Thursday, August 30, 2012

Missing But In Action

Last week I had left off on day 4. Well I have a very good reason for not posting on my blog. We had company come into town. Coco, Kyle and the kiddos came to visit us. I just had to enjoy the sweet little grand babies while I could. 
So as far as the paper clutter that is a daily thing I work on. I tend to like paper so I have to do a clearing each day. The budget we got on a budget and I will be talking more about that on a later blog. 
Routines I have been working on to get back. With summer it was hard to have a regular routine but not that school is back in it is falling into place nicely.

This was our bedroom on Wednesday night August 22ND. It was Kyle's Birthday so Dallas and Sara came over to celebrate too. Everyone ended up in our bedroom visiting 
Coco, E'lyse, Faith, Naima, Talmage
Other side of the room is Gabby in the red, Kyle, Sara in the chair, Dallas and Alan. 

We had dinner and then Birthday pie for Kyle. While we were talking Dallas(my son), handed me some pictures to look at of he and Sara's mini vacation to California. I went through the first 3 then looked at the 
4Th and it was a picture of a positive pregnancy test.
YES I am going to be a grandmother again from this sweet couple! I was so pleasantly surprised I started crying. What awesome news! 
Dallas & Sara 

Over then next few days Coco and I did a little shopping and a lot of talking, planning and laughing.
This is Naima playing with her princess Barbies
Talmage was crying because he couldn't go hang out with his Dad and Uncle Dallas playing ball so Coco told E'lyse to dress him up. 
This is what she came up with.
 OH MY GOODNESS!  (Can you say black mail picture.)
E'lyse got her scrubs for her EVIT class. 
She is in training while in high school to become a veterinarian assistant.She has 4 classes at the school then goes to the EVIT campus for the rest of the day. She really enjoys the class and as you can see she is enjoying her sweet blue scrubs.
A little more serious picture of E'lyse in her scrubs.
Random picture of Gabby after having her hair in some tight buns all over her head over night. It is super poofy! 
So now I need to get back to some regular blogging. 
September has some changes coming. Changes that are long over due. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Simplifying for Fall Day 4Th Day

Today is all about the cleaning out of the Bedroom & Bathrooms. Since I have cleaned out and de-cluttered a while ago things have pretty much stayed the way they were.
However 2 weeks ago I  did a major clean up in Faith and Gabby's bedroom. 
Now brace yourself this is not a pretty sight
This is the before:

 Closet floor
Other side of the  closet 

I spent a full day working on this scary mess
This is now: 

I didn't take pictures of the closet but believe me they are so much more organized and clean.
Even though it took a good portion of my day I was so happy to get it cleaned up and ready for the school year.
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Simplify For Fall Day 3 Toys & School Supplies

Boy do I feel lame I have no toys at this time to de-clutter. This will come when I show you the girls room on tomorrows post. The toys that I keep for the grand kiddos have already been gone through a while back. 

School supplies hmmm...... well I have some notebooks that I bought for the girls for school when they went on sale this year. They really needed a lot of the composition notebooks I had over 12 of then and now only 2 left. Plus the two younger girls love to write stories when we are traveling or they are just relaxing so I am guessing that is where some of them went. Time to stock up again.
 Then I keep a box of extra pencils, erasers, pens, staples and other such desk supplies in a clear box with a lid in the garage on a shelf with our extra paper. 

As you can see there aren't very many supplies due to the girls already taking most of it with them to school or in their backpacks. The container WAS the larger size but it looked super sad when I took the picture so I switched it over. So now I know that when I see items on sale that are depleted I can stock up on them. That is the great thing about this Fall Challenge. 
Hope you are doing well on your challenge. Please let me know! 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Simplifying For Fall Challenge Day 2 Kitchen & Meal Plan

As you can see on Day 2 of the Simplifying For Fall  challenge we are working on our Kitchen & Meal Plan. 

My kitchen has pretty much stayed the same since I worked on it a couple months ago. There was however one area that got a little out of control and that would be the small pantry in the kitchen.
This is the before
 This is the after
The shelves starting at top are:
#10 Food storage items I use maybe once a week,
2Nd shelf oatmeal, Nutella, crakers for snacks or baking, coco powders for baking
3Rd shelf is spaghetti squash, onions, bananas, popcorn, bread & buns
4Th shelf is some baking items, my herbal teas and cereal
5Th shelf is the #10 cans of food storage that are used more frequently.
I just included that because I am always curious or nosy of what people have in there pantries.

 This is my cool door organizer(shoe holder) that holds smaller containers of things that are used frequently.
This way I can store my extra stock of items in another place but have these items easily on hand.
Coco had shared this idea with me when they lived down here in the valley. I have one in both of my pantries.

