Sunday, September 12, 2010

Can I Go Back

Just asking if I can go back to the same old same old everyday life? This past Friday Gabby's GI doctor called and it was confirmed that Gabby has a mild case of pancreatitis. WHAT? This sweet little happy go lucky girl in the past 6 months has dealt with Chron's & Ulcerative Colitis and now this. She is a really trooper with all the poking and prodding that has been done to her.
 We came to the hospital on Friday about 1 pm. The hospital is Cardon's Childrens Hospital and it is so awesome! If you had to spend time away from home and be sick I can't think of a better place. The hospital staff is so sweet and caring. So now Gabby is on a clear liquid diet. She is having some pain but the medication they have her on helps. She is in good spirits thanks to the wonderful people coming to visit, sending messages and calling. Today we went into the play room and she made some frogs & a Christmas decoration with the beads that you melt together.
 We met a beautiful 14 yr. old girl, Sienna here in the hospital.She is one of those girls who's smile just lights up the room. It is so sad to see so many young children in pain and dealing with so much. Praying for each of them to get well and be strong.
 So I am trying to be strong and not stress out. Yea right I am stressing but dealing with it all. I break down, cry a little, pray and then pull up my boot straps and move on again. I wish I could take all of this on myself and keep Gabby from hurting.
 Last month Alan had a lump removed from his chest wall. It had been growing bigger since Feb. of this year and final got it checked out. The Dr. said it was probably just fat. So after almost 2 weeks the Dr. calls and said that it has some cancerous cells mixed in. So then Alan had to go to 2 different oncologists. They came to the conclusion that he has lymph node mastitis of soft tissue sarcoma. They will be scheduling another surgery in the same area to cut out a larger portion of tissue surrounding the area they already removed and biopsy it then if it is cancerous they will have him doing radiation therapy. So a little more stress added to this past week.
 I will be going into school to see if I can take a day or two off without causing me too many problems. I am hoping it will all work out so I can be with Gabby as much as possible. I will be staying over night with her either way.
 I did finally receive my license in the mail so now I can start work but first I need to get Gabby taken care of and back to good health. First things first right? Sometimes I have a hard time putting things in correct perspective but I think I have this one right.
 So that is my last few days in a nut shell. Asking you all for extra prayers for Gabby & Alan. Thank you in advance.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Leefamlee Treasures said...

Your sweet family is in our thoughts and prayers! Hang in there Mom. You are the BEST!

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