Saturday, January 17, 2009

Geez People Give Me A Break

Once again commenting on my blog of "Need To Vent Again". I am now being told by a commenter that she had never heard so much HATE on a blog post. Okay I don't like Obama plan and simple. Not because of his color but for his past comments, his lies and yes there has been many, his socialistic plans, taking away our right to have guns, and worse the plan he has for abortions . You may check this website for the promises made about this .
That is it plain and simple. Nothing hiding in my feelings here. The rant was flat out I was upset with a English Teacher!!
Just to set the record straight and I realize some people will stop reading my blog and that is their choice. I am a right wing Regan conservative. I support our troops, our country and believe in God. Maybe in 2012 Sarah can make the difference but I just think it is getting closer and closer to the second coming for that.
If you don't like my posts or rants don't read my blog. If I find something offensive on someones blog I just don't comment or go back. But thank you so much for reading anyway. Now on with the Pink Saturday ! Bobbi Jo


Anonymous said...

i am right there with ya!!! there are so many things that he has said that i dont like. there are many things that he stands for and wants to do that i dont like. hey VENT!!! it is good for ya..
have a great weekend

Rhondi said...

I'm with you girlfriend!

Kristina P. said...

Bobbi Jo, you are much more conservative than me, and I am NOT a Bush fan. In fact, I didn't vote for either party. I almost always vote 3rd party.

But, I didn't find your post offensive. I knew what you were trying to say, and I didn't think you were being racist by any means, for what it's worth.

kamikazern said...

That's the first thing that people scream when they can't think of anything intelligent to come back with ("Racist!") We are so beyond that. I think that many people are racist BECAUSE they voted for Obama BECAUSE of the color of his skin. This is YOUR blog, and you can express your feelings anyway you want. Excuse my harshness, but the same people that worry so much about being PC are the first ones who condone killing babies in the name of "reproductive freedom."

Hang in there kid!

Your Blunt SIL

tammy said...

Good job. I agree with you, and with Kami's comment about many the many racist people that voted for him beacuse he was black and he's not even black! He's only half.

heather said...

Why is it that some people have such a hard time letting other people have their own opinions? Especially when this is YOUR blog and YOUR space and you have EVERY right to say how you feel?