Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wednesday, Canning & Class

Wednesday morning was not one of the better mornings we have had in a while. Kiddos not getting ready for school, playing around then arguing over who said what or bumped into who! All in all everyone made it to school with a better attitude than the one they woke up with. Dallas stayed home due to have Strep Throat. Poor guy hasn't eaten since Sunday morning, but maybe a breakfast bar.
I was a little tired from staying up watching Real Housewives of the OC. Next week I think I am going to wait for the reruns later in the week. Anyway, I was able to get around okay but when I went to walk down the stairs BILLY hit me again. The back of my thighs and up through my bum OUCHY! But it felt good to be a little sore. I had house work that needed done and an errand to run so I got those taken care of. Alan and I had a cannery assignment from 1 to 5. So he took me to lunch on the way there. It is a little bit of a drive so we left a little earlier. Got to the cannery that is in Mesa. For those who don't know this the LDS church has a cannery where there is canning done Tuesday through Saturday of every week. There is what they call dry pack this would be things like sugar, flours and that. There is also wet pack where things like spaghetti sauce, fruit and such are canned. This is for the welfare system in the church. It is people who are struggling and when there is a disasters, food & supplies are sent to where ever to help out. So back to the cannery, I have always done dry pack and we got to do wet pack yesterday. I was excited I love learning new things. We first watched a short training video and it started out with a clip from the" I Love Lucy Show "
I thought GREAT we are going to can chocolate! Not really! They wanted to put across the point that if we need help to ask for it. So after the video we were given our assignment. I was in the front of the assembly putting on lids. So these 4 jars come along and this machine pours peach jam in all for jars and the same time (awesome machine and the room is full of the different things that are needed for the process). On the convayer belt and I am to put the lids on, you know the kind that never go on straight that you have to spin on. And I touch the outside of the jar and BABY was that thing hot. Well I couldn't stop because there were more jars heading my way and 2 other ladies that would be putting on lids of the ones I didn't get. This is a very BAD job for someone that is OCD. I was trying to get a lid on every other one, so I could have this pattern go right and the lids would fight with me to stay in my hands so I had to touch the jars and they would burn my fingers. So I ended up with pink very tender finger tips. Anyway I got done and the ladies said I was very fast. That made me feel good because I was feeling that maybe I should have started putting jars down my shirt to keep up. Then there is a machine that tightens the lid and on to the next person to put them through this washing steaming process. It was so much fun to see it all at work. We got done and everyone is required to clean up. This is no small task it take about an hour or so to clean up. We had fun and made a few friends in the process. I enjoy working in the cannery and the storehouse.
After this we had a while before our class started. Being that the class in the same area of town we didn't want to go to far. We went to Bass Pro Shop
Oh my goodness! I would have taken pictures but I had no idea that we would be going there. If you haven't been there it is awesome. I loved all the animals all over the store, the waterfall and live fish. It was very beautiful, I was impressed. We left there and got a bite to eat and headed to our class.
The class is put on by the church service it is a Career class. I am taking it with Alan to support him and try and figure out what I want to be when I grow up. We had to interview another person and listen for different qualities that they might not realize they have. After a break I had the lady that interviewed me,(Peggy) came to me and asked if I had thought about doing House Staging? Coco and I had talked about this awhile back. I told her I had thought maybe that would be something I could do. I just want to be creative. I love being a homemaker and being here for my family right now. I don't know maybe the class made me more confused about what I want to do.
The class lasted till almost 10. I was tired but had a wonderful full day of learning. We got home before 11 and I still had to take a bath.
We get home and Coco had set up one of the smaller trees in the living room. The boxes are wrapped in pretty paper (it's some of my food storage).
I think it is cute! Sorry not a great picture the light was coming through the top window.
Today I need to make a run to Fry's for some great deals and then work around the house and do a little more decorating and maybe a craft. We will see how the day goes.
Hope you all have a great day. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Kristina P. said...

That's so funny you posted about Pro Bass Shop! I had never even heard of it until yesterday, but apparently, that's where my husband's stepdad wants a gift card too!

Janel said...

woah that is a looong day! I am determined to start going to the cannery every month next year and getting my stuff together. That Lucy clip is the funniest one ever! How funny that they show it there! LOL I'm glad you didn't put any jars down your shirt, boobie burn would not be good!! LOL

The Blonde Duck said...

You've been busy!

nikkicrumpet said...

Sheeesh get more done in one day than I manage in a whole week!!!! I think it's great you work in the cannery...I used to do that when I lived in Utah. Funny the kinds of things you miss.