So other than some regular cleaning up in the kitchen this was the only area that scared me. he he
The rest of my day has been working on Menu Planning I am still working on this today. It is Wednesday yes and it is taking me forever. You may ask why and so I will tell you. I am figuring out how I can cut the grocery bill down to $100 or below for the next couple of weeks. This past week was done on $120.
I am currently reading this book
It has so many wonderful ideas and I am taking notes so it is taking me a little longer to get through this book than it normally would.
So my challenge for this coming week, I go shopping on Thursday normally is to spend less than $100 this includes everything including paper products, toiletries and food. We will see how I do. We do have a bit of supplies built up so I think this is a big advantage.
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Monday, August 20, 2012

Some Nights Dance Fun

This morning Faith came in and wanted to hear this song
 and then all of the sudden a wild dance broke out right there in my room.! Faith was lip singing to the song Gabby was jamin in the back then they both broke into a wondrous dance

Great way to start out the morning before leaving for school. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Simplifying For Fall Day 1 Kick Off

 As you can see on the above picture Simplifying For Fall Day one KICK OFF. Being that I was awaken a half hour before I actually had to get up my kick off day started out ahead of schedule. 
I was able to take kiddos to school (my turn this week in the car pool) then go to Wal-Mart & Fry's to get the needed groceries for this weeks menu and drop a book at the library all before 7:10 this morning. 
I came home started some wash, did other house chores, ate breakfast and started in on the laundry room.

Today's Simplifying starts off with Clothes and Laundry Room
 I apologize for how yellow the pictures are. I think this is due to my laundry room being a bright sunshine yellow and very little lighting in there. 
I must first explain that a little bit of remodeling is going on here. It started when i saw on another blog that the lady got her washer & dryer stacked. I didn't now you could do this with these washers. So  I showed Alan the pictures and made such a fuss about it . He started to do some thinking, then asking me questions. Well it was much later like a couple months that he said we could do it sometime.
I don't remember other than it was after my Birthday that he did get it done. He pulled out a shelf that was built there and patched it. It still has yet to be sanded and textured. 

This is my laundry room before
Not terrible but messy. 
Other side is my book shelf with cook books, dish towels, clothes, flour sack towels, Sham-wows, dirty kitchen linens basket, cookbook binders. 

The drawers that go under the washer and dryer that were on them when we had them side by side are in the garage. Alan is going to make a shelf that will go on the left had side of the washer and dryer with a rod to hang clothes on (this will hopefully save me some ironing.) and the drawers will come back in and be put on the ground underneath. So the boxes to the left are full of our items from those 2 HUGE drawers and on the top of those are rags .
This is the box with dog grooming  shampoo, conditioner, brushes, leashes and decorative scares. 
Also put in the extra items until the drawers come back in. 

Washing items, stain remover and special detergent for Hubs hunting clothing
 Extra items 
And now the After 
And the other side after 
 Now don't worry I did find the homes where all of those other things that were in here belonged. I am thinking that this is much better (at least until my drawers come back in! ).

Now for the second part of today's challenge
Some people might find this odd but I don't have a dresser.
Instead I keep my socks and unmentionables in these containers.
 The clothing is folded and organized to keep them neat.
The rest of my clothing is hung up. It goes my shorts (more like capris but my legs aren't too long so they are longer), camis for under shirts, t-shirts for everyday, nicer shirts, cover ups, dresses, skirts, then lingerie. I had cleaned my close out a few months ago so there really wasn't much to go through here. 
Above my clothes are my boxes with my shoes in them. To the left you see the distilled water that is for the Netti Pot. Just for those curious minds out there. 
This wasn't too bad of a challenge today. 
I hope if you are joining in you will share with me your successes or the link were I can check them out. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Simplifying For Fall Challenge

I am joining in on the Simplifying For Fall Challenge how about you? What you haven't read about it? Well head on over to Home Your Way. Sweet MANDI explains what will be going on. 
I will be posting before and after pictures (no matter how embarrassing it is for me.) 
My goal is to become minimalist and enjoy life like never before. 
Hope you will join me on this journey! 

Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Book Review "Living With Less: An Unexpected Key to Happpiness"

I have been privileged to read and review the advance book "Living With Less: An Unexpected Key To Happiness'" 
 The book can be purchased through For the Kindle Amazon 
Or for the paperback version Amazon
If you want more information on the book check out the blog: Becoming Minimalist 

 As you know if you have been reading my blog I started my minimalist journey back in April. One of the biggest things that help me to get motivated besides my sweet daughter, Coco, was a blog called Becoming Minimalist . Reading this blog inspired me to reach where I am right now and answer some of the questions of how to clear out things, the feelings that come with getting rid of clutter and the amazing journey of becoming a minimalist. 
 When I got chosen to read this book I was ecstatic to have this opportunity. I enjoy the writing of Joshua Becker. The heart felt words and things he shares are uplifting and reassuring that  I am heading in the right direction of being a minimalist. 

