Friday, June 4, 2010

Over With Finals And Now.....

Finals are over, classes were passed and now on to learning new modalities and gaining more knowledge. We started Russian Sports Massage, Structural II, Pathology II, Anatomy III and Professional Development III. Russian is a timed massage that we will learn 80 different strokes that can be used in any massage. AMAZING! This coming week will be learning how to do a seated chair massage, I am really excited to learn this. A friend and I are wanting to go together to do corporate chair massages when we get our license. This is where you have a contract with a company to come in one or two times a month and give chair massages to the employees.
I am still loving school and making new friends of the new class members that just started up. I did get into the Master Body Workers Program. This will start right after I graduate from the Professional program. I will be learning Advanced Cranial Sacral Therapy, Advaced Easter Paradigm, Functional Assessment, Hydrostone Therapy, Kinesiology and Myokinetic Techniques. So excited!
The family is doing good. Alan is going in for an assessment test at the college to see what he wants to be when he grows up (his words!). Dallas is working at Fry's and finishing up school to graduate. Elyse is finishing up school and getting ready to go to high school this coming August. Faith & Gabby are doing well. They are both growing up so fast. Faith has decided she wants to go to BYU when she graduates and has made some wonderful plans with her BFF Ashley. Gabby has taken control of her diet and has done very well. A couple flare ups of not feeling the greatest but has more good days than not. She is gaining weight and looking very healthy.
My time is still consumed with school, driving to and from, and study time. I am so happy to have supportive and loving family & friends that I can lean on when I am feeling down or that I just can't do it attitude they always help to pick me up and tell me to pull up my boot straps and follow my dreams. I would have never thought that I would have made such great friends in school. My family is amazing too. Faith is constantly making pages for me that tell me I rock and I can do anything. It helps so much. There are days that I come home and think to myself "What am I doing? Am I nuts for taking this on?" then it comes to me that this is my passion and when I give a massage I change as a person for the better. It is wonderful!
I was talking with Coco today and we were talking about getting back into crafting again. I do miss having the time to scrap book, paint or even redecorate a room but this time will come, I just have to be patient. This I am not but I am working on it!
Hope everyone is doing well. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


heather said...

Someday I am going to go to massage school.

Jaclyn said...

It was fun seeing you guys! Glad everyone is doing well!