Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Deal Of The Day

My next door neighbor and friend and family are moving in June to Arkansas. They decided to start getting things ready so they had a yard sale. Last night as we were visiting before I left for dinner I spotted this cute little floor lamp. I asked how much for the lamp? She said $5. I said hold on to it for me and I will be over in the morning to buy it. So I go over this morning to buy it and she wouldn't take my money so I got is for free. I am debating on painting it well the wood part.
And yes that chair is still waiting to be painted and reupholstered. he he
Then I had Faith go back over with change and buy this for me I know Mel wouldn't take my money. It has 3 different roosters on it. I love it!
Speaking of loving Coco and Talmage came over to visit. Talmage was having fun playing with my container of fresh lemons on the table. He is so precious!
I had another picture of him smiling at me with the lemon but Coco requested to not be in the picture.
Great day going on here. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Humper's Family said...

Such cute pics!!! I love the lamp, maybe I should ask my neighbor for one ;)

Gollum said...

How adorable!

The Muse said...

LOL what sweetness!!!!

nikkicrumpet said...

How cute....unless of course he gets a good bite of one lol

heather said...

That baby is about as cute as they can possibly come.