Living With Less: An Unexpected Key to Happiness 
The book is geared to the teenage or young adult audience but even though I am up in the years I enjoyed it very much.
Joshua Becker has served as a youth pastor for 14 years.
This is a religious book that hits straight to the heart.
The writing is simple yet straight to the point of what consumerism does to a person. So for this reason I feel it is a great read for all of us. Who doesn't need help controlling the impulse to spend money on things that are not needed or just one more thing to take care of. 
As I am reading the book I find the writing so entertaining. There are things that made me giggle, really ponder about the questions that he asks.
One of the paragraphs that made me think a little deeper about where I live and what I have is the following:

We are called to give financially to the church
and we are called to lay up treasures in
heaven, true. But in the exact same breath,
Jesus warns us not to hoard treasures here
on earth—unless two-story homes filled with
overflowing closets and garages don’t count
as stockpiles. Personally, I’m not sure what
else we’d call them.
I love that he references the scriptures to get the message across.

 One of the quotes that I loved is this:  
We can
choose to follow our selfish desires brought
on by sin and the Evil One and encouraged
by this world. Or we can choose God. We can
choose to follow Christ. We can choose his will
for our life and his plan for our actions.

In sharing his own story of why he became a minimal list makes you want to go start getting rid of all the clutter and have a more fulfilling life. When we have less stuff we can live more! 

Another quote that I love is: 
"The more stuff you own,
the more your stuff owns you."

This is so true. Just think of all the time you spend taking care of things or storing things that you don't need or use.

"Living With Less:An Unexpected Key To Happiness" is an easy read. Very enjoyable, uplifting and motivating.
 I would say a great read for anyone wanting to simplify their lives and find true happiness.

I would recommend this to all to pick up and get started on a new life with minimalism. You won't be sorry you picked up this book.

If you want a further review on the book "Living With Less: An Unexpected Key To Happiness" please go to Becoming Minimalist  blog.

I would like to thank Joshua Becker for this opportunity to read this fantastic book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book I am so pumped to do more clearing out of clutter.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo   (off to clear out the clutter)

In Loving Memory To My Mother In Love

On Saturday August 4Th, 2012 my Mother In Love passed away. She has been in good health not fantastic but good health. She had had a stroke last year but recovered well from it. 
Her name is Janell Nichols (aka Mom Nichols). I met Janell a little over 25 years ago. The first night I met her she had planned a fish fry for the family to meet me. Alan and I had been dating a week. Alan had told her the first night we went out that he met the girl he was going to marry so I guess she thought it was time to meet me. he he
Janell had always been helpful with us. She didn't give advice where it wasn't asked for even though she had plenty of experience raising her own 9 children, Alan being the baby.
She was a school teacher for 16 years and loved children.
Janell was a very organized person in all aspects of her life. She showed love and compassion, concern and happiness for all of the family. 
Janell died of hemorrhage in the brain. We had been to the hospital on Friday night but she had been unconscious all day. It was so sad to see her that way and struggling to breath on her own. 
She is now with her eternal companion after 7 years. 
This is the obituary from the Arizona Republic newspaper: 
Nichols, Janell Kleinman 84, passed away on Saturday, August 4, 2012. She was born on August 30, 1927 in Mesa Arizona to Ezra and Mildred Kleinman. Janell married Neldon E. Nichols on June 7, 1946 in the Mesa Arizona Temple. Their children are: Neldon Jr. (Linda), Linda Petersen (Arlon), David (Sandy), Peggy Hipps (Robert), Jim (Eileen), Jack (Janey), Barbara Gibson (Glenn), Tom (Sun Mi), Alan (Bobbi). Janell was preceded in death by her husband Neldon and daughters Peggy and Barbara. Janell's greatest joy came from her family. She loved and served 54 grandchildren and 105 great-grandchildren. She spent much time and effort in keeping her family ties strong and vital. As a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Janell filled many callings including serving as a Temple worker with Neldon. Together, they served a mission in Macon, Georgia. Janell was active in genealogy work and especially valued her association with Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. She attained her BA at ASU in just three years with 8 children still at home and loved her 16 years as a first grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary School in Mesa. Services will be held on Saturday, August 11th at 10:00 a.m. at the LDS church located at 1150 N. Lindsay Road in Gilbert with viewing beginning at 9:00 a.m. Visitation will also be held Friday evening from 6 to 8 at Meldrum Mortuary, 52 N. Macdonald in Mesa.

This was the program for her funeral. The picture is an older one of her. 
Below is the inside of the program.
The names you see are all of the families names starting with the oldest child
Going down to the youngest.
If you didn't read the obituary she had 54 grand children and 105 great grandchildren. She left behind a large posterity. 
The chapel was packed and the funeral was beautiful. It was a wonderful tribute to a woman who will be missed greatly. She inspired so many of us and taught us each a little something that we specifically needed.
 My only worry now is living up to what Alan's mom was to my husband, children and generations to come.
 We love you Janell. Until we meet again. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sunday, August 12, 2012


E'lyse likes to try different hairstyles. This was from 2 weeks ago. It reminds me of Farrah Fawcett hair. 
I think it is very pretty.
Faith decided to pull her hair up in a lose bun. She has such thick beautiful hair.
This is Talmage. E'lyse chalked his hair, silly boy
This is Naima. E'lyse also chalked her hair.
 Naima from the front
 Side view of Naima. (E'lyse holding her)
Hugs, Bobbi Jo