Friday, April 2, 2010

Cranial Sacral Therapy

A sweet friend Thru Pink Curtains asked if I would tell a little more about the Cranial Sacral Therapy a little more. She asked if I had been able to feel the cranial fluid yet. First of all for typing sake I will abbreviate Cranial Sacral Therapy to CRT .
CRT is a gentle, hands-on approach to bodywork. It focuses on the bone of the head, spinal column, scrum and the underlying structures. The main objective to this work is to find restrictions and/or compressions in these areas and use specifically designed techniques to release these areas. Helping the body to return to homeostasis.
CR system produces a rhythm, much like the cardiac and circulatory systems. We lean how to feel the rhythm and if it is unbalanced we work to find the balance. It is the innermost rhythm if our body.
I have explained it some people and they kind of think it is weird or a strange idea but it is amazing. It is an energy work much like acupressure.
Example of earlier this week I was working on a class mate I was working on an area in between her eyebrows but she could feel a light massage on her lower jaw.
Energy work does work and can help with different challenges such as chronic pain, especially in the neck & back, headaches (tension, migraine, cluster), TMJ dysfunction, emotional trauma, auditory problems, stress related dysfunctions, Arthritis, colic, inner ear problems, or learning/behavioral disorders in infants and children.
In class we are just hitting the basics but it is wonderful to help someone feel better or relieve a pain or stress.
Any other questions just let me know. I am loving the learning different modalities (ways of working on people) to become a better therapist it is exciting and fun.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Hugs, Bobbi Jo