Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Have Been a Very Bad Blogger

Hello everyone! I have been a very bad blogger. I know it sounds weird but I have been absorbed in my school work and just loving it. Trying to find a balance, giving up somethings and trying to get enough rest has been a major chore in my life. Massage school is WAY more than I had thought it would be. Many more books so much more to learn. But I am so loving all of it. Anatomy is amazing every inch of our body is amazing. The law in Arizona for a massage therapy license is 500 hours. The school that I am attending Arizona School of Massage Therapy requires 815.5. They hold us to a hire standard and expect that professional level. It has been a growing experience for me.
I have always loved learning and this is just fun, hard studying!
The family seems to be adapting to me not being home as much. E'lyse has stepped up and has been a major helper in taking care of some of the things that I use to be here for. Great job E'lyse thank you so much!
I have long days leaving at 7 and getting home between 6:30 and 7 most nights. I know it will be worth it in the end. I have made new friends at school We have a wonderful class with talented people of all walks of life. I can't get over how much we laugh and enjoy the learning process, even the instructors laugh with us and make it a great experience.
We had our first final this past week for CPR I will get my results on Monday. This week I have a final in acupressure and massage basic. Lot's of studying and practice.
So this is my life in a nutshell. I am turning into a nerd and I can't help it.
Good news I have lost 6 pounds since starting school without trying. Keeping busy and not having food readily available helps. he he Still trying to fit in cardio on a regular basis but I will get there it is all a matter of finding balance here and being organized.
I will try to get around and visit your blogs. I miss visiting them on a regular basis. I do pray that everyone is well. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday to everyone! It has been a very busy week with school, studying and trying to stay on top of everything. The family has been very helpful with keeping the house under control while I am gone so long everyday. Thank you so much Hubs & kiddos! I haven't posted since last Saturday so I better get to it today! So for this weeks pinks we have as follows:
This is my school notebook with my picture of my dream Harley on it.

This is my book bag for the times I don't have to take in my drapes, towels and other needed items.

This is the crown that sits on top of my computer monitor. You can't really tell but it is a light Pink.

This is my towel for school. I bought 2 sets of the towels so I could have one for school and one for home. I just love the little French Hello Kitty and puppy!

This is the hand towel to the set. The puppy just makes me smile.

 Last for this week is my Pink pencils.

So that is it for my Pink Saturday shares. I hope you enjoyed them.
I am loving school and all the amazing instructors. The knowledge that is put out there for us is incredible.
Oh and before I forget you really should go over to our Pink Saturday Host  Beverly's blog How Sweet The Sound and check out her post and there are links to others who love Pink.
  I have Monday off for the holiday and have a lot to work on and studying to do this weekend so I better be off.
 Hope everyone has a wonderful Pink Saturday! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday to everyone! If you love Pink as I do or even like it go over to Beverly's blog How Sweet The Sound and check out her blog and all the other lovely ladies that love pink too!
As you know I have started back to school after almost 28 years and being a stay at home mom of almost 20 years. What a change for me to be a full time student but I am loving it so much! So I will be sharing a few of my school tools first of all. I am now known as the lady that loves pink at school. I don't take this to school but I do use it at home for my homework. My pink pencil sharpener Then I have my rolling case that carries my drapes, towels, lotions and books for Massage School. Isn't it TOO cute! I just love the fun polka dots on it. The next is my home made bolster. This is used under a clients knees if they are in the prone position or under their ankles in the anterior position. I used my yoga mat and wrapped it in a towel. We will be getting a real one when our tables come in.

I will be sharing more school things next week. I have a passion for cooking and aprons so these next to are so cool. These next two picture are of a sweet reversible apron that my friend Janel Lamb made for me. Janel's email is . She does fantastic work. You can pick whatever color you want it in for a very reasonable price. A great gift to yourself or a loved one. This side is my favorite
and the other side .
I love how it looks like a dress. So beautiful Janel I love it, them!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh Man

