Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Meet Baaaahb

Today Gabby had one of her friends at school,( who we will call Heather) because that is her name give her this big purple and white sheep(she said it was a lamb) because of the little boy she likes . Gabby named it Baaaaahb. This is how she says his name every time.
She wanted to make some clothes for him so she got some felt I was throwing away and this is what she came up with. A belt to help him get off sugar (not sure? I think it might be body fat. Hey I should try one of those!) and a tail belt. (not sure about this one either?) I think maybe she has been listening to me too much.
I am guessing tonight there will be a secret meeting with Faith, Gabby, Baaaaahb and the other stuffed animals to introduce him so he doesn't get jumped when Faith and Gabby go to sleep. Now she can say "I have a sheep named BAAAAAHB!" he he
We had a sweet surprise tonight right after dinner. The doorbell rang and then we heard singing. Dallas didn't want to open it so I went over and the scout troop in our ward was there. Boy was there a lot of little boys and their families. So COOL!! I love carolers but they make me cry like singing Happy Birthday, the National Anthem make me cry too. I am such a sap! Last night a sweet family in our church The Lambs brought over some sugar cookies and cinnamon popcorn. YUMMY!! What a great surprise this was. Thank you Janel and family!!
My hubby is at the class that we were suppose to got to but, I have been feeling yucky all day so I didn't go. I am going to take a bath, read and watch a little TV or maybe a Christmas movie till he gets home if I can stay awake. Have a great evening.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Humper's Family said...

I hope you feel better!!! And I am glad your girls take these precautions when getting a new stuffed animal. I wasn't so wise...poor Dinkin.

Scrappy Girl said...! Cute Baaahb!