Monday, August 20, 2012

Simplifying For Fall Day 1 Kick Off

 As you can see on the above picture Simplifying For Fall Day one KICK OFF. Being that I was awaken a half hour before I actually had to get up my kick off day started out ahead of schedule. 
I was able to take kiddos to school (my turn this week in the car pool) then go to Wal-Mart & Fry's to get the needed groceries for this weeks menu and drop a book at the library all before 7:10 this morning. 
I came home started some wash, did other house chores, ate breakfast and started in on the laundry room.

Today's Simplifying starts off with Clothes and Laundry Room
 I apologize for how yellow the pictures are. I think this is due to my laundry room being a bright sunshine yellow and very little lighting in there. 
I must first explain that a little bit of remodeling is going on here. It started when i saw on another blog that the lady got her washer & dryer stacked. I didn't now you could do this with these washers. So  I showed Alan the pictures and made such a fuss about it . He started to do some thinking, then asking me questions. Well it was much later like a couple months that he said we could do it sometime.
I don't remember other than it was after my Birthday that he did get it done. He pulled out a shelf that was built there and patched it. It still has yet to be sanded and textured. 

This is my laundry room before
Not terrible but messy. 
Other side is my book shelf with cook books, dish towels, clothes, flour sack towels, Sham-wows, dirty kitchen linens basket, cookbook binders. 

The drawers that go under the washer and dryer that were on them when we had them side by side are in the garage. Alan is going to make a shelf that will go on the left had side of the washer and dryer with a rod to hang clothes on (this will hopefully save me some ironing.) and the drawers will come back in and be put on the ground underneath. So the boxes to the left are full of our items from those 2 HUGE drawers and on the top of those are rags .
This is the box with dog grooming  shampoo, conditioner, brushes, leashes and decorative scares. 
Also put in the extra items until the drawers come back in. 

Washing items, stain remover and special detergent for Hubs hunting clothing
 Extra items 
And now the After 
And the other side after 
 Now don't worry I did find the homes where all of those other things that were in here belonged. I am thinking that this is much better (at least until my drawers come back in! ).

Now for the second part of today's challenge
Some people might find this odd but I don't have a dresser.
Instead I keep my socks and unmentionables in these containers.
 The clothing is folded and organized to keep them neat.
The rest of my clothing is hung up. It goes my shorts (more like capris but my legs aren't too long so they are longer), camis for under shirts, t-shirts for everyday, nicer shirts, cover ups, dresses, skirts, then lingerie. I had cleaned my close out a few months ago so there really wasn't much to go through here. 
Above my clothes are my boxes with my shoes in them. To the left you see the distilled water that is for the Netti Pot. Just for those curious minds out there. 
This wasn't too bad of a challenge today. 
I hope if you are joining in you will share with me your successes or the link were I can check them out. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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