Oh Man you know what? I never got my Pink posted for Pink Saturday. What a lame blogger I am. I have a beautiful apron that my sweet friend Janel made and a couple other items too. I will make sure they are on this coming Saturday.
This weekend has been a bit busy for me. My mind is racing 100 miles an hour not that this is abnormal but I am moving just that fast too. Okay not that fast but I have been in a whirl wind. I messed up my knee a bit on Friday during the treadmill workout so the ice pack, heating pad and Flex All have been getting used along with some extra strength Tylenol ( these I call my Fred's due to a dear neighbor who gave me a 2 year supply).
I was cleaning and clearing out the house to get ready for my new adventure of going back to school trying to get things as manageable as possible while I am gone all day.
Tomorrow is the big day for me. I need to be there an hour early for some reason. I didn't ask I will just be there. We were suppose to have Family Home Evening/ Family counsel tonight but that didn't work out. Older kiddos made other plans so that will happen tomorrow night.
Today was a good day at church. We were actually there 10 min. early. WHAT? I know you are as shocked as I am. It was nice to be there before all the action started for once. I always love the start of the New Year it is very motivating to me. I love to make lists and check off each thing as I achieve it.
I will be missing boot camp since my school goes till 5:30 but will be doing my workouts in the morning and a half hour walk at lunch time everyday. Excited about the start of the week and implementing my new routine that I have been tweaking ever since I signed the papers for school. I am such a dork! So off I go to get my healthy snacks and lunch ready for tomorrow.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and are ready for the new week. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and Pink Saturday Will Be Late

Happy New Year to all of you in bloggy land! I wanted to start my year out right so I did my cardio with the treadmill on incline 11 %, then core work. I could feel that I hadn't done anything since Monday nights boot camp due to being sick. I think I pushed a little much but I did it non the less.
  I am surprised that we were able to welcome in the New Year. We are use to being in bed by 10:30 due to us getting up around 4:30 or 5 but we did it. Okay we were watching the movie "My Life In Ruins" and hubs fell asleep first. I was trying to watch it because I love the gal that plays in it but I couldn't hang. I feel a sleep for about 10 min. and woke up at 10 till midnight. I could hear the little girls yelling it is almost time. So we welcomed in the New Year and went back to bed. We didn't even drink our Sparkling Cider. Man we are party animals. LOL! It was so good to texts from friends and family wishing me a Happy New Year.
 I must say thank you to all of you who have been so kind in your comments about my last post. I wasn't fishing for compliments, honest. I do believe I have Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Not a major case or maybe it is just from what I have seen for so many years as I have looked in the mirror.  I see the pictures and I think Wow I have done a great job then I look in the mirror and I see just the opposite. This will be a main focus for me this year is to work on this. I have so many goals set. I had them typed out pretty specific but I keep getting more detailed with them all. You know that the main battle to becoming what you want to become is in your head. That's right! What you think you will become is what you will become. Positive affirmations will be posted all over my house to help me with this along with reading my goals twice daily and talking to myself in a loving & positive way.
 I am still tweaking my program. I want to do the Body For Life with a little more added cardio. My biggest goal for the year is dropping body fat so the muscle that is under the layers will be seen and I can appreciate all the hard work. Okay and wear a short sleeve blouse with out my arms flapping in the wind. Yes, touchy area for me.
 As I go along in this journey I know there are going to be challenges to overcome. I say "BRING THEM ON!" I am prepared and will overcome and learn and grow from them.
 One of the big things in my life is the love of my life who is also my greatest saboteur in the world. I love him but he puts food temptations there for me or time constraints so I will deal with these. I don't know if anyone else has this problem. My sweet hubby doesn't care if I lose weight or fat. He has loved me as I have put the weight on and then took a little off and then put 4 times as much on. I have decided I just have to do what I need to to reach the goals that I have set.
 With school starting time constraints will be a bit of an issue but I am working on the scheduling for exercise and eating. It is going to be a great journey this next year. My Dream year.
 I appreciate those who have shared their words of this year with me. We need to set goals and make them specific as possible. Also make sure you put down how you will do what you want to. This is part of the thinking that makes you achieve what you think. Your body can become what you think it can or can't. This saying was one I put on Facebook the other day and I just love it.
 "Whether you think you will fail, or not, you are right!" 

 Isn't that great. It is so true. Not that I am an expert but I am learning and want to share what is working for me in hopes that I can help or maybe even motivate you. Also make sure and right things as they are in the present tense. This will help your mind adjust and see what you think. ( This is my homework throughout the day!)
 It has taken me so long to decide to take care of me. Had I just taken a half hour a day when I had my children to exercise or take them for a walk I probably wouldn't be where I had ended up. So I am always telling young Mom's take time for yourself. It isn't selfish and you will be a better person for it.
  My Pink Saturday will be posted a little late in the morning.
 Well I am off to bed to rest my body. Have a wonderful night. Hugs, Bobbi Jo