Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

It is that time once again for Pink Saturday! Pink Saturday is hosted by the lovely Beverly over at How Sweet The Sound blog. After you are done here you should go check it out and find more wonderful ladies who love to share their Pink. Sorry I am so late posting I went to boot camp and then running errands.
These are ornaments I got last year from Hobby Lobby
Too cute and then this one
Many years ago when my side of the family had parties we would make ornaments for each other. My brother Bernie is extremely talented and new of my love for Harleys and wanted to feed into that love and he made these for me

He even painted it Pink for me. This he made out of medal and painted it too
Then he made the Harley Hymnal it has great songs in it like Deck The Halls.... with bikes by Harley, Oh Harley Nite, T'was the Night Before Harley,Glory To Harley The Highest....., HOG For The Holidays
The last thing to share is my bathroom tree. I was extremely late on getting it decorated. Just couldn't figure out what to do with it. So it became my QUEEN jewelry tree.

This has all my jewelry with crowns hanging on it. So just for grins and giggles and my love of crowns a few close ups
Love this! And this
My new ring
I will stop there so you don't think I am completely psycho.
Hope everyone is having an amazing Pink Saturday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Connie said...

Ooooooooohhhh, Bobbi Jo, you've outdone me with that bright pink Christmas tree, sugar!! And the bling???? Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal... Fantastic, chick....

Blondie's Journal said...

Love your tree, Bobbi Jo!! And the pink ornaments and crowns are well, the crowning touch!!

Happy holidays! :-)


Jaclyn said...

I like the crown ring. Very cool!

g said...

Happy Harley Days! That's hilarious! What a great brother to think of you and be so creative!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Coco said...

I am sure they thought you were psycho 551 posts ago.

Kathy said...

I enjoyed your post today, Bobbi Jo. I had to chuckle at your side bar "eye candy" - gotta love those great looking guys, especially the first two!
Merry Christmas...Kathy

Scrappy Girl said...

Love love love that pink tree and all the crowns! Gorgeous!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Bobbi Jo, Love the pink Christmas tree and crown! Perfect for this Christmas Pink Saturday.

Sarah said...

All your pink ornaments and the crowns are perfect! Have a Happy Harley Holiday! ~ Sarah

Debbie said...

That is so darn cute!

Miss Rhea said...

Lovely pink tree ! And the Harley ornaments are priceless ! Merry Christmas and a Happy Belated Pink Saturday !!! :)

Thru Pink Curtains said...

well at least you have a pink tree! they are hard to see around here very nice!!!1

Beverly said...

Now, a pink Harley would be just too hot. I would love it.

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Holidays to you and your family, Bobbi Jo.