Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Coversation with E'lyse

This is a post about a conversation with my daughter E'lyse. For those who have not read the Twilight series don't read this post. I don't think I give too much away.
E'lyse read the first of the books over the weekend. She keeps telling me details about the characters. Some things I have read on other blogs of those obsessed with this series and from clips on TV for the movie.
E'lyse: So Edward doesn't want Bella to get bit.
Me: Why?
E'lyse: He doesn't want her to become a vampire.
Me: Why? Cause life sucks!! LOL
A little later
E'lyse: Edward is stuck in his age so they have to travel from town to town.
Me: Why?
E'lyse: Getting annoyed with me and my questions. Because he never get's older.
Me: Call the press I found the fountain of youth. LOL
E'lyse trying to not glare at me.
A little later
E'lyse: The vampires don't sleep:
Me: Can he turn into a bat and fly?
E'lyse: No that is a myth.
Me: DAH!!! Vampires aren't real!!!!!!!!!!!!!
E'lyse: And they can't eat real people food.
Me: Saying this with a smile on my face :) That bites!!! HE HE HE
E'lyse walks off as I am bwahahahaing!!!
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Kristina P. said...

Sounds exactly right.

Scrappy Girl said...

Come visit us on Four Seasons Farm...we are obsessed and know exactly what you are talking about. We will not make fun of Edward...we will even let you sleep on Manga Dork's Edward pillowcase! LOL!

Bobbi Jo...ya gotta read the books...come join us in the obsession...LOL!

The Blonde Duck said...

Speedy arrived safe and sound! I do adore the 8-armed shirts!

Anonymous said...

I am so so so so so so lost....