Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trying To Play Catch Up

Once again I am trying to play catchup on life. This week at school it has been a very emotional roller coaster ride. This week we have had an anatomy quiz, a massage basic final (this had a written and hands on), a professional development final, a acupressure final (this had a written and hands on) we also went to the ca cadaver lab. The experience at the lab was humbling and so interesting. They have us go to the lab to better understand what we are working on under the skin and for us to see what we can do as professional massage therapist to help people live healthier lives. This visit was a bit emotional for most of us. I know I have passed the hands on in the massage basics and the hands on in the acupressure. For the written I will not know until next week what my scores are.
On Tuesday when I came home from school this was on the table for me from my girls !

I love that it is pink too! Talk about a instant smile maker this was one. The kiddos are holding up without me being home all the time. I do stress out about that from time to time while I am not here.
Today in Professional Dev elopement we were given homework and required to read it to the class. It was great hearing all the wonderful words of the heart from my wonderful classroom family. Everyone at the school are wonderful supportive people.
So today being Thursday, it is my Friday and I am happy about that. We are done with finals for this quarter and start new classes on Monday. Very excited for this change of learning new things!
Tomorrow will be my day of grocery shopping, cleaning and finishing up homework for next week and more studying. I am also hoping to fit in a Valentine craft in my day. I need a good craft project right now!
Since school has started I have lost 6 pounds and kept it off. I don't have much time to workout, I mean a serious boot camp workout but I am trying to fit in what I can.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

So I am off for now.


As Told By Molly said...

Bobbi Jo, you really are one busy lady. I enjoy your FB updates and hearing about your latest crazy day. I love your positive attitude on life!

Anonymous said...

She is busy. Maybe too busy. I cant call whenever I want. What buh heck? :)
Glad you are liking school. We love you!

Jaclyn said...

Glad you are doing well in school!

The Blonde Duck said...

I hope everything gets better!

Anonymous said...

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