Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Are Going To The Super Bowl

It is that time of the year. Time for the Super Bowl and my hometown team has just won. From the time I can remember my older brother Mark has embedded the love for the Steelers in me. I am from Pennsylvania and I am loyal to the team. In fact it is the only time other than when my son plays that I will watch football. The Steelers could use a 6th ring. This will be a good game against the Arizona Cardinals . True I live in Arizona but won't be rooting for them. Sorry JT!
GO STEELERS!!!!!! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Risa said...

Oh Bobbi Jo are you my mom's sister?
ha ha. I'm SOOOO excited the Cards are going to the Superbowl. My mom (who is from PA as well) is rooting for the Steelers too (and they live in Avondale)! So it's my dad and I for the Cards and her for the Steelers...

Bob & Kristine Hipps said...

I am So-o-o excited about this! How fun to be there. Good think you'll be sitting with your own kind - either combination - AZ fan among Steelers, Pittsburgh fan sitting in the Cards section - and it might be ugly. Since I have divided loyalties, cheer for me, too! (Go Steelers!)