Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

Today is New Years Eve and I am so ready for the New Year to come ringing in. Feeling much better after a few weeks of fighting something and a couple miserable days in bed I am glad to be almost back to normal.
Tonight Dallas is going to a party with his girlfriend, Elyse is going to a steak party then a group of friends are having a party she will be going to then spending the night. So Alan, Faith, Gabby and I will be ringing it in at home. Not sure if Alan and I can make it to midnight I think a nap will be in store to do it. I am so set into my routine of going to bed by 10:30 and up by no later than 5 it is hard to break. Plus I don't want to feel like garbage on the first day of the year.
I plan on working out in the morning and having a busy day of organizing, cooking and getting things accomplished that I wasn't able to earlier this week.
Several weeks ago my friend Janel over at Jenellybellys World brought to my attention of what changes I have made this year. Janel is the one who helped me in starting up my journey to a healthier me. She said she was thinking back on Nov. 2008 when she and I started talking about what I needed to do.
I don't want to sound like I am bragging but until I looked at the pictures did it really hit me that I have come a long way baby. So I thought I would share with you a few of before and after. WARNING!!!: SOME OF THESE PICTURES ARE VERY SCARY! I can't even believe I am posting them but here goes nothing: The one in the pink with the major muffin top was taken 1-1-09. The second one in the pink is the same shirt taken right around Thanksgiving of this year and the one in the burgundy blouse and great shoes is most recent.

The head shot in the gray was at the beginning of the year 2009. The one in the green was over summer and then in October.

I am so glad I had taken the steps to start this journey to better health. But guess what it isn't over! I have so much more to accomplish and now that I have made this start I am ready to go all the way. My goals or resolutions are set for this coming year and I am so excited about the changes to come. I will be busting my butt and maybe making a few people not so happy with me. But I gotta do what needs done.
Thank you Janel for your support and help in this. The boot camp gang especially my new friend Amy love working out & laughing with you. Xavier you just ROCK man. Hugs!! If you live in Arizona check into FunFit Boot Camp.
If you want to feel and see results it is so worth it.
2010 is the year for me to accomplish a life long dream that I might share a little later. I will be busy with school and my rules as a wife, mother and homemaker but I have to continue to take care of me and reach my DREAM!! That is my word for this year DREAM!
What is your word or dream for the year? Would love to hear them.
Love all of you wonderful blog friends and appreciate your blogs more than you will ever know. I know it has been tough for so many of us this past year but let's stay positive.
My best wishes to you and your families for a FANTASTIC 2010!! Let's GET R DONE!
Remember "You make the change of what you want the world to be" Gandhi.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

School Gift

 This morning when I went in to get my morning dose of Vit. D. the owner (also my friend) Laura Cooper of Serenity Massage & Tan said she had a surprise for me. She is the one that said I should check out the Arizona School of Massage Therapy. She gave me a wonderful School Warming kit. It is a massage line called Sacred Earth.

This is it out of the package

This is my favorite one it is Warming Massage Lotion
It has clove in it and smells so yummy. It heats up as you rub.

I was so excited about this. What a support she has been in me going to school and I haven't even started yet. Thank you my sweet friend Laura!  I am so pumped up on starting school and learning all I can. Only 4 days away now.
         Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thank You and Product Review

I want to say a special Thank You to my sweet Coco. You have made my blog prettier and fun to look at once again. What a lovely surprise and such a sweet compliment . I love you kiddo!
A few weeks ago I was notified by a representative of Coca Cola to see if I wanted to try a new product. I said sure. I am a huge fan of Diet Coke it is my all time favorite and only soda I drink. Then last week I received a package in the mail and opened it to find this

Love this packaging . The tag reads

Open happiness and I was happy as I opened up each little item I found in the bag.
There was a type of Birth announcement for the new size of Coke that is coming out on the market.

This is the new Mini can. Isn't it CUTE! It has only 90 calories.

It is half the size of a regular can, it is 7.5 ounces. I am hoping they will be making the Mini can with Diet Coke also. The Coca Cola tastes very good and was just the right amount to have.
A long with the two sweet Mini cans of Coke I got a Flash card that I will be using for my school work.
Thank you so much Coca Cola Company.

I appreciate the opportunity of reviewing the Mini Coca Cola.
I would give it a two thumbs up for size & taste. They are right when they say OPEN HAPPINESS!
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I love that I have my mothers password and can go and change her blog!
With the New Year coming up I thought she needed a new look for her blog.
She has made so many changes this year and I am so proud of her.
She is such an amazing woman, and I have been blessed to have her as my mother.
I know it is not much but redesigning your blog is just a little thank you for all you do for my and my family.

