Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday Pictures (Your Not My Girl)

This past Sunday E'lyse had another farewell to go to 
E'lyse and Drew Wetch 
Now you see why they are friends 
But Drew your not my girl! 
 A little better
 Much better
E'lyse and Gabby being silly 
 The three girls 
E'lyse, Faith and Gabby 
 My three goofballs 
 E'lyse ended up going to two farewells. 
It was a wonderful Sunday. Starting with Dallas, Sara & Dean coming over for a yummy breakfast.
Then church and spending time in nursery in my new calling.I get to serve with a friend of mine Wendy and it is great to see these sweet little kiddos and their big smiles. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

Sunday Pictures

On Sunday August 18th, E'lyse had gone to a Missionary farewell. 
As they say the show must go on so I got a picture of Faith and Gabby.
 Faith and Gabby sad because E'lyse isn't standing there by them. 
I think there is going to many, many more farewells with the announcement of the age lowering.
So great to see these young men and women going out and serving the Lord spreading the gospel. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sunday Breakfast

Sunday August 17th, 2013
Most Sundays Dallas, Sara and Dean come over and join us for breakfast. 
Sweet grand son Dean & Dallas 
 Dallas & Dean (Dean looks so much like Dallas did as a baby)
 Dean recently learned how to roll himself onto his tummy,
Sara was trying to let him show me, typical little kid making a liar out of mom (he he )
 He is so cute and I love the smile 
 Alan got on the floor and was playing with him and he was giggling so much
it was so cute! 
 Alan playing with Dean
 another one
 This lasted for a good 15 minutes
 nothing sweeter than a babies laugh to me
 The only problem with trying to take picture of Dean straight no is when he sees the camera he won't smile. 
Love this little man (Dallas too.)
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

Veggie Tails

This is the first cucumber from our garden this year.
Gabby took him and wouldn't give him back to me .
Gabby named him Steve and gave him eyes to see.
 They became good friends 
 Then this guy showed up on our kitchen counter top.
I think Veggie Tales has invaded our home! 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Nerd Day 2013

At the high-school for spirit week one of the days was Nerd Day.
I have 2 of the prettiest nerds ever. 
Faith being a nerd 
 Faith waiting for E'lyse to work out a problem on her calculator 
 Are you done yet?
 Snort snort I got it! 
 Cool nerds
I was a lame blogger/mother I didn't get pictures of each day for the Spirit Week. BUMMER!! 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Sunday Picture Day

There has been a few weeks that I haven't gotten pictures of the girls for one reason or another.
E'lyse, Faith and Gabby being cute. 
 E'lyse, Faith & Gabby happy campers
 Dramatic poses
 the girls just being silly 
Gabby's many faces

 creeper face

Way to photo bomb E'lyse

Another Sunday past.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Middle School 2013

This year Gabby couldn't wait for school to start again.
She missed her friends and something to do during the day. 
This is Gabby and her friend Ainsley 
8th Grade 
 Gabby went to Ainsley's at 7 so they could get ready together for their first day 
as the big 8th graders
The two girls 
 being silly
 Ainsley showed Gabby who's boss! 
 This is a year of changes for the girls.
Gabby is still in NJAHS and decided she was going to join the Drama Club this year.
Excited for all my girls this year. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

High School 2013

Wow I have 2 in high-school this year .
Faith and E'lyse on their first day of school 
July 24th, 2013.
Faith is a Freshman 
E'lyse is a Senior
 Faith and E'lyse laughing 
 I think I surprised E'lyse on this one.
It is going to be a fun year of school. 
I carpool, driving 5 kiddos in the mornings.
In the afternoon E'lyse get's back to the school a little later from Evit so I have to pick her up around 3 then back to the school at 5 to pick up Faith from drama practice.
Crazy afternoons. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo