Thursday, August 30, 2012

Missing But In Action

Last week I had left off on day 4. Well I have a very good reason for not posting on my blog. We had company come into town. Coco, Kyle and the kiddos came to visit us. I just had to enjoy the sweet little grand babies while I could. 
So as far as the paper clutter that is a daily thing I work on. I tend to like paper so I have to do a clearing each day. The budget we got on a budget and I will be talking more about that on a later blog. 
Routines I have been working on to get back. With summer it was hard to have a regular routine but not that school is back in it is falling into place nicely.

This was our bedroom on Wednesday night August 22ND. It was Kyle's Birthday so Dallas and Sara came over to celebrate too. Everyone ended up in our bedroom visiting 
Coco, E'lyse, Faith, Naima, Talmage
Other side of the room is Gabby in the red, Kyle, Sara in the chair, Dallas and Alan. 

We had dinner and then Birthday pie for Kyle. While we were talking Dallas(my son), handed me some pictures to look at of he and Sara's mini vacation to California. I went through the first 3 then looked at the 
4Th and it was a picture of a positive pregnancy test.
YES I am going to be a grandmother again from this sweet couple! I was so pleasantly surprised I started crying. What awesome news! 
Dallas & Sara 

Over then next few days Coco and I did a little shopping and a lot of talking, planning and laughing.
This is Naima playing with her princess Barbies
Talmage was crying because he couldn't go hang out with his Dad and Uncle Dallas playing ball so Coco told E'lyse to dress him up. 
This is what she came up with.
 OH MY GOODNESS!  (Can you say black mail picture.)
E'lyse got her scrubs for her EVIT class. 
She is in training while in high school to become a veterinarian assistant.She has 4 classes at the school then goes to the EVIT campus for the rest of the day. She really enjoys the class and as you can see she is enjoying her sweet blue scrubs.
A little more serious picture of E'lyse in her scrubs.
Random picture of Gabby after having her hair in some tight buns all over her head over night. It is super poofy! 
So now I need to get back to some regular blogging. 
September has some changes coming. Changes that are long over due. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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