To all you who follow my Mom's blog notice her new BUTTON on the right side of her blog.
Grab it and flaunt it!!!!

Note: Mom, your missing somethings that were your blog before, I am still working on that! Hope you like!

Your favorite Child

Monday, December 28, 2009

Quick Catch Up

Good morning to all you wonderful people who thought I fell off the edge of the blogging world. I am still here. I have been busy and ignoring my blogging. Shame on me. My plan is to get right back on this blog wagon. Right now I thought I would catch up really quick for today is another busy one.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was good. Not going to say too much about it but it was good.
I am holding my weight loss and even lost one pound on Christmas day. Boot camp is great and loving being pushed. The group of ladies are great and our instructor is a lot of fun.
This week is the week for me to get the organization on and final plans for my start of school next week.
I will be checking in later but I must run for now. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

It is that time once again for Pink Saturday! Pink Saturday is hosted by the lovely Beverly over at How Sweet The Sound blog. After you are done here you should go check it out and find more wonderful ladies who love to share their Pink. Sorry I am so late posting I went to boot camp and then running errands.
These are ornaments I got last year from Hobby Lobby
Too cute and then this one
Many years ago when my side of the family had parties we would make ornaments for each other. My brother Bernie is extremely talented and new of my love for Harleys and wanted to feed into that love and he made these for me

He even painted it Pink for me. This he made out of medal and painted it too
Then he made the Harley Hymnal it has great songs in it like Deck The Halls.... with bikes by Harley, Oh Harley Nite, T'was the Night Before Harley,Glory To Harley The Highest....., HOG For The Holidays
The last thing to share is my bathroom tree. I was extremely late on getting it decorated. Just couldn't figure out what to do with it. So it became my QUEEN jewelry tree.

This has all my jewelry with crowns hanging on it. So just for grins and giggles and my love of crowns a few close ups
Love this! And this
My new ring
I will stop there so you don't think I am completely psycho.
Hope everyone is having an amazing Pink Saturday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Seems lately I have been playing catch up in my life. It could be my addiction to Farm Ville ( game on FaceBook) or just so much going on in my life. I think it has to do with a little of both. Yes I will admit I am addicted to Farm Ville and have recruited my daughters to be addicted too! Yes Coco I am talking about you!
There has been like in so many families at this time of the year, a lot of activities going on. Along with boot camp, life and trying to get things ready for the new year this month is just whizzing by me and I really haven't taken the time to enjoy it.
Last night we went to our ward Christmas party. It was breakfast for dinner with Santa. The food was good, most of us weren't happy about possibly having to sing on the spot but we got over this. Of all things I didn't take my camera in to take pictures!! Well it was a good time (most of it).
Today is my hubby,Alan's Birthday. He is 47 years old today. I am going to make the requested dinner for tonight and also no bake cookies that is in place of the Birthday cake. His request also. I had earned a massage so I gave it to him and he went last night for that. He seemed to have really enjoyed it when he got home. I purposely made it for the latest they had at 8 pm so he could come home and be relaxed for bed.
Today I am planning on getting the standing Santa put together that seems to be taking me forever to finish, cleaning up around the house w/ wash, grocery shopping, workout and time with the Birthday boy.
Coco and Kyle came in on Monday afternoon. Kyles mother sent an ornament with Coco to give me. She knows how I have been working on getting in better shape and the ornament made he think of me. I just had to share the pictures

So this is a little more inspiration to keep moving forward in my workouts.
Hope you all have a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Live Nativity

 On Saturday night our ward put on two shows of the Nativity. The shows were held at one of the community parks in our subdivision.  Faith played a shepherd so I had to get some pictures to share. I didn't get a bunch of pictures. The spirit that was felt there was awesome. It was so well done and the music was beautiful.

