Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Simplify For Fall Day 3 Toys & School Supplies

Boy do I feel lame I have no toys at this time to de-clutter. This will come when I show you the girls room on tomorrows post. The toys that I keep for the grand kiddos have already been gone through a while back. 

School supplies hmmm...... well I have some notebooks that I bought for the girls for school when they went on sale this year. They really needed a lot of the composition notebooks I had over 12 of then and now only 2 left. Plus the two younger girls love to write stories when we are traveling or they are just relaxing so I am guessing that is where some of them went. Time to stock up again.
 Then I keep a box of extra pencils, erasers, pens, staples and other such desk supplies in a clear box with a lid in the garage on a shelf with our extra paper. 

As you can see there aren't very many supplies due to the girls already taking most of it with them to school or in their backpacks. The container WAS the larger size but it looked super sad when I took the picture so I switched it over. So now I know that when I see items on sale that are depleted I can stock up on them. That is the great thing about this Fall Challenge. 
Hope you are doing well on your challenge. Please let me know! 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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