Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Book Review "Living With Less: An Unexpected Key to Happpiness"

I have been privileged to read and review the advance book "Living With Less: An Unexpected Key To Happiness'" 
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If you want more information on the book check out the blog: Becoming Minimalist 

 As you know if you have been reading my blog I started my minimalist journey back in April. One of the biggest things that help me to get motivated besides my sweet daughter, Coco, was a blog called Becoming Minimalist . Reading this blog inspired me to reach where I am right now and answer some of the questions of how to clear out things, the feelings that come with getting rid of clutter and the amazing journey of becoming a minimalist. 
 When I got chosen to read this book I was ecstatic to have this opportunity. I enjoy the writing of Joshua Becker. The heart felt words and things he shares are uplifting and reassuring that  I am heading in the right direction of being a minimalist. 

Living With Less: An Unexpected Key to Happiness 
The book is geared to the teenage or young adult audience but even though I am up in the years I enjoyed it very much.
Joshua Becker has served as a youth pastor for 14 years.
This is a religious book that hits straight to the heart.
The writing is simple yet straight to the point of what consumerism does to a person. So for this reason I feel it is a great read for all of us. Who doesn't need help controlling the impulse to spend money on things that are not needed or just one more thing to take care of. 
As I am reading the book I find the writing so entertaining. There are things that made me giggle, really ponder about the questions that he asks.
One of the paragraphs that made me think a little deeper about where I live and what I have is the following:

We are called to give financially to the church
and we are called to lay up treasures in
heaven, true. But in the exact same breath,
Jesus warns us not to hoard treasures here
on earth—unless two-story homes filled with
overflowing closets and garages don’t count
as stockpiles. Personally, I’m not sure what
else we’d call them.
I love that he references the scriptures to get the message across.

 One of the quotes that I loved is this:  
We can
choose to follow our selfish desires brought
on by sin and the Evil One and encouraged
by this world. Or we can choose God. We can
choose to follow Christ. We can choose his will
for our life and his plan for our actions.

In sharing his own story of why he became a minimal list makes you want to go start getting rid of all the clutter and have a more fulfilling life. When we have less stuff we can live more! 

Another quote that I love is: 
"The more stuff you own,
the more your stuff owns you."

This is so true. Just think of all the time you spend taking care of things or storing things that you don't need or use.

"Living With Less:An Unexpected Key To Happiness" is an easy read. Very enjoyable, uplifting and motivating.
 I would say a great read for anyone wanting to simplify their lives and find true happiness.

I would recommend this to all to pick up and get started on a new life with minimalism. You won't be sorry you picked up this book.

If you want a further review on the book "Living With Less: An Unexpected Key To Happiness" please go to Becoming Minimalist  blog.

I would like to thank Joshua Becker for this opportunity to read this fantastic book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book I am so pumped to do more clearing out of clutter.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo   (off to clear out the clutter)

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