This is Faith.
After the shows they had light refreshments and a chance for everyone to visit. Christmas should be about the birth of Christ, this was a great reminder. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Decided I better check in or else they might shut down my blog. he he Life has been busy crazy just working on getting thing organized, running errands and everyday things.
Yesterday as in many parts of the US we got a great rain storm that hit off and on throughout the day and evening. Up north got snow. How I wish I was up there I just love the snow. This time of the year up there to me is magical.
Last night I went to boot camp and took a neighbor to test it out. We had a good time. It was cold and wet but so much fun.
Today is full of more housework and whatever hubby has for me to help him with. He is off work for this week. We are hoping that contracts get signed so he can go back to work. He get's a little stir crazy and cranky if he isn't working. This in turn makes me crazy!
Tonight our daughter Faith has her first orchestra concert. She is very excited about this.
I hope everyone is having a good week so far and staying warm. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday to everyone! It is a beautiful day here in Arizona with a nip of winter finally in the air. Beverly over at How Sweet The Sound who is our lovely host has asked us to share a special holiday memory this week. One of my favorite memories is the year that my sister Marian and I were laying in bed giggling and talking to excited for Christmas morning. All of the sudden we heard a noise outside our bedroom window I look out to see Santa climbing up on the roof on a ladder. I was a little kid and it never dawned on me that he would already have landed up there. So anyway my sister who is a couple years older than me watch him as he climbed up on the roof. We hurried and got back in bed pretending we were asleep. We could hear bells and noise of what we thought were him and the reindeer. Then another special thing is every year on Christmas Eve we got to open one gift and it was always new p.j's. So I have carried this tradition on with my family. And to be honest with all of you I still believe in Santa. I think he is a part of all of us that loves others and wants to give.
So here are my shares for this week.
This is a playdough cake that Faith made

I know I have shown this before but it is so worth showing it again. This is a Hello Kitty ornament that Coco bought me in Sedona Arizona . I think she is just precious and one of my favorites.
This is a snowman that E'lyse made many years ago. She sits under my snowman tree
She is so soft !
Last month we had an Enrichment night and learned how to make these cute magnet boards out of a cookie sheet. This hangs in our den.
This isn't pink but one of my favorite trees in the house. It has on ornaments that have been made by and for the family over the past 22 years. It sits across the room from the 12 ft. tree and looks so dang tiny!

On to my obsession with shoes: I found a site that I fell in love with immediately. You will soon see why.
They have so many wonderful shoes LOVE LOVE LOVE these!
And these
Then there are these that just scream BOBBI JO!!!
The prices are unbelievable !!!
Last but not least It is red not pink so it goes along with the day. This is what I would love to find under my tree this year or something similar but in PINK ! This is from Superstition Harley Davidson flyer

It is a sweet cruiser bike! Takes my breath away. Hope you are all having a wonderful & Happy Pink Saturday! Oh heck lets make it a wonderful PINK month!! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Friday, December 4, 2009

Time Is Flying

WOW! 20 more days till Christmas. I am not ready but I am also not stressing! Also 1 month from today I start school. So much to get accomplished before I start school. Working on things each day.
 Since boot camp my upper thighs are so sore. I did my cardio yesterday and will doing it again today. Amazing how you can think your in decent shape and you do exercises that are so different than what you have been up to that it just totally kicks your butt. I love it though and I know in the long run I will be a stronger person for it. Hope everyone is having a great day. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Boot Camp

As I am journeying into the new me throughout this year I have been doing things I never thought I would do. Tonight was one of them. I started boot camp. It is called Fun Fitness Boot Camp. It was a lot of fun and hard work. I thought wow I lost this weight and I have been exercising this will be easy. HA HA HA LOL at my stupidity. It kicked my butt!! Xavier is the Owner/Senior Instructor, he is also an decorated Air Force veteran with martial arts training from all over the world. He is awesome and a lot of fun! I know I will feel the work I did tomorrow because I am feeling it tonight. He gave us a great workout that challenged my body and I used muscles I thought had been gone. Oh boy they are there ! If you are interested check out the link above and if you live in the area give it a try. Xavier ROCKS!!
 Off to get a bath and go to bed at a decent time tonight. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Monday, November 30, 2009

Temple Visit

On Sunday afternoon Coco, Baby Peanut, Kyle and Talmage came down from the white mountains. Kyle had a test on Monday morning. At dinner on Sunday night Coco brought up about going to see the Christmas lights at the Temple. After much going back and fourth of if we should go or not we went. I wanted to share pictures of our outing. If you live in Arizona and have a chance go to the Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints it is beautiful any other time of the year but with the lights it is just magical.
This is in the front lawn area of the visitors center. Coco and I .
Lights in the back of the visitors center That is the Temple. Trees and plants outside
more The pictures don't do it justice.
My sweet little grandson Talmage He loved all the lights. Kyle and Talmage
Coco and Talmage
This is the nativity. It has a tape that is played reciting the story of Jesus birth.
Myself, Talmage and Alan
More lights and more
This is myself and my girls. From Left top E'lyse, Coco, Me front right Gabby and Faith.
It is always fun to spend time with the family. Hugs, Bobbi Jo