Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 1 In The Hospital

 Disclaimer: I don't want people to think I am complaining I truly appreciate that we have the medical knowledge and assistance that is needed in this day and age. I also want to acknowledge that my Father in Heaven loves me and know what he is doing in all cases. It may not be what I want but I know he has a reason for all things that happen in our lives.
 So we are now a week into the hopsital stay for Gabby. She has had 3 different IV placements, No solid food in over 10 days, she is on a clear liquid diet and now has a pick in her body.
As Gabby and I were waiting for her to go in for her scope I saw some missionaries that were across the way. One was in the bed the other sitting  in a chair. I asked the nurse if he was alright? She said yes and that their doctor was a Mormon too. So as they were leaving I went out trying to talk to them, the nurse was acting like she didn't want me talking to them and trying to get me to leave then alone. I asked if the one that was not being treated and their doctor would be willing to give Gabby a blessing. The Elder in the wheelchair, who had just had a colonoscopy said we can give her a blessing. He was a little groggy but they proceeded and gave her a blessing. Something that struck me in the blessing was that Gabby would be able to learn from this and help others. That is so awesome that our Heavenly Father gives us these challenges then let's us help others. This is true compassion and love.
 The doctor did a lower scope probe on Gabby yesterday and took a sample to do a CMV test. Seeing  how inflamed her poor little colon is they decided to put the pick in and let her GUT have a rest. She was very upset when the pick wasn't in the right place. The guy that put it in came up to the room, of course after Gabby had woken up from the anestisia to reposition it. They run this thing in the tender part of the upper part of the arm then in next to the clavicle and down to the main artery. Her pick was going in sideways so it took 5 times to get it in the right place. With some pushing on her little chest with Gabby crying due to her poor little arm being so tender. He finally got it into place and they had to take an x-ray to make sure it was placed correctly. After the x-ray was taken all was well. Until the nurse came in and said Gabby could not have any liquids or food. She is allowed to chew gum. She was crying and it broke my heart. She cried off and on for a while then got a little better.
 She slept well and seems to be in better spirits this morning.
  We did sand art together and now she is doing a piant by number that her Dad bought her while we watch Max & Ruby.
 Now waiting for the Dr. to come in and tell us the results of the CMV test that was done.Enjoying time with Gabby just wish it was at home and she was totally healthy. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Derushas said...

Oh my heart just breaks for sweet little Gabby!! And what a sweet blessing! I have to bring her something over to do to pass the time, I'll call you! Tell her sister Lamb is concerned and thinking about her!

Derushas said...

OOps posted under the wrong log in! LOL