Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Desisions Made

First I must say thank you to Coco for spiffing up my blog for me. She got the pretty designs from So after the frustration of not getting into the badge class last week I was thinking "Is this what I really want to be doing? Is the money & time worth it?" And as I was praying about it, it came to me to talk with Janel. This is Alan's Mom. I would talk to my mother but she has Alzheimer's. So I met up with her and told her what I was feeling and she pretty much gave me the answer that I had felt. So with that being said Alan and I discussed it and he gave me his input on Sunday morning. I then decided what I must do.
 As we had worked on the massage room the thought behind it would be that I could still be the homemaker (a job I truly love & enjoy) while having clients come to get massages and do the other job that I love while helping with income. So this is what came to my mind as I was weighing the pro's & con's of the corporate job.
 I had decided I wouldn't take the job after all. I will concentrate on building up my clientele at home, work at Encanterra and be a homemaker. I also want to get back to crafting and good home cooking that has been may I say spars as of late.
 I am very pleased with my decision. Now I feel I need to finish getting our house organized and cleared out of clutter that is holding us back mentally and physically. Now mind you our home is not a mess but there is way to much clutter around. I take that back our garage is SCARY!
 Anyway, took Gabby in for her ultrasound yesterday and we will get follow up from the doctor tomorrow when we go in. Keeping prayers coming that it is not a major thing. She is such a trooper.
 So until I post again.Take care! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Ann said...

Been missin' your posts! Thanks for the update! Life really does have a strange way of throwing curve balls, hugh? Keep rolling with it....your family is in my prayers! I love the new blog look!!!!! You have one talented daughter!