Thursday, April 25, 2013

Time To Clear Out

For the last couple months I have been wanting to get rid of things. 
Yes the minimalist urge to have less clutter.
It hit me again when Dallas & Sara asked to move in. I started looking at things differently.
Seeing that the house has gotten some clutter built up, not terrible but making me uncomfortable. 
I am going to be working on getting rid of things that I no longer use.
I was reading this blog post on Minimalist Mom
"what if I get rid of something I may need again?"
I love that she says"From experience you will come across things that you may need to buy or borrow again but it isn't as bad or stressful as you think it will be" 
This has helped me to decide on getting rid of more things that I know longer use or need. 
So here I go. 
I will take pictures as I go and keep the blog posted.

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Tommie Jo said...

Hi Bobbie Jo! It's Tommie Jo, lol! It's been so long since I've been able to catch up with all my favorite bloggers and I'm glad to see you are still blogging~your blog looks great!
Funny, I have been in that mood myself, trying to get rid of stuff that has just piled up. It's really hard with my pack rat tendencies that come into play. Wish me luck and I wish you luck with your clean out as well.
Have a great weekend!~TJ