Sunday, January 11, 2009

Super Sunday

Today has been a good day. Hubby and I slept in till almost 7 WOW! It felt really good. It seems like we have been going and going at 100 miles an hours lately.
I made breakfast for the family of pancakes, bacon, eggs and toast. We had time to relax and talk a while after that. We got ready for church and went. The speakers were great it was Janel, her hubby Mark and their oldest Cade. The talks were on Unity. What a wonderful message they gave of how our families need to work together to reach our eternal destination. I was awaken to some knew thoughts with these talks. The rest of church was also good. We came home and a little later we had Coco,Kyle, Talmage and Dallas friend Justin over for a BBQ. It was good food and good company. Coco and I had veggie Southwestern burgers and they were very good. After dinner the family all went over to Coco & Kyles to play on their WII machine. It was fun watching everyone pretty much stink. he he We had fun! Thank you for having us over Coco.
I enjoyed watching Talmage watching everyone play and his laughing.
So I am now off to bed. Hope you all have a great night sleep. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Kristina P. said...

Sounds like a nice, relaxing Sunday!

Kim Layton said...

Good job! I try to schedule things, but I always end up off track after a few days! Then I freak out because I'm BEHIND! :-)
Thanks for sharing!