Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday to everyone! It is a beautiful day here in Arizona with a nip of winter finally in the air. Beverly over at How Sweet The Sound who is our lovely host has asked us to share a special holiday memory this week. One of my favorite memories is the year that my sister Marian and I were laying in bed giggling and talking to excited for Christmas morning. All of the sudden we heard a noise outside our bedroom window I look out to see Santa climbing up on the roof on a ladder. I was a little kid and it never dawned on me that he would already have landed up there. So anyway my sister who is a couple years older than me watch him as he climbed up on the roof. We hurried and got back in bed pretending we were asleep. We could hear bells and noise of what we thought were him and the reindeer. Then another special thing is every year on Christmas Eve we got to open one gift and it was always new p.j's. So I have carried this tradition on with my family. And to be honest with all of you I still believe in Santa. I think he is a part of all of us that loves others and wants to give.
So here are my shares for this week.
This is a playdough cake that Faith made

I know I have shown this before but it is so worth showing it again. This is a Hello Kitty ornament that Coco bought me in Sedona Arizona . I think she is just precious and one of my favorites.
This is a snowman that E'lyse made many years ago. She sits under my snowman tree
She is so soft !
Last month we had an Enrichment night and learned how to make these cute magnet boards out of a cookie sheet. This hangs in our den.
This isn't pink but one of my favorite trees in the house. It has on ornaments that have been made by and for the family over the past 22 years. It sits across the room from the 12 ft. tree and looks so dang tiny!

On to my obsession with shoes: I found a site that I fell in love with immediately. You will soon see why.
They have so many wonderful shoes LOVE LOVE LOVE these!
And these
Then there are these that just scream BOBBI JO!!!
The prices are unbelievable !!!
Last but not least It is red not pink so it goes along with the day. This is what I would love to find under my tree this year or something similar but in PINK ! This is from Superstition Harley Davidson flyer

It is a sweet cruiser bike! Takes my breath away. Hope you are all having a wonderful & Happy Pink Saturday! Oh heck lets make it a wonderful PINK month!! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Anonymous said...

I'm still putting off my school work and thought I would check out your blog :)

Your just sucking up to Santa so he will get you a Harley... SUCK UP.

I love our family tree. It is one of my favorites and I was sad I could not put up our family tree this year. Lame.

Mary said...

I loved your Santa story. I think many of us received PJ's the night before Christmas. That way we looked splendid for our morning photo sessions :-). Have a wonderful day and I hope you get that pink Harley.

Connie said...

Hubs would love to have a Harley, but I've told him over my dead body, sugar! Strange, but he's been looking at me funny lately! Well, we had a pact. Model trains and a train room for him and he'll forget the HD.

Jaclyn said...

Cute magnet board! My friend made something similar except it's a Christmas magnet calendar and each number of the month is out of whatever you use with that number ie... dice, buttons, dominoes.

Mollye said...

Love the pj tradition. Mollye

Beverly said...

Bobbi Jo, I think I would like one of those cruisers, too. How fun!!!

You made me smile thinking of you in your pretty new pj's. Were you in love with shoes then, too?

Happy Pink Saturday.

RhondaLue said...

i love that cruiser too! SO COOL! but I could never walk in those shoes. Not ever. LOL

Say It With Roses said...

Well, that cruiser is pretty snazzy, but I am so afraid of them!

I enjoyed reading about your pj tradition.....
Happy Pink Saturday!