Monday, December 8, 2008

Deco, Glasses, FHE & Ice-Cream

This evening when Alan got home from checking some things on Coco & Kyles house he made a Wal-Mart run for me. While he was gone I decorated my chandelier over out dining table. It was hard to get a good picture but I think it looks pretty. I also took this tea pot from this:
to this: . I still need to add some Christmas cheer to it but it stands out on this wall above my pantry now.
Alan took Gabby to get her new glasses. I think she looks a little bit like Sami in this picture when she was younger. Sami is my niece who is a nut, a nut who I love and enjoy very much! Gabby just looks so cute!
She was really excited to have them.
Then after dinner of Chimis & Taco's, Faith and Gabby had the Family Home Evening lesson all ready to teach. They did a puppet show for us. This is the chair (that is not yet painted or cushions reupholstered ) but, used as their stage for the play.

During and after.
My sweet dear supportive hubby (NOT) on my eating better brought home pumpkin, peppermint and Bunny Tracks ice-cream for our treat. I just had a little of each. Not so great of me but, way to tempting even for me who isn't much of an ice-cream eater. The peppermint is so pretty! Love the color.

So now it is time to get ready for bed and say good night to you all. Have a great night and chat with you tomorrow. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Adventure girl wanna be said...

Nite! That Ice Cream looks so yummy!

Kristina P. said...

I NEED that pumpkin ice cream!

Janel said...

Awwww i feel so bad now I just got caught up on your blog!! Ack! I've been in a big blogging slump lately. I read your post about the party, you are just the sweetest ever! I cant believe you were that nervous about the party, I'm glad you came! Are we still on for tomorrow??

Gabby looks so cute in her glasses, how fun!