Friday, January 23, 2009

Awards For Girls and My Cute Shirt

Today has been so beautiful with the clouds billowing over and a little sprinkle here and there. This makes me want to be getting things done. I love rainy days, nights, and weekends. he he
The elementary school had their awards assembly for the second quarter. To be honest with you I completely forgot about it!!!! Opps!
Faith and Gabby received two awards each. Faith got one for Perfect Attendance and the other for the Honor Roll.Gabby got hers for Respect and the other for the Honor Roll.
I didn't make it to the assembly but I am so proud of them. Faith want's to be the first in our family to have a full year of Perfect Attendance. Way to go girls!!
Last night Alan stopped over at his mom's house,(my Mother in love) she said she had something for me. When she gave it to Alan she said that I was an 8 Cow Wife! If you are LDS you will understand this if you ever saw the movie Jhonny Lingo . It is a movie made in 1969 and this is the plot summery. Bear with me otherwise you won't understand why this shirt is special to me . Johnny Lingo, one of the sharpest traders in the south pacific islands decides to bargain for a wife, and offers a record price of eight cows for Mahana, a plain girl who shuns contact. This causes quite a sensation on the island. A year later Johnny and his wife return for the first time since the marriage, and all find that something miraculous has occurred to Mahana. Johnny explains that by paying eight cows he proved that she was worth more to him than any other woman on the island. He gave her a great gift, that of self-worth
So now you can see why this shirt is not just a shirt and means a lot to me that my mother in love feels this way about me. After all I married her last baby of 9.
I love the shirt MOM! Thank you so much for the loving compliment.
I just love cows!
So tonight is date night with hubby. I am so glad that it is the weekend. Time for everyone to have a fun and productive time. Have a great evening. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Kristina P. said...

Ha! That shirt is so great!

Ang said...

You've been my aunt for many years now, but not until reading your posts did I fully realize how awesome you are and all that you do for your family. I agree, you are an eight cow woman!

Jaclyn said...

The shirt is just awesome!

Scrappy Girl said...

That is SO sweet...can we trade MILs? Mine probably just refers to me as "the cow." LOL

Connie said...

That was the very first video the missionaries showed me just before I joined the church, sweet chickee. It was in spanish. I'm an 8 cow wife also!!! Just ask hubs.......HAH

kamikazern said...

What a nice gesture. You are an 8 cow woman! I am SURE that my MIL sent me one, just got lost in the mail. LOL!

Don and Amy Bennion said...

Hi Bobbi Jo!

How fun that you keep up your blog so much. You are an impressive person, all your crafts and sewing and cooking, even homemade laundry soap! Wow. Congrats to your girls on their awards! I love your calililies, they are so beautiful. You're right, the shape to them is what makes them.

It's been fun to read up on your blog!