Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

It is time for Whatcha Working on Wednesday with Leslie on her blog . Today Coco and I are going to hit the deals at Fry's early as possible. When we get home I have some crafts that I would like to work on a couple of cute Christmas decorations, need to paint the armoire (priming is a pain, sanding didn't work) ARRRR! Anyway, I also am making a chandelier cover for the cord and I also have an apron I would like to put together. We will see how much I get done today. The girls get out of school early and I am picking up today, then picking up Dallas then E'lyse after her game today so afternoons are rough for me to get a lot accomplished at one time.
One more funny thing. Last night my DH came home and he had been gone a long time for a meeting. I asked him if he was afraid to come home to me due to the election results. He said no, he is more worried I am going to go into a great depression. I thought that was funny! I get way to involved in the politics and I can feel my blood pressure rising and I have to step back and not focus on it. It will all be good. Just wanted to share with you. Proposition 102 passed and I am so happy about this & Sheriff Joe Arpio was reelected! Yeah!
Remember to keep smiles on your face and make it a good day. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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