I am happy about that. We are done with finals for this quarter and start new classes on Monday. Very excited for this change of learning new things!
Tomorrow will be my day of grocery shopping, cleaning and finishing up homework for next week and more studying. I am also hoping to fit in a Valentine craft in my day. I need a good craft project right now!
Since school has started I have lost 6 pounds and kept it off. I don't have much time to workout, I mean a serious boot camp workout but I am trying to fit in what I can.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

So I am off for now.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Have Been a Very Bad Blogger

Hello everyone! I have been a very bad blogger. I know it sounds weird but I have been absorbed in my school work and just loving it. Trying to find a balance, giving up somethings and trying to get enough rest has been a major chore in my life. Massage school is WAY more than I had thought it would be. Many more books so much more to learn. But I am so loving all of it. Anatomy is amazing every inch of our body is amazing. The law in Arizona for a massage therapy license is 500 hours. The school that I am attending Arizona School of Massage Therapy requires 815.5. They hold us to a hire standard and expect that professional level. It has been a growing experience for me.
I have always loved learning and this is just fun, hard studying!
The family seems to be adapting to me not being home as much. E'lyse has stepped up and has been a major helper in taking care of some of the things that I use to be here for. Great job E'lyse thank you so much!
I have long days leaving at 7 and getting home between 6:30 and 7 most nights. I know it will be worth it in the end. I have made new friends at school We have a wonderful class with talented people of all walks of life. I can't get over how much we laugh and enjoy the learning process, even the instructors laugh with us and make it a great experience.
We had our first final this past week for CPR I will get my results on Monday. This week I have a final in acupressure and massage basic. Lot's of studying and practice.
So this is my life in a nutshell. I am turning into a nerd and I can't help it.
Good news I have lost 6 pounds since starting school without trying. Keeping busy and not having food readily available helps. he he Still trying to fit in cardio on a regular basis but I will get there it is all a matter of finding balance here and being organized.
I will try to get around and visit your blogs. I miss visiting them on a regular basis. I do pray that everyone is well. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday to everyone! It has been a very busy week with school, studying and trying to stay on top of everything. The family has been very helpful with keeping the house under control while I am gone so long everyday. Thank you so much Hubs & kiddos! I haven't posted since last Saturday so I better get to it today! So for this weeks pinks we have as follows:
This is my school notebook with my picture of my dream Harley on it.

This is my book bag for the times I don't have to take in my drapes, towels and other needed items.

This is the crown that sits on top of my computer monitor. You can't really tell but it is a light Pink.

This is my towel for school. I bought 2 sets of the towels so I could have one for school and one for home. I just love the little French Hello Kitty and puppy!

This is the hand towel to the set. The puppy just makes me smile.

 Last for this week is my Pink pencils.

So that is it for my Pink Saturday shares. I hope you enjoyed them.
I am loving school and all the amazing instructors. The knowledge that is put out there for us is incredible.
Oh and before I forget you really should go over to our Pink Saturday Host  Beverly's blog How Sweet The Sound and check out her post and there are links to others who love Pink.
  I have Monday off for the holiday and have a lot to work on and studying to do this weekend so I better be off.
 Hope everyone has a wonderful Pink Saturday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday to everyone! If you love Pink as I do or even like it go over to Beverly's blog How Sweet The Sound and check out her blog and all the other lovely ladies that love pink too!
As you know I have started back to school after almost 28 years and being a stay at home mom of almost 20 years. What a change for me to be a full time student but I am loving it so much! So I will be sharing a few of my school tools first of all. I am now known as the lady that loves pink at school. I don't take this to school but I do use it at home for my homework. My pink pencil sharpener Then I have my rolling case that carries my drapes, towels, lotions and books for Massage School. Isn't it TOO cute! I just love the fun polka dots on it. The next is my home made bolster. This is used under a clients knees if they are in the prone position or under their ankles in the anterior position. I used my yoga mat and wrapped it in a towel. We will be getting a real one when our tables come in.

