Monday, April 15, 2013

Mirror Play, Mustaches & Rest

When Coco and family was down here I took pictures and forgot to finish the post.
Sheesh what a dork I am some times.

Here is Kylia and Naima playing in my bathroom at the mirror
Love the look on Kylia's face. So cute! 
Coco fixed Naima's hair, she looks like Gabby when she was little. 
"Look at my pretty curly hair!"
Such a wonderful picture. I love this smile!! 
Mustaches are so fun to wear 
E'lyse and Faith 
Faith looks like Mario
Me in deep thought due to the mustache 
Kyle, Talmage and Alan watching a movie in our room.
Dallas & Kyle playing video games 
Kylia just being cute chewing on everything
Coco cleaning up the room all 5 of them slept in. 
Belle & Nellie getting pet by E'lyse as Kylia watches 
Even though the house might be a little more crowded and noisy 
I love having the family all together. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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