Friday, December 5, 2008

Thursday Was Busy

Boy was Thursday a non stop busy day. I have wanted to get the Christmas lights up for a little over a week now and something keeps coming up. But before the lights could be put up the trees and bushes in the front of our house needed trimmed also the flowers in the very front needed to be pulled out. They have not been done since last spring. So I decided after the kiddos were off to school that I would take care of the bushes and start with what I could with the lights. It ended up that between the trimming, pulling, pruning and clean up it took me most of the morning into the lunch hour. But I am so happy with they way it turned out. 3 of the bushes are Rosemary, so as you walk up to our door you can smell it. It reminds me of Focaccia Bread. After I was done with that Alan got home and we decided to get the Christmas lights up. We got them done and I think they look good I still have 2 wreaths to decorate for in my front craft room windows and something on the coach lights in the front of the garage. I will need to get pictures tonight of the lights.
I got the humanitarian bags done in between Alan needing to take care of other things. This is the picture of them I got 17 made.

When we got done with the lights Alan said lets go see what we can do about the light for the cabinets in the kitchen. Long story trying to shorten it. When we were having this house built we had an extra outlet put in above the microwave and a switch put over with the other light switches just for lights above and below the cabinets. We worked for a while on getting the lights in. This is sweet hubby working. It was almost time for me to go get Gabby & her friend from school. So I changed my clothes and went to pick up Gabby. Gabby had an appointment with the eye doctor so we went to that. Gabby needed glasses she is near sighted so we picked out frames and a case. She is so excited about them, we will see how long this lasts.
We got home and still needed to finish the lights but it was Elyse's last game at home and we wanted to see her cheer. So Alan and I decided to go to the game. I remembered my camera so I got a few pictures.
Elyse is the second in left side.
E'lyse and Aston "Cheerleading Team Buddies".
E'lyse, 2 friends and Ashton after the game. Our team lost.
After the game we came home and worked on the lights. Then 2 of my friends one being the wife of my hubbies cousin were having a opening of their Boutique. It is called Blue Bird Boutique they will have a Etsey shop opeing soon. They make and sell beautiful aprons that have a vintage look to them. There was one that looked like material from a beautiful gown. It was a dryclean only and so GORGEOUS! I should have taken pictures but I didn't . There were also other vendors there one selling candles, purses, custome painted frames and baked goods. It was fun! We (Coco went with me) stayed about 20 min. We got home and had pizza for dinner at almost 7:45. Durring this time Kyle has a friend that came over to build a computer for them. So the house was nuts. Finally after getting dinner cleaned up it was time to get kiddos to bed, and have some peaceful time hanging out with hubby. I felt good about all that was done.
I am not sure what all I will get done today. So I will check in later. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I am tired just reading about all the details of your day! How do we do it all? :)

Janel said...

I went to the boutique later that night, I did love the aprons but I just got a candle. I loved the pink and brown flouncy one! I am a big apron fan, actually. I wear mine all the time. I had to trim bushes before I could put lights on them yesterday too, but i didn't trim my rosemary. Mabye I should! :D

nikkicrumpet said...

WOW're like a whirling dervish!! Flying everywhere!!! I love that you go to watch your daughter cheerlead. I always did and the other cheer moms thought that was weird...I was one of the few that ever showed up to a game. I figured it was no different than watching them play baseball or run's a sport and they work hard!

Scrappy Girl said...

That is one busy bee of a day! Wow! Cute cheerleader...I loved when Manga Dork fun!

Humper's Family said...

My lights need put up, hint hint;)

Amy said...

Tammy's aprons WERE gorgeous! Love the pics of Elyse. And I'm so impressed with your 17 bags...such a great service!