I will be sharing more school things next week. I have a passion for cooking and aprons so these next to are so cool. These next two picture are of a sweet reversible apron that my friend Janel Lamb made for me. Janel's email is . She does fantastic work. You can pick whatever color you want it in for a very reasonable price. A great gift to yourself or a loved one. This side is my favorite
and the other side .
I love how it looks like a dress. So beautiful Janel I love it, them!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh Man

Oh Man you know what? I never got my Pink posted for Pink Saturday. What a lame blogger I am. I have a beautiful apron that my sweet friend Janel made and a couple other items too. I will make sure they are on this coming Saturday.
This weekend has been a bit busy for me. My mind is racing 100 miles an hour not that this is abnormal but I am moving just that fast too. Okay not that fast but I have been in a whirl wind. I messed up my knee a bit on Friday during the treadmill workout so the ice pack, heating pad and Flex All have been getting used along with some extra strength Tylenol ( these I call my Fred's due to a dear neighbor who gave me a 2 year supply).
I was cleaning and clearing out the house to get ready for my new adventure of going back to school trying to get things as manageable as possible while I am gone all day.
Tomorrow is the big day for me. I need to be there an hour early for some reason. I didn't ask I will just be there. We were suppose to have Family Home Evening/ Family counsel tonight but that didn't work out. Older kiddos made other plans so that will happen tomorrow night.
Today was a good day at church. We were actually there 10 min. early. WHAT? I know you are as shocked as I am. It was nice to be there before all the action started for once. I always love the start of the New Year it is very motivating to me. I love to make lists and check off each thing as I achieve it.
I will be missing boot camp since my school goes till 5:30 but will be doing my workouts in the morning and a half hour walk at lunch time everyday. Excited about the start of the week and implementing my new routine that I have been tweaking ever since I signed the papers for school. I am such a dork! So off I go to get my healthy snacks and lunch ready for tomorrow.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the new week. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and Pink Saturday Will Be Late

Happy New Year to all of you in bloggy land! I wanted to start my year out right so I did my cardio with the treadmill on incline 11 %, then core work. I could feel that I hadn't done anything since Monday nights boot camp due to being sick. I think I pushed a little much but I did it non the less.
  I am surprised that we were able to welcome in the New Year. We are use to being in bed by 10:30 due to us getting up around 4:30 or 5 but we did it. Okay we were watching the movie "My Life In Ruins" and hubs fell asleep first. I was trying to watch it because I love the gal that plays in it but I couldn't hang. I feel a sleep for about 10 min. and woke up at 10 till midnight. I could hear the little girls yelling it is almost time. So we welcomed in the New Year and went back to bed. We didn't even drink our Sparkling Cider. Man we are party animals. LOL! It was so good to texts from friends and family wishing me a Happy New Year.
 I must say thank you to all of you who have been so kind in your comments about my last post. I wasn't fishing for compliments, honest. I do believe I have Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Not a major case or maybe it is just from what I have seen for so many years as I have looked in the mirror.  I see the pictures and I think Wow I have done a great job then I look in the mirror and I see just the opposite. This will be a main focus for me this year is to work on this. I have so many goals set. I had them typed out pretty specific but I keep getting more detailed with them all. You know that the main battle to becoming what you want to become is in your head. That's right! What you think you will become is what you will become. Positive affirmations will be posted all over my house to help me with this along with reading my goals twice daily and talking to myself in a loving & positive way.
 I am still tweaking my program. I want to do the Body For Life with a little more added cardio. My biggest goal for the year is dropping body fat so the muscle that is under the layers will be seen and I can appreciate all the hard work. Okay and wear a short sleeve blouse with out my arms flapping in the wind. Yes, touchy area for me.
 As I go along in this journey I know there are going to be challenges to overcome. I say "BRING THEM ON!" I am prepared and will overcome and learn and grow from them.
 One of the big things in my life is the love of my life who is also my greatest saboteur in the world. I love him but he puts food temptations there for me or time constraints so I will deal with these. I don't know if anyone else has this problem. My sweet hubby doesn't care if I lose weight or fat. He has loved me as I have put the weight on and then took a little off and then put 4 times as much on. I have decided I just have to do what I need to to reach the goals that I have set.
 With school starting time constraints will be a bit of an issue but I am working on the scheduling for exercise and eating. It is going to be a great journey this next year. My Dream year.
 I appreciate those who have shared their words of this year with me. We need to set goals and make them specific as possible. Also make sure you put down how you will do what you want to. This is part of the thinking that makes you achieve what you think. Your body can become what you think it can or can't. This saying was one I put on Facebook the other day and I just love it.
 "Whether you think you will fail, or not, you are right!" 

 Isn't that great. It is so true. Not that I am an expert but I am learning and want to share what is working for me in hopes that I can help or maybe even motivate you. Also make sure and right things as they are in the present tense. This will help your mind adjust and see what you think. ( This is my homework throughout the day!)
 It has taken me so long to decide to take care of me. Had I just taken a half hour a day when I had my children to exercise or take them for a walk I probably wouldn't be where I had ended up. So I am always telling young Mom's take time for yourself. It isn't selfish and you will be a better person for it.
  My Pink Saturday will be posted a little late in the morning.
 Well I am off to bed to rest my body. Have a wonderful night. Hugs, Bobbi Jo