Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Simplifying For Fall Challenge Day 2 Kitchen & Meal Plan

As you can see on Day 2 of the Simplifying For Fall  challenge we are working on our Kitchen & Meal Plan. 

My kitchen has pretty much stayed the same since I worked on it a couple months ago. There was however one area that got a little out of control and that would be the small pantry in the kitchen.
This is the before
 This is the after
The shelves starting at top are:
#10 Food storage items I use maybe once a week,
2Nd shelf oatmeal, Nutella, crakers for snacks or baking, coco powders for baking
3Rd shelf is spaghetti squash, onions, bananas, popcorn, bread & buns
4Th shelf is some baking items, my herbal teas and cereal
5Th shelf is the #10 cans of food storage that are used more frequently.
I just included that because I am always curious or nosy of what people have in there pantries.

 This is my cool door organizer(shoe holder) that holds smaller containers of things that are used frequently.
This way I can store my extra stock of items in another place but have these items easily on hand.
Coco had shared this idea with me when they lived down here in the valley. I have one in both of my pantries.

So other than some regular cleaning up in the kitchen this was the only area that scared me. he he
The rest of my day has been working on Menu Planning I am still working on this today. It is Wednesday yes and it is taking me forever. You may ask why and so I will tell you. I am figuring out how I can cut the grocery bill down to $100 or below for the next couple of weeks. This past week was done on $120.
I am currently reading this book
It has so many wonderful ideas and I am taking notes so it is taking me a little longer to get through this book than it normally would.
So my challenge for this coming week, I go shopping on Thursday normally is to spend less than $100 this includes everything including paper products, toiletries and food. We will see how I do. We do have a bit of supplies built up so I think this is a big advantage.
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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