Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Give Away On a FUN Blog

 Giveaway on some good friends blog. Go check it out and you could win a beautiful flower. Besides that the blog is awesome!! The blog is Knocking It Off  .

  These beautiful ladies,Brandi-Lee's and Mileka, have a fun and helpful blog for decorating your home without selling one of your children. Check it out here Knocking It Off. You can get some fun, easy and may I say CHEAP ideas to make your house beautiful! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On My Mind

 Today as hubs and I are driving to meet up with his brother at a Home Depot he is driving and I am thinking. I tell him " You know 2010 was not only a year of testing us but I think it took some of my spark away. Between the stress of worrying about Gabby, you and school finals I think it took it out of me." He tells me he is not sure what I am saying but he noticed that I am not as tolerant , even of the little everyday things like I use to be. Does this mean that the year had beat me down and sucked the life out of me? MAYBE!! It was a tough year. I held up pretty good with going to school full time, Gabby in and out of the hospital, Alan having cancer and 2 surgeries along with finals, starting the Masters Body Worker Program, having 2 girls living with us and trying to do my best to stay UP, Positive and happy I think I did okay. Now I feel like I am falling apart.
 I am not sure why. Is this my mid life crisis? Not sure what to think about all this that is going on.
 On my health blog I posted about the feelings of letting people down including yourself. Do any of you feel this way? Feeling stuck and not sure how to get out of where you are at? Wanting to live up to that potential that people say you have but you feel so tired.....worn out.......beaten down....that you can't or don't feel like it.
 What do you do in this case? Take the NIKE approach and just do it! Would love some feed back.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo