Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 5

 A picture of somewhere I have been:  The picture was taken in the summer of 1983. Right after I graduated from high school one of my best friends invited me to go to Alaska with her. So what is a girl to do but go to Alaska. I loved it and would move there in a heartbeat if Hubs would go.
Here is a picture of Tonya on the left and me (in the pink jacket & raccoon skin cap). We went gold panning out to one of my friends claims for the day. What a blast!
 Have a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 4

 Today is Sunday Day 4: Today I am suppose to post about "A habit that I wish I didn't have." Hmmm where to start, there are so many and I seriously have to pick just one? This is hard for me. Okay I have one that I pulled out of the list of my OCD hat.
 The habit I wish I didn't have is having to be the last one to go to the bathroom before a trip and before bed at night. There it is for the blogging community to see. Unfortunately I know of one of my beautiful nieces has this very same problem. I am so sorry Meredith!
  This weekend has been fun. I went to our Steak Woman's Conference yesterday. It was fun and had wonderful speakers. Then I had 2 massages at Encanterra. I got home about 4:30. Faith had some of her BFF's over for her friend B-Day party. The danced, had pizza, sang, screamed and laughed a LOT!
 This morning I had 3 massages at Encanterra. I was there from 9 till a little after 2. I got home changed clothes and went to church. Luckily this morning I started a roast in the crock pot so when I got home I just had to make mash potatoes/gravy and a salad and TADA dinner. YUMMY! I am wanting to make a chocolate cake but I really shouldn't. I will be tempted to eat it and the 3 girls are sick with colds and feeling yucky! So I will see about it.
 Well it is time to go chill and enjoy the evening. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 3

 Today is Day 3 of 30 Days of Blogging. Today I am to post a picture of myself as a child.
In this picture is of one of my brothers Bernie, one of his girlfriends and m. I'm in the pink dress with my go go boots. I think I was about 4yrs. old in this picture but not sure. Don't you love the corvette? One of my all time favorite cars.
 Sorry for the late post I had work this afternoon then home to have a BFF's B-Day party for our 12 yr.old Faith. Have a wonderful night. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Friday, February 25, 2011

2nd Day

Today's question is: The meaning Behind Blog Name?

    Around my house and in my worlds mind I am known as the queen. I love crowns, tiaras and girly stuff. Also my favorite artist is Mary Englebreit so with that being said the name just fell in place. 
This picture hangs above my master bathroom throne.

  Hope everyone is having a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joining In on 30 Days of Blogging

I am joining in with Eva blogger of  Lovers In Dangerous Time on a 30 Day's Of Blogging adventure. Something for me to post other than the same old same old that can get pretty mundane.
 This is Day 1: Post a picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts about yourself. (Could be a challenge not sure how many interesting facts I can think of.) Thinking, thinking okay now I am ready. Picture first:
Now the 15 interesting (or not so interesting) things about me.
1. I have an Associates Degree in Fashion Merchandising.
2. My first modeling job was in a little store in PA for Kodak. Dad wouldn't let me do the job but got the pictures from it.
3. I am short on 5 feet 5 inches short. Ever since 5th grade I have been the same height.
4. Growing up I wanted to be 6 ft. tall (thank you genes it didn't happen).
5. I use to do catering.
6. I never thought I would get married or have children.
7. I went to finishing school.
8. I don't think there are very many true handsome men in the world. I think there are a lot of good looking men but not truly handsome.
9. I have OCD.
10. I had a heart attack when I was 32 yrs. old.
11. My favorite hobby of all time is crafting!
12. I love food. My favorite food is good, hot & spicy Mexican food.
13. I don't like taking showers. I am a total bath with bubbles and candles every night kind of gal.
14. I am scared of the dark. Seriously!
15. I love the rumble of a Harley Davidson in my ears.
  And that is Day 1. Today I am taking Gabby for an update on her ultrasound that was done on Tuesday. I am hoping and praying it is something simple not anything serious. The poor girl has gone through too much already. It makes me sad to see her hurt.
 Everyone have a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Desisions Made

First I must say thank you to Coco for spiffing up my blog for me. She got the pretty designs from So after the frustration of not getting into the badge class last week I was thinking "Is this what I really want to be doing? Is the money & time worth it?" And as I was praying about it, it came to me to talk with Janel. This is Alan's Mom. I would talk to my mother but she has Alzheimer's. So I met up with her and told her what I was feeling and she pretty much gave me the answer that I had felt. So with that being said Alan and I discussed it and he gave me his input on Sunday morning. I then decided what I must do.
 As we had worked on the massage room the thought behind it would be that I could still be the homemaker (a job I truly love & enjoy) while having clients come to get massages and do the other job that I love while helping with income. So this is what came to my mind as I was weighing the pro's & con's of the corporate job.
 I had decided I wouldn't take the job after all. I will concentrate on building up my clientele at home, work at Encanterra and be a homemaker. I also want to get back to crafting and good home cooking that has been may I say spars as of late.
 I am very pleased with my decision. Now I feel I need to finish getting our house organized and cleared out of clutter that is holding us back mentally and physically. Now mind you our home is not a mess but there is way to much clutter around. I take that back our garage is SCARY!
 Anyway, took Gabby in for her ultrasound yesterday and we will get follow up from the doctor tomorrow when we go in. Keeping prayers coming that it is not a major thing. She is such a trooper.
 So until I post again.Take care! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Work, Workout And Stress

 Work has been going good. I had a very busy week last week at the spa. Love the place it is so beautiful and the staff there are a lot of fun. Clients have been a wide variety of great people.
 I have tried 3 days this week to get the badge class in for the corporate job I start on the 28th. First day class was full by the time I signed in. 2nd day I got there and one of the papers for the contract was not faxed to me. 3rd day one of the papers was there but not signed by the lady that hired me. AHHHHHHHHH!!! This goes in the stress category. I am trying hard to stay up and positive but today has been hard. I just wanted to get the class done and move on.The class starts at 7 but I have to leave by 5 to get there by 6 to make sure I get singed in early. Alan tells me I am getting to upset about it all but that is the way I am.
 Then we got a call that Gabby's liver count is really high. Even higher than after her last round of Remikade so she has to go in for an ultrasound next week and now I have to go back in for the class. So sad, I want to be there for her.
 Workouts this week haven't been there. With getting up & having to leave that early (now my excuse) and coming home feeling frustrated & a little depressed I haven't felt that push. Yesterday I spent most of the day sleeping and freezing. I know I would feel an uplifting if I would just go hit the treadmill of something but feeling a little SO WHAT attitude. I hate when I do this to myself. After so many years of mental illness (major depression) and doing so well for a long time then it hits. It reminds me how much it stinks to be down. So I will get on with my pitty party today and tonight be better. I have maintained my weight loss just not feeling the confidence that I was.
  So stress stinks! I try not to worry but it comes in and just puts itself in my mind. I will get over this stress that is invading my happiness.
 So that is it for today. I will continue with my little party and move on. Another good cry is in store for tonight and then a hot bath, good book and a good night sleep. Starting tomorrow out with a workout on the treadmill and moving back to the motivation of health and happiness. Hugs, Bobbi Jo