Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Doings

Today after all had left I did my workout and then got washed up and changed to run errands. I had to get supplies for lunches next week and I don't like shopping on Saturdays unless it is a craft store. I don't know why. I pull in the driveway and the neighbor lady who I called the cops on was outside smoking. I stop the van and go to get out and she comes over to the van. My thought was okay is she going to yell at me and curse me out. How did she find out I called? The police aren't supposed to tell the people who reported them. I have only been verbally attached one other time as an adult and that was over my bumper sticker. She says to me, " I don't know if you are the one who called the police the other night but I have to apologize we didn't realize the speakers where on outside and it wasn't very loud in the house so we were just enjoying the music." Anyway she apologized about 6 more times for the loud music. I didn't tell her it was me but glad she had the brains to guess who it might bother. Those of us who's house lights are off by 10 pm almost every night ( except for Tue. when Real Housewives of the OC is on). So then I felt bad I guess I should have just gone over in my jammies and my scary hair and asked in person. Maybe next time. Hopefully there won't be a next time though.
Tonight is date night for hubby and I. Faith and Gabby are going to a overnight party for a friend of theirs , Dallas has a date and E'lyse usually waits till she get's home to decide what she will do. Alan and I are going to get up early tomorrow morning to hit garage sales, or tag sales or yard sales depending on what part of America you live in.
Oh one more thing for information sake. In case you have been under a rock somewhere we are in a Recession right now. If the government would wait it out for 24 months that is only 2 years that it would straighten itself out. History has show this to be a fact. How is all this bale out money going to be re payed? And did you hear that even Larry Flint- creator of Hustler magazine is even asking government for a bale out!! UNBELIEVABLE! People we need to take back our country and be more self sufficient so we can continue to have a thriving economy.
Oh no I think I just met my quota for next months rant. EEEK!! Oh well it's my blog and I can do what I want to right? Right.
For a good laugh please go over to Nikki Crumpet's blog Blah, Blah, Blah under the post of "Just For A Chuckle" . Oh my gosh this lady is a riot ! Please go watch it.
Have a great Friday. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Kristina P. said...

I totally support the bail out for the porn industry. How can you be so cruel!!

Jacob and Meredith Hammond said...

I am planning on wasting all of my money and then expecting the government to bail me out. Then when they do - I'm going to use all of that money to go on a cruise and start all over again...

Leslie said...

Hi Bobbi Jo:) I missed your post about the neighbor and having to call the cops. I can't believe she didn't know that it was THAT loud if it was enough to bother you. Why can't people accept the fact that they make mistakes anymore? Always making up excuses and placing the blame elsewhere!

Actually that last comment goes with your bail out issue, too! LOL I know some people in this world are just getting caught in the crossfires and it's not their fault that they're in a financial mess. People don't exactly plan to loose their job, you know? But some people are in the messes they are because they didn't care before and just lived their lives willy nilly. I don't feel sorry for them.

I caught a new Allstate commercial the other day. Did you know they started in the middle of the Great Depression? And in the commercial they say something about in the time they've been running, there have been 12 other recessions. They make a comment about how it's tough but when it's over, people learn to basically simplify their lives :) There is a lesson to be learned here....

Have a great weekend :)


Leisel said...

I have never heard of a tag sale but it sounds good to me. We are preparing for one coming up. My SIL moved and left EVERYTHING. So we are selling it all!
i am all for making our lives simple.
Money I spent on Christmas this year: Conway $0, Dayson $13, James $6. As for everyone else I made stuff or regifted, but dont tell them that!

Leisel said...

OK I just re-read the first comment. I thought she said poor industry and was serious. Now I get it Ha Ha!