Thursday, November 11, 2010

So Much Has Gone On

So it has almost been 2 months since I last updates and so much has happend. Lets see where to start. Gabby was released from the hospital. Made it to school one day without promtping she got up got ready packed her lunch and told her Dad she was going to school. I was at school but so happy she made it. Not since then though.
 My Father died on Thursday September 30TH but wasn't called till that Sunday October 3RD. Not that I am bitter towards my sister who claims to not have me as a sister but I truely am. I am working on getting over it but it is very hard to not harbor bad feelings. Long story short I made her mad over 2 years ago and even after appologies she didn't except there for won't notify me on something this important due to  her childishness. Sorry had to rant for a few to vent.
 The Saturday before finals I started a continued education class to become a Reiki Master. It is awesome! So excited to be able to help others even more. I have my second attunemnet in November then third is December. I plan on taking a further class to be able to teach Reiki.
 I graduated on October 15TH from the Masters Body Worker Program. The program went so quickly and so much information. Loved my instructors & classmates. Graduation was fun.
This is Coco, Talmage and myself at graduation.

Me hugging one of the instructors of the school as I went up for my diploma.

 It feels good to be done with it and have accomplished this. It has been a true test to find out what kind of student I am at such a middle age. he he I love learning and all that goes into it even if I do get stressed. I will continue to study the muscles and review to keep my mind fresh. I am thinking of going into Nuero Muscular Therapy so I will have to know the mucsles and how they move and work together.
 Since starting this post at the end of October and now it is November Gabby has gone back in the hospital for 4 days and been released. We are working on getting her well. I feel she can be healed contrary to what Dr's say about the disease.
 Halloween has come and gone. I am ready for Thanksgiving. This is my favorite holiday of all. I love the cooking and eating. LOL!  Working on ideas for Christmas and trying to enjoy everyday.
 Tomorrow I start my job at Serenty Massage & Tan . I am excited to work on the public again and this time get paid for it. I do love the work of helping someone be relieved of pain and be assistance to their health & well being. I will also be working on getting my outcall going. This will be where I go to peoples houses, with supply in hand and give massages. It will be  a little higher price than visitng a day spa but I think it will be worth it to some people. I will be offering in Dec. for those who live in the valley of the sun gift cards for massages. I need to work out all the details first.
 I also have been working on getting the house & life organinzed so I can be a more effective person all around. I have to give major credit to those ladies who work all day & take care of the family and home it is HARD work. KUDOS to you!!!
 So this is my life in a long nut shell of words. I will try to be more diligent in keeping up on my blog & life happenings.
 Today I am working on the regular house chores then fun time crafts that I will share a little later. Have a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Ann said...

Sorry for the loss of your father...
Congrats on gradutation - I wish I lived closer...would DEFINITELY pay you for one of those massages!!!
Thanks for the life updates - was missing hearing from you!

JackandJaneyNichols said...

Congrats on the new job and good luck with it, I know you'll do great! I'm sorry about your dad, and your sister! That's crazy....who wouldn't love you??? Send me her address, I'll TP it:) It was good seeing you last month!

The Lucas Gang said...

I guess since you updated your blog I will change the background