Sunday, January 4, 2009

So Glad It Is a New Year

So today was the first Sunday of the year to go to church. I am so glad it is a new year with a fresh and refreshing start. People seem to be a little more upbeat than in December. Maybe I should say rested instead of upbeat.
I slept in this morning and it was so nice. There was overcast so our room stayed dark and kiddos were up WAY too late last night so they slept in very late and the house was quiet. We went to church and enjoyed the people bearing their Testimonies and one man sang while bearing his. It was different but at least he got up.
The lesson in Relief Society was on how if we have no family close to us that we can always lean on Relief Society there is always someone there for us. It is true but sometimes there are those of us who won't let others into our little wall we have built. This has been my problem in my past. I am working on this one.
Had a somewhat busy Saturday. Not getting accomplished what I had planned on but there is always tomorrow .
I am really glad that it is a new year. I feel good about all the possibilities that are waiting for me and my family. Have a wonderful Sunday evening. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Kristina P. said...

I'm so sad I missed church today! I woke up, all ready to jump in the shower, when I started having a horrible stomachache. I laid down and fell back asleep and missed it.

Your ward sounded great today!

tammy said...

We've had the songimony before too. Funny. Although I'd much rather play the piano than have to speak. Today we had the sweetest man with down symdrome bear his testimony, and even though we could only understand a few of his words, it was so sweet.

Jaclyn said...

Glad you enjoyed church. I had to teach my first lesson in Relief Society today but still enjoyed church, too.

Megan said...

Im with you there. I got tired of 2008, way to much drama at my school so its good to start out fresh. And on a new path. Thanks for writing on my blog, like always... your always the first one to write on it. It makes me feel specail to know that someone still checks up on me and wants to know whats new.
From, Mae ;)

Marianne@Songbirdisnesting said...

Hi Bobbi Jo,
I just popped in to wish you all the best for 2009! May you and your family be safe and happy in the new year.
Happy blogging too! Greetings, Marianne

Jodi said...

Yeah, today was nice. Glad to see ya and be able to visit with ya. Happy New year! Kids are back to school too!

Melissa M. said...

I sure do enjoy gettting to know you!
Have a fantastic Monday!

Humper's Family said...

The Houser socialitis has you as well?!? PA has been a blessing for me because I have no choice but to reach out! I wish you were closer!!!